Today I want to talk about coverage Shellac polish (shellac).A lot of controversy on this subject on the Internet, for and against.But everyone has an opinion and a good or bad experience.I write a review.I started to cover with shellac nails last year, and then, from time to time.Met a manicurist, I was immediately struck by her work.How much does it all neat and nice, very trying.I visited different salons, but I have not done a manicure.Degreases nails sprinkles on hand disinfectants.After a nail cuticle oil lubricates, arms deals and cream makes massage.And all this for the amount to take other masters, doing what she does.Lucky is always fresh, since it is constantly buying new ones.Having read the negative reviews of the shellac coating, I have not ventured to cover it with varnish nails.

But I decided to try.Generally held on shellac nails for about 2 weeks.But the master, which I do manicures, told me that you can walk and 4 weeks.I do not know of any features it all depends, but I kept shel

lac is 4 weeks.I do manicure my nails short.Plus coated with shellac.There are chips of course, already for 4 weeks, but I paint over their houses in the usual varnish, and then clear varnish.

nail Shellac coating (shellac).My Review.A photo.Advantages and disadvantages.

Regarding the removal of the coating, it is better to visit the salon, though, and say that you can shoot shellac nails at home with normal nail polish remover, but with acetone.To remove shellac need orange stick.I tried.As a result, burnt himself cuticle and another week "treated", that this is my bad experience.It is better to go to the master, even "remove" you shellac.But this is only my experience.

Here is my nail design for the holidays, photo made with a phone, polish with glitter.Snowflakes is a sticker in the center of a small snowflake crystals.

Kept varnish 4 weeks and despite the fact that I cook, clean, wash.But there was a small stone chip on just one nail, I painted over it in blue paint.

Here is coated with shellac I had a fall, the color is very bright and beautiful "cold raspberry", he's my favorite.Photography is also made with a phone, so sorry for the quality.

For me coated with shellac nail convenient and practical, nails always look very beautiful, very nail glitters and shimmers.

I guess it all depends on the master, I had many masters, but now I go to only one master.As far as a man loves his job, doing everything with love.This can be seen and felt.And we all know how important that is.She does everything with a soul, I have many friends asked her phone and assess the accuracy and beauty of the work.

spoon fly in the ointment.Nails after shellac become thin, very broken, I took off the coating.It is only necessary to cut short nails, or nails simply exfoliate and break.Last year, I took cover in the summer.We were at sea, and my nails have become stronger and no longer stratify break.How to strengthen the nails, you can read in the article "How to strengthen brittle nails."

As explained to me by my master, shellac gel polish, one of the best compositions for manicure.The composition includes a gel varnish and that combines the advantages of both means.Use shellac can be both independently and from a master to create the perfect manicure.

Before applying this means there is no need for additional "washed down" of the nail plate, which does not injure the nail.Plus the varnish dries in UV lamp one two minutes.nail surface is perfectly flat, smooth and shiny.They look quite natural nails.The varnish is odorless, so does not cause any discomfort to the master or the client.

Plus can be done with shellac french manicure.It looks gentle and beautiful, only 2 weeks is held on the nails, and then "go chipped."On this and the master himself warns, so that everyone decides for himself.Monochromatic coating is more practical.Plus gel polish with fine glitter, as the master, kept 3-4 weeks.And everything depends on the varnish, fresh paint, and delayed two big differences.Well, from the master course.

In any case, everyone decides for himself on the polish shellac coating and each person can have his opinion on this matter.I wrote a review.And a review, you can leave in the comments.