Hello dear readers.How are you?How are you feeling?New Years is soon.We have a lot of cases.Christmas concerts in the kindergarten and school, Christmas tree, meeting with friends.Also the preparation of gifts.So much to do and pleasant hassle.The days are racing at lightning speed))) So much needs just in time, as many do.In addition to all cases, do more cooking and natural cosmetics.A week ago I did a massage and a hydrophilic tiles from oils, and so fascinated by the process of the preparation of homemade cosmetics that decide to do more and pralines for a bath.What is a praline for a bath?

Praline bath - is a means of body care products, combining the best of the oil rings, body milk and bombochek bath.

As a rule, the main ingredients for the pralines are solid oils and others. Additional moisturizing ingredients.I will now prepare pralines from cocoa butter.Cocoa butter I bought at the pharmacy.We have it sold in any drugstore.It can be used not outwardly and inwardly.For example, when you co

ugh, with milk and honey.

Praline - is, in fact, little candies, just to use them inside, we will not, and will put them in a warm bath.In warm water, these "candy" will melt slowly turning into a gentle lotion.Take a bath with praline pleasure, your regular bath treatment can turn into a bath of Cleopatra.

Recipe milk praline bath

Ingredients for pralines:

  • 50 grams of cocoa butter
  • 25 grams of milk powder
  • 25 baking soda

You can use essential oils if desiredbut just a few drops.This recipe assumes the presence of kitchen scales.This is a standard recipe for praline.

I took the ingredients are in grams, and teaspoons.Cocoa butter, I took 8 teaspoons of dry milk 4 teaspoons baking soda also 4 teaspoons.

cocoa butter should be melted.Melt the butter in a water bath.Oil firm and it is best to grind, so it melts faster.But do not bring oil to a boil.

Remove the bowl with the oil from the water bath, it should cool down a bit.Then add the oil to the dry ingredients and mix all.

oil with baking soda and powdered milk can be moved using a mixer.But I do it the usual whisk.We need to dissolve all lumps.Consistency

we obtained as a liquid sour cream.And what a wonderful smell, I you just can not tell.It smells of chocolate pralines and milk.The smell delicious.

praline transfused into molds.It may be small tins of sweets or cakes.Now sell special silicone molds for chocolates.You can use the molds for ice.Any form of: hearts, stars ...

But I poured into the molds out of the cocoa butter.Before you pour into praline molds, wipe them with alcohol.

That's how they look my tins.

oil is warm, giving the oil to cool, then put it in the freezer.Praline is convenient to pour into small molds, but hydrophilic tile shower, I get more because as I used silicone molds rosettes.

Freezes praline very quickly.Literally within hours praline already frozen.We get praline molds.Here is the milk praline bath.

Cook it very simply and quickly.For cooking, you do not need to look for ingredients not available.All can be purchased in a pharmacy and in-store.

What to do with praline?We collect the water in the tub and throw a few candies, they will slowly melt and form a pleasant, soft and fragrant milk.Now you can take a bath and enjoy)))

These pralines can be a great gift for lovers of natural cosmetics.It only remains beautifully packaged, and original gift ready.

Keep these praline should be refrigerated.Well suited for this kulechki with Zip fastener.If praline turned many fold them into a container, cover tight lid and store in the refrigerator.

praline advantage is that they are perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin.Effect of praline missing for 3 days.Skin soft, smooth and moisturized.What is particularly important in the winter.To soften and moisturize the skin can also use oil tile body, which is easy to prepare with his own hands.

Praline for

Pralines are milk baths.As part of the praline: milk, honey, soda.These fragrant pralines suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Oil pralines consist of solid and liquid oils.On the surface these pralines can leave greasy film.

Effervescent bombs praline is a bath in the form of candy praline.

Hydrophilic praline.The structure includes hydrophilic emulsifying wax praline, a praline so these do not leave an oil coating on the surface of water and dissolve quickly in water.

What is needed for the manufacture of pralines

cookie cutters.It is desirable to use silicon, as such molds can be carefully removed without damaging their pralines.Also suitable molds for ice.

Solid oils.This cocoa-butter, mango butter, coconut oil, shea oil.

vitamins, essential oils.The pralines can be added vitamins such as Aevitum, essential oils.Add the ones you like the best.

oil.The praline added liquid oils.For example, almond oil or grape seed oil.

added in praline dyes, cosmetic fragrances, emulsifiers.