Hello dear readers.How you weather?How are you?Winter is come and the snow fell, but it all melted and the weather we still pleases only fog and dampness.I'd like a frosty and snowy winter.I love this winter, when you can ride a sled down the hills, making snowmen and playing snowballs.Today, I was at home and was engaged in the preparation of the hydrophilic tile body.My experiments are underway.For me it is an enjoyable experience and the ability to create.What I really love.I was always guided by the rules, "The concept is simple."Why complicate your life?Having prepared a massage tile a few days ago, I decided to try to make a hydrophilic tile shower.

winter, as a rule, there is dryness of the skin, helping to cope with these creams and oils as well as oil tile body.The skin after applying the tiles gentle, smooth, soft and silky.The most important thing is no sensation of dryness.

Make it agreed with dried flowers and lavender essential oil.I would use the dried flowers of lavender.No wonder w

e are in this year from the Crimea brought lavender, that is suitable for tiles.

What distinguishes hydrophilic tiles from massage?

A few days ago I was preparing a massage tiles with their hands, and showed all told.So imbued cooking process, she decided to buy a special mold for the muffins in the form of roses.Moulds silicone, which makes it very easy to get the tile from the mold.

massage tiles made from solid oils, liquid oils and beeswax, optional add essential oil.Such tiles are used for the body after a shower.Oil is distributed in the skin massage movements.Is used instead of cream.Rinse with nothing.

hydrophilic tiles made from solid oils, liquid oils with the addition of the wax emulsion.In this tile you can add coffee, dried flowers, ground oatmeal, crushed almond nuts.Such tiles are used instead of soap.Then wash off with water.

As part of the hydrophilic emulsifying wax tiles replace it generally can not be, as it promotes the conversion of oil in milk, which then need to rinse with warm water.

After a shower you need to get wet body with a towel.When using hydrophilic tiles in the shower, do not need to moisturize the skin further creams and oils.

hydrophilic tiles with their hands

Prepared hydrophilic tiles being guided by such a recipe.

  • Battery (solid oils: coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter) - 50%
  • liquid oil (almond, jojoba, etc..) -25%
  • Beeswax - 10%
  • wax emulsion - 13%
  • Essential oils - 2%

To prepare hydrophilic tiles to mix solid oil and wax.Prepare a water bath and put the oil in a water bath.We need to melt the butter.

Stir butter with a wooden stick better.Once the oil and the wax melted, we remove the bowl from the water bath.Give cool degrees to 50.

Now I'll add in the oil liquid oil.I jojoba oil and wheat germ.You can use any other oil.If you prepare a hydrophilic tile cleanser, it is best to use almond oil or peach pits.

Then I add lavender essential oil and dry lavender flowers.

Incredibly, in these moments feel like a magician.As you can see, the oil is stirred with a wooden stick.

Now you can pour the oil into a mold.Cookie cutters can be used for soap, cakes, children tins sandbox (in extreme cases).

sure to wipe the mold with alcohol.I overfill into a mold for cakes, molds in the form of roses.These molds can choose different: in the form of hearts, roses, bees, butterflies, Christmas trees, snowmen, shells.

Moulds oil must cool down.After that, remove the mold for a few hours in the freezer.Then remove the hydrophilic tile.Of the silicone mold get it very easy.And the view of such tiles - super.

further recommends hydrophilic put tiles on a couple of days in the refrigerator to evaporate excess moisture.

advantage of these tiles in natural composition.But the most important is the absence of allergies to the components included in the tiles.Also, do not rule out such a fact, as an individual intolerance to the components that make up the tiles.

hydrophilic tile can be stored in the bathroom or in the refrigerator.The shelf life of a hydrophilic tiles up to 2 months.

Here is a fragrant beauty I did.Kind of a tile, in the form of roses, can not remain indifferent, especially women.All the same, I was not mistaken in choosing the molds.

New Year's holidays such tiles can be quite good and original gift.Especially if it is beautifully packaged.And, well add to the essential oil of citrus oils: orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon.

aroma of this tile will cheer up and look will be pleasing to the eye.But with essential oils, be careful, because they can cause rashes and allergies.If you do not have allergies, then you can safely experiment.

one tile at me with dried flowers, and the second with sea buckthorn oil, which is why the tiles so deep yellow color.

These tiles are very easy to handle.They conceal from contact with the skin and the heat from the hands.Oils well distributed through the body.Prepare hydrophilic tiles with his hands proved to be very simple.And use it - a pleasure.

hydrophilic tiles can be used for hand washing instead of soap, with a very dry and chapped skin of hands.It can be used for washing, which is also very convenient.

Such tiles, I believe, only a winter product.With the onset of cold weather, our skin needs extra care, softening, moisturizing.