Hello dear readers.Today I have a topic that is of concern to many.Probably every woman asking myself this question.Why exfoliate and broken fingernails, and what to do?Here are the causes and treatment of today and we'll talk.I often imagine doing a manicure in the salon, and recently noticed that my nails have become thinner, break down and exfoliate.I asked this question to his manicurist, she said, you need to eat small fish.

But I wanted more detail to understand this question, so read a lot of information on this subject, I want to share it with you.As the saying goes, a woman should be beautiful everything including the well-groomed and beautiful nails.Some women do not get upset because of brittle nails, they just build up himself, artificial and do not worry about it.There are many women and among my friends.

But, I for natural beauty, perhaps someone with me and disagree, and that's OK, because each of us his opinion on one issue or another.

In the article "Oil for hand care," I promised

to show your manicure, color 'cold raspberry. "Of course a photo with your phone, photo made when we were in the forest, left to nature to relax and photography was one, did not choose where, so do not judge strictly.In real life, of course manicure looks amazing.So shines and shimmers 2-3 weeks.I really take off paint already after 2 weeks, but you can walk and 3, my nails grow, and they are thin and brittle and uncomfortable with them for more than 2 weeks to go.

After shellac nails become very brittle and thin, now I have them just short crop and think about strengthening nails.

Symptom not healthy nails can indicate us a lot, especially on health issues.Since the nails are "reflected" even those diseases that we can not realize.

Sloyatsya and broken fingernails.Reasons

  • very first, brittle nails, thinning of the nail plate suggests that our body does not have enough calcium.Additionally calcium deficiency is silicon, vitamin D, iodine, zinc.
  • advisable to drink with calcium with vitamin D3.I recently bought my daughter calcium tablets with an orange, because she is very thin nails.The choice of calcium in our pharmacies is really great, but it is recommended to buy the calcium with vitamin D3.
  • If nails have depressions, dents can suggest the presence of psoriasis.
  • bluish fingernails indicates poor circulation in the body.
  • Yellow nails and bumps on their surface indicate the presence of psoriasis, it can also be symptoms of a fungal infection.
  • If the nails have white spots, or point it shows a lack of zinc in the body, or calcium.

Brittle nails may indicate that the body lacks vitamins and minerals.Review your diet, most things happen because of malnutrition.

Perhaps you will want to drink calcium supplements, or vitamins.The question of the choice of vitamins better to consult a doctor.Although, to be honest, I like many people consult with a pharmacist in a pharmacy, it is certainly not correct.

more nails may break or stratify because of the aggressive exposure to detergents, cleaning agents and water as well.To protect your nails, it is necessary when working with detergents, cleaners, powder wear rubber gloves.

I have a friend who does all the housework with gloves so as not to spoil the manicure, but I rarely dress gloves, dishes, too, my bare hands, I'm not very comfortable in them.But perhaps it's just a matter of habit.

What to do if exfoliate and broken fingernails

There are many popular ways to help us at home to strengthen the fingernails.My friend is very fond of salt bath for nails, she uses sea salt.That's right, sits with her hands in the salt water solution and watching your favorite movie.

How to strengthen the nails

home nails look is her well, and she is doing a manicure in the salon does not go.She works as a nurse in the children's clinic and told me how you can strengthen your nails at home.

cuticle need every day to oil, it is best to do it at night, rub oil in a circular motion to improve nail growth.Very well suited for this olive oil.

olive oil and lemon juice to polish.

Olive oil mixed with lemon juice and rub this mixture into the nail plate.On one teaspoon of olive oil must take 1/3 of a teaspoon of lemon juice and rub each evening in the nail plate with the mixture.Making such a procedure is better 5-7 days, then take a break.

Lemon juice is perfectly whitens and nourishes the nails, as well as contribute to their strengthening, oil softens.Since lemon juice can overdry nail plate, in this case, oil does not do so, plus and feeds.

Sea salt and iodine, bath polish.

Perfectly strengthens nails tray made from sea salt and iodine.On the glass of lukewarm water, we need a teaspoon of sea salt and 3 drops of iodine.All that dissolve in water for 15 minutes and omit nails.Such a bath polish should be done 1-2 times a week.

can once a month lubricate iodine nails, it is better to do it at night.If left on nails yellow color, it is easy to clean cotton swab dipped in lemon juice.Iodine strengthens nails and prevents splitting of nails.

lemon juice and iodine for nails.

Take a tablespoon of olive oil, you can use a vegetable, if there is no olive.Drip 3 drops in it iodine and 4 drops of lemon juice.The mixture was stirred and rubbed into the nail plate.Leave for 10-15 minutes and then the remaining oil is removed from the nail tissue.

Lemon juice helps to avoid "burrs" on the skin around the nail.

Firming massage with vitamin A and E.

To strengthen the power and polish in the nail plate rubbing vitamin A and E. These vitamins can be purchased in a pharmacy.Rub vitamin alternating one day of vitamin A, the second day of vitamin E. Rub vitamin nail plate about 8 days, then make a break.That is 4 days to rub vitamin A and 4 days - Vitamin E.

also can be rubbed into the nail plate normal glycerol.I recently discovered shea butter (shea butter).I rub this oil into the nail plate and the grease hands.Very easy and nutritious oil.And also very fond of almond oil.I was even a whole article about it written "Almond oil, the use of" I, too, from this oil in delight.

How you strengthen your nails?What tools use, share in the comments below, I will be very grateful.