Hello dear readers.So many have heard that sea salt polish works just wonders.From sea salt bath is prepared to strengthen nails.Sea salt I basically buy in our pharmacy and use it only for the preparation of the solution to wash the nose children.But nail somehow do not have to apply.But, bedspreads shilakom her nails, nice, but my nails are pretty spoiled this year.

Nails just awful, so thin.In general, I took off and decided shilak nogotochki their summer in order to bring, began to use lemon polish.How to strengthen your nails with lemon, I wrote an article, you can read the information in the article "Lemon polish".The article is written than the lemon is good for nails, applying the rules of lemon polish.

sea salt, I did not prepare as trays decided to try the Black Sea, we were at sea 15 days and I can say, well, it is clear that the bath and just bathed in the sea, nails have become a little stronger, well as they say, seawater strengthens and thickens the nails.Typically, the sea always na

ils become stronger.Varnish on the nails naturally was not.Well, do not say that it's my nails have become solid and strong, but slightly better steel look than before.

How useful sea salt polish?

  • Sea salt contains many trace elements useful for our nails, including fluorine, iodine, sodium, potassium, calcium, and others.
  • sea water promotes good healing wounds, cuts, cracks.
  • Sea salt improves nutrition of our cells.
  • Baths with sea salt to improve the appearance of nails, nails become more stronger.
  • Baths help whiten the nail plate.
  • Sea salt contributes to the rapid growth of the nails, which by the way, I noticed your nails grow really fast.
  • Sea salt makes our nails elasticity.

Sea salt is a real assistant, not only to strengthen nails, but also for the treatment of throat, nasal rinsing, apply it in the fight against pimples and rashes on the skin.

Tray for strengthening nails with sea salt.

In general, if you have sea salt, then you can always cook a tray and strengthen its nogotochki.But, remember that the salt can not only dry up the nail plate and cuticles.Use bath 2-3 times a week.And after a bath brush with a nourishing hand cream or oil, I have to hand apply almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, just recently bought a peach seed oil.

My friend, constantly caring for nails, but especially in the cabins, it does not go.She makes a pan, this time watching your favorite movie.Using oil as I do.It causes them to the hands nails and cuticles.Generally her nails any envy.

I usually their nails often wipe a slice of lemon, a lemon but also dries the skin and nail, so after lemon lubricate your hands and nails cream or butter.About peach seed oil can be found in my article "Oil peach pits," I bought it in the Crimea and has written an article about it.Now I use for hands and nails is oil.

Bath with sea salt polish. Foot Bath with sea salt polish is very easy to prepare.One spoonful of sea salt to dissolve in a glass of warm water.Keep nails in salted water for 10 minutes.Wipe nails with a napkin and grease or oil or cream.

Tray with orange juice and iodine to strengthen nails. For the preparation we need half a glass of orange juice and half a cup of water, mix all add 3 drops of iodine and a spoonful of sea salt, all dissolved and omit the fingers for 10 minutes.Tray for nails should be warm.Yet, except for orange juice, you can use lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber.

oil and iodine for nails. 1/3 cup of the oil mix with a few drops of iodine and fingertips omitted in oil, keep 10 minutes.Wash off with warm water.Oil of course you need to use olive oil, but it is available to everyone, so my friend uses a conventional vegetable.

Tray with lemon juice and sea salt polish. To prepare the bath, dissolve 1 spoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water and add a couple of spoonfuls of lemon juice.Drop fingers for 10 minutes.

Of course, in addition to the baths, and strengthen nails need to do all the housework with gloves to protect her hands and nails.Dress gloves in windy and cold weather in the winter.

Read that to strengthen nails, you can use ordinary table salt, but I would, though, recommend the sea salt.

To strengthen your nails baths should be done at least 14 days.You can do the bath at night, and even in the tub with sea salt polish, you can add a droplet or two of your favorite essential oil.I love lavender oil, a very pleasant smell.

Keep your hands, take care of your nails and hands.Also, if you have any questions to strengthen nails, watch the video, where Olga Seymour tells how to make a bath to strengthen nails.