Hello dear readers.We have the "golden autumn".Just I went for my daughter to school and did not notice that already leaves of the maples turned red.And today came early and it was time I walk slowly and look around.What is beauty all around, as well say, in the autumn, as if the artist his brush touched the trees and painted them in bright colors.

Autumn characterized by bright colors of orange, yellow, red.What is the bright and beautiful colors.The brightest and richest in the harvest time to the autumn.So many feelings and emotions in the soul.But with the onset of autumn comes the time of cold weather, the cold, the wind, the cold, our skin suffers the most.I think that many are faced with dry skin of hands, what do you do if your skin is dry?But, first let's look at the reasons may be the dry skin on the hands.

Dry skin of hands.Causes.

Your skin, like the skin of the face and the body also needs care.With the onset of cold weather the skin on the hands become dry weather conditions affect

ing, and even forget to wear gloves.

  1. Environmental factors.Moisture, frost, wind, especially in the winter months, low temperature, all this has a negative effect on the skin of hands.
  2. dry skin of hands making a lasting impact on her sun.Especially there is dryness of the skin, if you live in drylands.
  3. Dryness can be caused when the radiators, heaters, air conditioners, when the level of humidity in the room drops.
  4. too hot or cold water, which we used to wash our hands or dishes, for example.Antibacterial soaps and detergents, all of this leads to the fact that the natural fat layer on the skin is washed off and the skin becomes dry.Receiving
  5. some kinds of drugs can also cause skin dryness.
  6. Lack of vitamins in the body, are particularly important for the skin vitamins A, E and C.
  7. reason for the skin may be dry beriberi.It may be closed during the winter-spring, at this time, you can use additional vitamin complexes.

as treatment and prevention of dry skin especially need to pay attention to your diet.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, rest, restful sleep, all this bail health of the skin.

Also an important factor is health may dry skin is caused by the disease, in order to ascertain whether in the body or disease may be hormonal failure, which can cause dry skin, you should consult with your doctor.Diseases that may cause skin dryness is diabetes, psoriasis, allergy, eczema, thyroid disorder and other functions.

What if the dry skin on the hands?

very important for myself to pick up a good hand cream.The skin of my hands dry, the last time took myself Hand Cream with sea buckthorn oil in the composition is very liked, gentle, nourishing, moisturizing.Cream I use at least once a day, at most twice a day, morning and evening.

oils to care for your hands. very good for the skin of hands sea buckthorn oil.It is perfectly heals wounds, reduces inflammation and soothes.The oil can be used as olive, almond, calendula oil.The oil is recommended to warm slightly in a water bath.Rub the oil into the skin, paying attention to the nails, fingers, cuticle.

can heat up the olive oil and apply on greasy skin, can be omitted in a bowl with warm butter hands.Instead of olive suit sea buckthorn, calendula oil, almond oil, and others.

Highly recommend use of sea buckthorn oil.About sea-buckthorn oil, more can be read in the article "Sea-buckthorn oil for skin".In this article you will find out what oil is good for the skin, the composition of oils, vitamins, action and properties of the oil.

sea buckthorn can be enriched cream.The cream portion for hands add 3-4 drops of sea buckthorn oil and grease ruki.Kozha becomes soft and tender.

also recommend the use of shea butter (shea butter).I buy oil at the pharmacy, is oil is not expensive.Oil softens, heals, nourishes, covers his hands with a thin film.I took this oil along the sea, to lubricate the skin, because the skin is dry and to protect the skin, smeared her shea butter.

Calendula oil is also great to cope with dry skin, heals wounds and microcracks on the skin, reduces inflammation and nourish the skin.

Baths of herbs to care for your hands. Helps soften, relieve inflammation, soothe the skin herbal baths hand.Brew can be chamomile, calendula, plantain.Two tablespoons of grass (you can take any) pour 400 ml.of boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes Strain the infusion and the infusion of tepid give up.Then lubricate your hands with a nourishing cream or oil.

masks for hands. also a mask for dry hands with cream and boiled potatoes.One potatoes to cook "in uniform" crush and add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream or village.Apply on your hands minutes 20. Wash with water and dry hands smeared nourishing cream.

When dry skin on the hands is really a problem.What is the first question.It is better to use oils that nourish, soften, heal.I like the sea buckthorn oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, peach kernel oil, olive oil.I use these oils to care for your hands.

And of course, best to do homework in rubber mittens, washing, cleaning or dishwashing, to protect the skin of hands and nails from the negative effects of detergents.

Begin cold and it is better not to leave the house without gloves.Plus should not forget about nourishing hand cream.I'm alternating hand cream with the oils for the hands.Do not ignore and make it a rule to lubricate the skin of the hands several times a day with a nourishing cream.It is important to choose for themselves, and a good quality product.

Do not forget that your skin is dry, it may be the cause of many diseases.Therefore, if the cracks on the fingers, allergies, itching, irritation of the skin should consult with your doctor.

and liked balzamchik skin prepared with his own hands from oils, such balzamchik adequately can replace cream and ingredients for its preparation cost a penny.Balm for damaged skin with sea buckthorn oil.