How cool to care for themselves, for the hair, body, hands, feet.Especially since the funds now for this abound.Of course, the shelves of our shops are filled by various means to care for themselves.But what could be better than natural care.Therefore, buying this or that means, always pay attention to the product.To make up the components were natural.Such means, as a rule, are very expensive, and the shelf life of their minimum.But the way out is always there.For example, to prepare itself for a hair mask, face, feet, or body scrub.You will certainly know that as a part of the tool.A little bit of magic, fantasy, natural products, and fragrant homemade body scrub is ready.

Continuing the theme of the care of the body, I want to offer recipes of sugar scrub for the body.Cook it quickly and easily at home.Household scrubs are much better than store bought, as they made their own hands.The more you know what ingredients you add to scrub.Moreover, sugar scrubs can be used not only for the body but als

o the face and lips.

Sugar scrub helps exfoliate dead skin cells, improve its appearance, which is very important for us women.Sugar scrubs, depending on the composition have a tonic effect.Also nourish the skin, improve blood circulation in skin cells.

main components of the sugar scrub:

Sugar. And sugar scrub is very suitable for delicate and sensitive skin than salt scrub.The main component is a sugar scrub sugar.For the preparation of scrub may be used both white and brown sugar.

oil. also oils used for sugar scrub.This could be almond or olive oil, for example, wheat germ and so on. Oil.

Apply essential oils.The choice of essential oils is very wide.Citrus is very cool to use as an ingredient for scrubs.You can apply the oil of rose, lavender and so on. Here the choice is large and you can use your favorite oil.

Herbs. Additional components scrub is citrus peel, dried flowers, herbs and other concoctions.One can use a solution of liquid vitamins.Usually oily solution of vitamin E, A, which is sold in any drugstore.

Coffee. Very often, as a component of a scrub using coffee.Coffee invigorates, energizes, and helps keep the skin tan longer.I very much like coffee scrubs.Often it remains grounds of coffee and I prepare the coffee body scrub.

Honey. can also be added to the scrub green tea, which soothes the skin perfectly.Honey, that softens, nourishes, cleanses our skin.The most common medical use for the preparation of anti-cellulite massages and scrubs.

Citrus. juice of lemon or lime brightens the skin, helps to whiten and brighten the skin, giving tone.

Spices. Spices play an important role in the preparation of scrubs.Unless of course you like spice.In the scrub on request you can add cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, ginger and so on. Spices.This scrub is extremely useful and very fragrant.

Dairy. use cream, sour cream, yogurt, not everyone likes to scrubs, however dairy products have a positive effect on the skin, leaving it smooth, soft, soft, hydrated.

I prefer to use natural ingredients for the preparation of a scrub instead of artificial colors and flavors.In the preparation of a scrub is no big deal, it would wish.

Sugar Body Scrub in

home sugar scrub is perfectly nourishes and moisturizes our skin, leaving it softer and smoother.It helps exfoliate dead skin cells.It has disinfectant properties, which helps prevent inflammation.It helps in the fight against acne, blackheads, in the fight against cellulite.

If the skin is very sensitive you use brown sugar for cooking scrub.This scrub is very gentle and soft on the skin.white sugar may be used for the other skin types.

Sugar scrub is applied to the lips, body, elbows, knees, feet.I really like the sugar scrub for lips, especially as a scrub recipes for the lips I shared on the blog.Plus when to apply body scrub, and you use it at once to his knees, and elbows, and feet.

Mint Body Scrub

To prepare scrub will need sugar, and oil mixed in equal proportions.Plus the addition of peppermint essential oil scrub.If there is no mint oil can be added to the scrub teaspoon peppermint infusion (cup of boiling water on the floor teaspoon of mint, to insist half an hour).

Scrub with citrus

scrub with citrus very tone and "energized", whiten skin.To scrub, you can use the zest and juice of citrus fruits.Gender cup sugar to mix a half cup oil (olive, almond, peach, etc.), Add a teaspoon of lemon juice (orange) and a teaspoon of zest.All mix thoroughly and apply to the body.

Vanilla Body Scrub

This scrub is more appropriate for lovers of vanilla.Scrub cook very simply.Gender cup of sugar, mix a half cup of olive oil and half a teaspoon of vanilla.Mix ingredients and apply on wet body.Apply scrub with light circular movements.

Sometimes, in our modern pace of life, there is simply no time for themselves.But it's not right.The time for self-care is always to be found.It is very, very important.This increases the internal energy.It feels different, showing love to your body.

Raspberry Scrub

To prepare scrub we need a raspberry.It can be used both in fresh and frozen.To scrub we need sugar, cream (sour cream), raspberry.All take in equal proportions.For example, 3 tbsp.spoon.Mix all the ingredients and put on wet skin with light circular movements.

Coffee Body Scrub

sugar body scrub at home, for myself, I often cook with coffee.This scrub invigorates and tones, so it should not be used at night.Cooking is easy to scrub.To this mix sugar, ground coffee and the oil in equal amounts.

How to use body scrub

If the skin is sensitive, then scrub, you can use a couple of times a month, in all other cases you can use a scrub once a week.

Apply scrub better after a bath or bath can be after a shower.As dead skin cells are removed considerably better.

If there are sores on the skin, it is better not to use the scrub.

Scrub take in hand small portions and very gently massaging the skin.Be sure to scrub should be left on the skin (1-2 minutes).Then scrub rinse with warm water.

After applying the scrub is applied to the skin moisturizer for the body.

Thus, there is nothing difficult in cooking the sugar scrub.Sugar scrub at home only brings benefits to the body.Please, if you are using homemade scrubs.Share your favorite recipe scrub, you'll be grateful.