Hello, dear readers.Cracks in the heels, causes, treatment of folk remedies, so talk about it today.Cracks on the heels can occur at any time of the year, but in summer it gives a special discomfort, prevent wear flip flops or open sandals.Now is the time not only summer, but the beach season, it's time to bring their heels in order.
But the most unpleasant thing is that when walking cracked heels cause pain.And usually cracks are difficult to treat, but with regular use of moisturizing creams and folk remedies to deal with them as possible.

Cracks on the heels can be in the form of small incisions, and the deeper cracks.Dangerous cracks that can lead to inflammation and even fester.Yes, but what are the causes of cracks on the heels?

cracked heels.Causes.

The very first reason - it is dry skin.

Cracks can occur when a lack of vitamins in the body.

With a lack of vitamin A.

When such disease as diabetes.

Cracks can be for diseases of the endocrine system.

In order to skin on your heels is fl

at, smooth and delicate, you need to consume vitamin A and vitamin E, which is responsible for our beautiful skin.Contain these vitamins in butter, citrus fruits, in green, in the liver, carrots and so on. D. After all, as you know cracks are not only on his heels.Cracks are also on the lips, on the treatment of cracks on the lips, you can learn from my article: ". Cracks on the lips, treatment" So what vitamins we need to constantly replenish your body.

also need to care for the skin of legs, feet, lubricate the skin moisturizing and nourishing creams.But, if you still have any cracks in the heels, then it will only treatment.I do not want to talk about all sorts of tools that you can buy in a drugstore, I want to tell you about people's treatment of cracks on the heels.

cracked heels.Treatment.

Natural Honey that is not only heals natural honey and cracked heels as well.Wash your feet, wipe them dry, put on space cracks a little honey, grease cracks honey.Next, put on and fasten the bag, then you need to put socks on his feet, do this procedure at night.In the morning, wash the heel with warm water.The procedure is carried out so at least 4-5 days, during which time the crack in the heel heal.

At night should be lubricated heels sea buckthorn oil.Also an excellent remedy for healing wounds, sores and cracks.You can not only lubricate the sea buckthorn oil, but also olive oil.

can do foot baths with starch.To do this, take a liter of warm boiled water and added to a full tablespoon of starch, poured it all into a bowl, dipped his feet for 20 minutes.Wipe feet dry and lubricated or glycerol, or sea buckthorn oil.This procedure makes at least 7-10 days.

from cuts on his heels for example, can be removed with a conventional apple for several days.We need to take one juicy apple and rub it on a grater.This mashed apple applied to the heels.Further, we are putting a piece of thick fabric and fix it all bintikom.

very good help and a decoction of calendula flowers.Calendula has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.I here for example and calendula tincture very much, cook it on alcohol or vodka, I just wrote an article about calendula tincture recently, there you can take a look at what diseases it can be applied and how to cook it.Take 2 tablespoons of calendula flowers and fill it with one liter of water.Simmer for about 2 minutes on low heat, then the infusion need to infuse for about 30 minutes.Pour it into a bowl and take foot baths, but the infusion should always be warm when the broth has cooled, it needs to be heated.Then wipe their feet on dry and lubricate fat cream.

Still there is one prescription ointments, which for many years enjoyed my grandmother, and oddly enough, this ointment it had never let down.Grandmother takes a glass of vegetable oil and pour back the chopped onion, fry the onions until golden brown, strain.Now this mixture add 50-70 grams of beeswax and propolis piece, about the size of a pea.All this boils grandmother in a water bath until dissolved wax and propolis.Further, this ointment is filtered through cheesecloth and cools.Ointment stored in the refrigerator.Lubricate the heels of this ointment at night.Before that, the legs need a good wash, rub a pumice stone and wipe dry.Usually, missing 5 procedures and heal cracked heels.If you prepare this ointment you will not regret it, firstly it is made from natural ingredients, and secondly heals all wounds and cracks not only on his heels, but the fingers, as well as cuts and abrasions.

I also want to tell you how to get rid of the rough (dead skin) on their heels, and is not just on the heels.Rasparte good legs, you can not even hot water, and then the machine to shave shave the steaming of the foot, where you have rough skin.Only the machine must be interchangeable blades, is that the old model with a replaceable blade, it is not as clogged skin being sliced.And then you can still apply some sort of moisturizer or glycerol, or even any oil.This recipe is very well suited if you need urgently to bring their legs in order.

Let your heels will always be beautiful, and you will not touch such a problem as cracks on the heels.Causes and treatment of heel fractures are known to you, if you had an unpleasant event has occurred, you can always deal with it.And remember, cracked heels are formed when the skin dries.If you are a crack on the heels regularly moisturize the heel and forefoot any means.Let the summer will bring you a lot of positive emotions and beautiful.