Hello dear readers.Today we will talk again about the heels.It's summer and heels need to pay special attention, because every woman dreams of a smooth, smooth, beautiful heels.And often the skin on the heels, dry, rough, cracks appear and all this gives women great discomfort.We all want to look perfect, as they say, with the "head to toe".

There are many resources to help us in taking care of your heels.And one such product is apple cider vinegar for heels.It is very effective natural remedy in the care of heels.Soft, smooth, smooth skin is the result of five care heels, it's not a secret.On the blog I have an article on the care of your heels with the help of soda, soda baths, soda scrub, you can read all the article "Soda heels".

skin on the heels can crack for so many reasons among which may be wearing uncomfortable and poor quality shoes, synthetic socks, because of exposure to the sun.But apart from that everything else may exacerbate the fungus and stop it doubly frustrating to deal with al

l that apple cider vinegar can help.heel skin can be rough and it may appear Teschin when we do not moisturize the skin heels and not enough to care for her.

Terms care heels.

  • important to clean the heels horny, calloused layer of cells.
  • Moisturize feet and heels nutritious cream and oils.
  • heels important nutrition and hydration.

These are not very clever ways to care for heels help them quickly put in order.Also for home care heels suitable glycerin and vinegar, which we will talk a little later in this article.

The apple cider vinegar is useful for heels?

matter how it may seem surprising, but ordinary vinegar has cosmetic properties.I prefer to use apple cider vinegar for heels.Apple cider vinegar is a natural product, it can be purchased in the store, and you can prepare yourself.On the blog I wrote already about apple cider vinegar.In my article describes the use of apple cider vinegar in the treatment of various diseases, read all you can see "The healing properties of apple cider vinegar".

Vinegar not only softens the heel, relieving dryness, but also "fights" with fungal infections, which is important for the heels and feet.Baths with vinegar easiest and most affordable way to care for your feet.

Apple cider vinegar is proven not one generation of folk remedy that is very well established itself in the care of his heels, as well as a good prevention of fungal diseases.

Baths with vinegar for heels.

Prepare yourself a bath of apple cider vinegar.The pelvis is necessary to pour a liter of warm water, add water 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, lower legs to the pelvis minutes at 15. Then clean the heels with pumice and rinse them with water.Wipe dry feet.

After that, you just need to put on your feet nourishing cream and well greased their feet and heels.Such vinegar baths soften skin heels to prevent peeling and cracked heels.

vinegar and glycerin is another cosmetic products for beautiful heels care.Glycerin is not worth much.Glycerin and vinegar very well complement each other.

glycerin and vinegar for heels.

Glycerol for this recipe can be purchased at the pharmacy and usually a bottle of glycerin is sold incomplete.To compress we will need three tablespoons of glycerine and one teaspoon of vinegar, mix everything and do compresses heels.For this we need a piece of gauze to soak in a mixture of vinegar and glycerin and applied to one heel.Further, the same piece of gauze soaked with vinegar and glycerin is applied to the second heel.

on foot further polyethylene wear socks and kulechki.The compress should be done at night.Heel morning to wash, apply a nourishing cream.Make 3-4 such procedures after a couple of treatments noticeable result.Glycerin helps even in the most severe cases, when the heel heavily cracked and become rough.

Remember when bathing clean heels with a pumice stone.

compress apple cider vinegar for heels.

compress of vinegar is not only the prevention of fungal feet, this wrap is used for fungus feet directly in this case, make a compress on all foot.Also, when the rough and coarse skin on our heels.

cider vinegar to be mixed in the ratio 1: 1 with water, and gauze impregnated in this solution.We put gauze to dress and heels kulechek then sock.We reserve the compress for the night.In the morning wash off with warm water and soap, grease heels and foot nourishing cream massaging the foot.

Apple cider vinegar for toe has really good care of the result.Caring for heels is very important at any time of year, so you do not take urgent measures.Therefore, throughout the year take care of your heels, also in the care of glycerin and vinegar good for heels, I recommend to try.Himself should love and it is the main rule of beauty and health.

Watch the video, which shows clearly how to properly care for your feet and heels.