Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the beauty of our pens.Hand care is also important, as well as body care.As my friend says."Caring for your hands - it's like waking up in the morning to brush your teeth, or before going to bed, take a shower."Beautiful and well-groomed hands attracted glances not only men but also women.Manicured hands and beautiful, neat manicure - it's always nice.I want to talk about today burrs.About three years ago, faced with such situations.I'll tell you what causes burr on the fingers, as well as get rid of burrs that can be used for treatment.Previously, I also had barbs on some toes, but as soon as I began to do every month manicure and care for your hands, the issues decided by themselves.

It is very important to do a manicure and to cut off any burrs.It is better, if it makes the master, or you yourself, if you're good at.Recently I spoke with a manicure on the burr master.In fact, everything is solved, if properly care for your hands.Also, be sure to do a


And if you exfoliate and break down nail and you need to strengthen them, I recommend that you read an article about how I was able to strengthen your nails after shellac."Sloyatsya and broken fingernails."

barbs that hurt, not aesthetically pleasing, and even dangerous, as it is a direct path to the ingress of infection in the wound.When burrs need to properly cut.If the wound bleeds, then treat them with alcohol, iodine, tea tree oil.

Why barb on the fingers?Reasons

The reasons are many.We often do housework without gloves: wash, clean, wipe, clean, my.At the same time we do not regret their hands.And after homework forget to grease your hands with a nourishing cream.And the work of each is different.Therefore, constant care for your hands, your hands will be soft and smooth again.

  • Most often burrs appear on dry skin.The drier the skin on the hands, the more likely the occurrence of burrs.
  • barbs may be habit at all times "nail-biting" or skusyvat edge of the skin around the nail.
  • barbs appear in frequent contact with detergents and cleaning agents, if you work without gloves.
  • With a lack of vitamins and trace elements.This often happens in adolescents.
  • disease internal organs may be associated with the occurrence of burrs.

It so happens that you are doing yourself a manicure, but still have a hangnail.There may be a fault that you are incorrectly cropped cuticle.Also, if the instrument is defective or blunt, loosely adheres to the cuticle - this will lead to hangnails.

very important to use hand cream, especially during the winter and during cold weather.Since wind and frost negatively affect the skin.And of course do not forget the gloves.

Wash hands should be a liquid or baby soap that does not dry the skin.And to further avoid burrs, rub in cuticle oils: almond, cocoa butter, peach, jojoba, etc. At one time, I did well helped soften the skin around the nail..Plus oils contain beneficial vitamins for the skin.

barbs on the fingers.Folk treatment

most important to remember that the barbs should not skusyvat or pick them.Since this may result in injury to healthy skin, as well as inflammation and suppuration.Correct to them neatly trimmed.

first steamed the skin in a warm bath, but no more than fifteen minutes.And then the special nail clippers cut hangnails.Movement is not pulling and tearing, you must skusyvat them, so do not injure healthy skin.

Manicure scissors and tweezers should be sterile.After the procedure, be sure to hand skin salve or moisturizer.

oil bath is good for the skin.The oil bath can be done in a day.To this heated oil (olive, peach, almond and so forth.) Is lowered hands for 15 minutes.Oil perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin.You can also grease the hands oils.I've noticed for myself that if several times a day to lubricate hand oils, your skin is very delicate and smooth.

can make a soda bath.Soda bath softens the skin and burrs easily can be removed.If burrs bleed, be sure to be treated with a disinfectant.You can then oiled sea buckthorn.

Among other things, you can treat the skin essential tea tree oil, or iodine, and many are advised to grease green paint, but I did not do it, because then all the fingers are in zelenke.About tea tree oil, my review can be read in the article "tea tree essential oil".Where I wrote about how I use this oil.

can still do baths for hands with sea salt.In a liter of warm water diluted with two hundred grams of sea salt and throw up their hands for ten minutes.This procedure helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that once a month to do a manicure at a good master, and care for your hands oils and creams.This is better than keep the eternal struggle with barbs.And even more so all the time to think about the causes of burrs and their treatment.Glory to God in my life, there was a wonderful wizard that efficiently and accurately does manicures and for a month I did not think about it.