Hello readers.Today I want to talk about our pens.They are the face and body, in need of care.We often forget about it.In the best case, lubricate your hands cream.Soft, smooth skin on the hands is the result of caring for her.Recently doing a manicure at the friend, a very good master, I am always happy with her work.So, she told me that they have in the cabin there is a service "paraffin".What are some of the client from this procedure simply delighted.Certainly not a cheap procedure.After the wax bath your skin beautifully soft, well-groomed.This procedure is especially suitable for those who have dry skin of hands and the feeling of tightness.So I was wondering what kind of procedure, and I decided to learn a little more about it.When I got home, I started looking for information on whether it is possible paraffin hand bath to make at home.It turns out, you can now tell you everything.

Paraffin - a procedure that helps to eliminate skin defects and has a therapeutic effect.It is rejuvenating and

toning treatment.It turns out that the paraffin can be applied not only for the skin but for the legs, as well as in the fight against cellulite.

What is needed for paraffin wax? for cosmetic procedures you want to use paraffin.Surely the word paraffin, we remember the candlelight, but this is not suitable paraffin.Cosmetic wax without additives, dyes, which has good cleaning from harmful substances.When choosing the wax is important to look up, so there was no artificial colors or flavors.

have different paraffin, an oil, honey, fruit-based.For sensitive skin of hands and Allergy perfect peach paraffin-based oils.It is a cosmetic wax does not burn the skin and gently heats it.

result of the paraffin baths. result of good treatments.Hands groomed, soft, moist, smooth.Paraffin mask for hands possess regenerating effect, very good to use them for the treatment of cuticles.

After paraffin treatments increase the skin's firmness hands, the skin becomes elastic and smooth out fine wrinkles.Additionally, the mask used in paraffin arthritis.

also strengthens nails after the procedure.If you have brittle nails and you want to consolidate, strengthen nail tips can be found in the article "Sloyatsya and broken nails, what to do"?This procedure is perfectly relaxes and soothes.

How to make a paraffin hand bath home

In order to make the procedure at home, you need to buy a cosmetic wax.You can purchase it at a pharmacy, you can be in store.The wax is heated in a special bath, my friend calls it "parafinotopka".But it is possible to melt the wax in a water bath.It is not advisable to melt the wax in the microwave.

also need to scrub, cream, kulechki or cellophane gloves tepmoperchatki hand.I want to note once again that the spark for this procedure can not be used, only cosmetic paraffin.

1. The wax should be melted.Stoke paraffin at a temperature of 50 degrees.In a clean and dry the dishes spread paraffin.It is very important that has not got a single drop of water in paraffin, as paraffin in hot water may cause skin burns.Put rastaplivatsya wax in a water bath.In the meantime, the wax melts, prepare to hand this procedure.

2. It is necessary to wash your hands.With nails remove nail polish.

3. Clear the hands with a scrub to remove the horny layer cells.If no scrub, it can be prepared at home.Mix equal proportions of milk powder and ground into flour, oat flakes, add a little baking soda and salt.Here is a dry scrub turns.Before you apply it is necessary to take a little money in hand, add the olive oil and a little water and massage the scrub hands.Rinse with warm water.

4. Hands should be dry with a towel and apply the cream.It is important what kind of cream you apply, because it is a substance found in the cream will take care of your hands.You can prepare homemade cream of wax and oils.To prepare the cream of home you need to melt a tablespoon of yellow beeswax in a water bath and add a spoonful of olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, can still spoon hypericum oil.If there is liquid vitamin A and E, then add the cream to the home to 5 drops of vitamins.

5. Apply the cream on the hands of massage movements.We need to do massage for the hands to handle were warm, as cold hands undesirably lowered into the warm wax.

6. Now you can put your hands in warm wax.Be sure to try the wax before give up.The wax should be warm but not hot, and you can get burned.Drop your hands in warm wax from 3 to 5 times.We are making such "paraffin glove".

7. Then put the bag in his hands, wear gloves, you can wrap your hands with a towel.The wax gives off heat very slowly hands.The mask of wax lasts about 20 minutes.

8. Paraffin disclaim hand, when you feel that the wax has cooled down, and the hand was sweating.This is about 20 to 30 minutes in time.The wax can be easily removed with a hand like a glove.Paraffin remove from hands and throw away.

9. Try not to leave the house after the paraffin baths for at least an hour.At home, paraffin hand bath can be done once a week.You can do this procedure course.The course - 7-10 procedures.

desirable, of course, if you are helping to make this procedure.For example, help to put your hands on kulechki cellophane and warm gloves.

Contraindications.This procedure is contraindicated for wounds on the skin of hands, abrasions, pustular sores, cuts.That is, the skin should not be damaged.

is soft, gentle, smooth With regular use of this procedure your skin.The result is noticeable after the first procedure.Particularly relevant in this procedure is a cold time of year when our hands are most in need of care.

By doing this procedure, you will forget about the dryness and peeling of hands.If you have dry skin of hands, read the article "What to do if the dry skin on the hands", as in it you will find information on the reasons that lead to dry skin of hands.

more detail all the nuances and details of the procedure "paraffin," says cosmetologist Olga Seymour.Everything is clear and detailed, so if you have any questions, I recommend to watch the video material.