Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk to you about the nails, the more that my friend works in the salon, manicurist she and I have something to share with you.That is if you are faced with such a problem as the brittle nails, what to do in such a situation.But I want to always look perfect.

What could be the reasons for brittle nails?All is good, but how to strengthen brittle nails?Herself faced with this problem.Before the first of September, I went to his friend to do a manicure at the same time and talk to her on the subject of strengthening nails.Her advice to share with you.

And as the saying goes, nothing happens without a reason, everything has a reason, everything is covered in it.Moreover, by eliminating the cause, you can get rid of the fragile and thin nails.In addition, there are means of strengthening nails, which will help to strengthen nails.

Brittle nails.Cause.

necessary to analyze the situation and review its menus, a way of life.At home, you can restore your nails.

  • One of the first causes of vitamin deficiency may be due to various circumstances.If the body lacks minerals and vitamins, all of this is reflected in the nails.
  • use hot water for washing hands.Constant exposure to chemical solutions on the hands, that is, cleaning, washing and other means.
  • Using low-quality nail polish.Constantly put on nail polish, not letting them breathe, too bad.Because of this and become thin and brittle nails.
  • Poor nail care, that is, ignoring the creams and oils for hands and cuticles.
  • Violation hormonal levels in the body.
  • Violation of the nervous and endocrine systems.Problems with the internal organs, all this also affects the nail condition.

reason may be banal, adjusting your diet by reviewing nail care and hand the problem of thin and brittle nails can be solved.On the blog I recently wrote an article how you can strengthen your nails with sea salt "sea salt polish" of the article, you will learn what is useful sea salt polish recipe and reinforcing baths with sea salt polish.

Brittle nails, what do you do?How to care for brittle nails?

If you have found out the cause of their brittle nails, and you will be able to eliminate it as soon as possible, as a rule in the shortest time your nails will be healthy and strong.

  1. If your nails are thin and brittle, you should pay attention to products containing vitamins and minerals.Very useful fish, vegetables, berries, fruits, meat, milk and milk products.These products should be included in your diet.
  2. very important to use nail polish remover without acetone, since acetone is a very negative impact on nails.
  3. sure to use cream and butter to the hands.I love almond, olive, peach kernel oil.
  4. ideal option not to use lacquer nail during treatment, especially harmful for nails and gel shilak.
  5. harmful to hands and hot water, and detergents, as all this is harmful and polish.
  6. can wear gloves when doing homework.
  7. regularly for brittle and weak nails to do restorative baths.

If nails are not subjected to everyday stress and do the bath to help them strengthen, the brittle nails can be solved Weeks 3.

How to strengthen brittle nails?Treatment.

To strengthen nails fit trays that while much brittle nails need to do 1 time in 2 days.And if the situation is not catastrophic, then one every four days.All you need to do 10 procedures.

Sea salt with brittle nails. Prepare a tray for 200 ml.add 1 tablespoon of water.a spoonful of sea salt.You can add just a few drops of iodine.Water for baths should not be hot, but warm, omit the nails in the tub for 15-20 minutes.

By myself I can say that sea salt is very good strengthens nails, on the sea, I always nails recover and become hard and strong.

Berries polish. Rub any berries, but sour, black, red currant, cranberry.Lower nails into mush by 10-15 minutes.

lemon polish. Cut lemon into two halves and dip one half the nails of one hand, and the second of the second hand.Hold for 10-15 minutes.I just wipe nails rub a slice of lemon or lemon juice in marigolds, then grease the hand cream nutrient.

can mix the olive oil and lemon juice in a ratio of 2: 1, mix a little warm up and drop nails for 10-15 minutes.

But, minus the procedure is that if you have the fingers burrs or wounds, then this procedure with a lemon you unfortunately contraindicated.

How to strengthen and whiten nails lemon can be read in the article "Lemon polish".

Some of my friends nails grease iodine, but I have not tried, and iodine dries nails to do if this procedure is not often that you can try.

now sold a lot of funds to strengthen nails, and in pharmacies and cosmetics stores, but I did not buy them, so nothing to say about them I can not.Strengthens nails sea salt, lemon, and of course the rest of the nail, I'm usually on the 3 summer months rented paint my nails a rest.I simply clipped short and everything is all summer, and then to let go of a little bit of autumn nails and do have a manicure.

Pay attention to products containing calcium, and even better drink calcium tablets, but it is only after consultation with your doctor.Calcium should be taken with vitamin D3, I have a daughter were thin and brittle nails, it is cutting Calcium with Vitamin D3, nails began to look much better.

If you have your recipes to strengthen nails, then share them in the comments.I will be very grateful.What if brittle nails, well, of course, reinforce them.