Hello dear readers.All I want to congratulate you on the first day of winter.Our winter is not only on the calendar, but a real, snowy.Weather pleased today with snow.At such moments, I want to enjoy the snow, with a cup of hot tea in her hands.And yet, throw the warm blanket.That winter we want to wrap up warmly in a scarf, a cup of hot tea with lemon and take a warm bath.By the way, I have just ended a body scrub.I looked, we scrub, especially handmade, eco shop well worth it.So today I'll take care of preparing scrub with olive oil body.

I love to do scrub and cook a lip balm from oils, in these moments feel like a magician.I buy high-quality base oils, solid and essential.In any case I convinced that add to scrub or balm.

scrub made of sugar and olive oil

  • 6 tablespoons.spoons of sugar
  • 4-5 Art.spoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 drops of essential oil (lavender oil I)

olive oil I use Extra virgin, I fill their vegetable salads.And today will be used for the preparation of a scrub

for face and body.

I'm using granulated sugar.To prepare scrub you can take Thatched brown sugar.

Essential oils make better use of the ones you like the best.You can take the orange, tangerine oil, grapefruit oil.Unfortunately, I currently do not have citrus oils, even though I love them very much.

These oils improve mood perfectly.Citrus oils are used in the fight against cellulite.Today in your scrub, I will add, my favorite, lavender oil.

The tank mix sugar, olive oil and essential oil.

All mixed and shift the scrub in a jar.I have this jar from under a body scrub.I put into the bathroom and will use.Wow.Minimum cost and time, and an excellent, natural, fragrant scrub ready.

more sugar scrub recipes can be found in the article on the blog sugar body scrub.There are a variety of recipes for scrubs with spices, coffee, herbs.

odnin of my favorite body scrubs - this is the coffee scrub.But if you apply it in the evening, you feel incredible vigor, because part of the coffee.Then you can not fall asleep for a long time.A fine lavender soothes and relaxes.This scrub can be used for face and body.

scrub of coffee and olive oil

Ingredients for a scrub:

  • 3 tbsp.sugar spoon
  • 3 tbsp.coffee spoon
  • 4-5 Art.tablespoons olive oil

Sugar I mix with coffee.You can use the thick of coffee, and can usually be ground.Mix dry ingredients and add the olive oil.All mix well.Scrub ready.

Such scrub invigorates and improves mood.If you love coffee, the aroma of coffee will not leave you indifferent.

scrub perfectly exfoliates dead skin cells.Apply it better on a wet body.Small portions applied to the skin of hands, feet, abdomen, buttocks.Apply scrub gently with circular movements without damaging the skin.

Instead of coffee and sugar, to scrub, you can use the salt.

Body Scrub with salt and olive oil

Ingredients for a scrub:

  • 6 tablespoons.tablespoons fine salt (you can sea)
  • 4-5 Art.olive oil
  • 4 drops of essential oil
  • herbs, spices optional

salt we need small, not large.Since large may injure skin.If you use sea salt, it is better to grind.

sea salt for a salt scrub is better to use no additives or flavorings.

principle scrub preparation is the same.Mix salt with olive oil in a container, add the olive oil and essential oil.The scrub can add ground ginger or cinnamon.I added a little cinnamon.We scrub very pleasant aroma of cinnamon.

I also had dried lavender flowers.I bought this summer lavender, Dried and crumbled with sprigs of flowers.I dried them too.

Scrub can be used 1-2 times a week for the body.Scrub with olive oil fine soften, nourish the skin.After applying olive scrub do not even need to use body lotion.

The scrub can add any ground spices: cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, cardamom, ginger.I add sometimes, but only those spices that I like.

Here's a jar of scrub will make your skin smooth, smooth and moisturized.Olive oil, which is part of the body scrub will make your skin soft and smooth.

Share your favorite recipe for body scrub, write in the comments below.