Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the beauty of our pens, because they like our bodies, need care.Well-groomed hands, beautiful manicure always attract attention, in fact as well as the well-groomed.For hands to care, I think everyone will agree with this.I'd like to hand is always looked good.I buy the oil, I put them on the hands, cuticles, as well as the use of masks component of hair and face.

Use oil for cuticles and hands, I began very recently, I'm advised my master of manicure.After oils nourish, soften and saturate the skin with vitamins.Very much I like to care for the skin oil Almond hands.I discovered it very recently and very happy with them.Almond oil is very gentle in texture, very light, easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue on it.Almond oil I grease the cuticle and skin.The skin becomes soft and velvety.

Oils for the care of your hands is just an opening for me.For more information on almond oil you can read in my article "Almond oil".I use almond o

il for face, though not used for hair again.For the hair I use burdock oil.

Hand suited my favorite olive oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, peach kernel oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil.Of course, a large variety of oils, but not necessarily buy all the oil at once.Oils sold in pharmacies, in the shopping center, in specialty shops and stores of cosmetics.

You can start with the purchase of several oils, and then gradually trying other oils, you will have your favorite oil that you like and you satisfied all criteria.Over time, you will only buy their favorite oils, those that are suitable for you and are very popular.But first you need to try the oil.Of course, I do not really like experimenting, but still, and I buy the oil sample, if I do not like oil, smell or how it is absorbed, I can always use it in a mask for the hair, for example.

I love red nail in manicure, French manicure, and although I really like too.Recently, my master of manicure my nails shellac colors, the color I chose "cold raspberry."Color of course insanely beautiful.On the blog I wrote that the manicurist has advised me and the mask for hair growth vitamins in capsules.Those who frequently visit my blog know that I try to share only tested recipes, or recipes well, enjoyed my familiar friend.

Photo manicure my husband on the phone, the next time, when I write definitely throw off a photo and add to your blog, show about caring for your hands.

oils can be blended, but personally I do not do that, I use oils separately from each other.Well nourishes the skin of hands and jojoba oil.It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect.Oil well absorbed into the skin of the hands and has a pronounced flavor and mixes well with other oils.

I love olive oil.It perfectly nourishes and softens the skin, has antiseptic properties, contains vitamins and minerals, easily absorbed.Moreover, olive oil well helps with sunburn, nourishing and moisturizing the skin.As soon as I'm running out of olive oil, I just buy a new, as I did and use in cooking, I fill their salads.This oil is good for health and beauty.

love as sea buckthorn oil.His I love since childhood, it is perfectly fine heals wounds, cracks, cuts, and not only on the skin of hands.The only disadvantage of its orange color, which remains on the hands, but it washed off with water.When rough skin of hands, with cracks on the fingers need to rub sea buckthorn oil in the skin of the hands and fingers, you can do it at night.When cracks in the skin of the fingers do the warm oil compresses.

And what do you use the oils for hands?Write in the comments below, what kind of oil you like, I will be very grateful to you, since I'm still in search of their favorite oils.