Beauty, first of all, this body care, hair, face.Plus, it is important to proper nutrition, drinking water, vitamins and minerals.And the beauty is important as external and internal.Today I want to talk about external beauty.How important it is for women to be attractive, slim and beautiful.These women admire the surrounding, because it is an example to follow.We all strive to keep our longer natural beauty of the face and body.To do this, we try to give yourself plenty of time.On the preservation of beauty care and a lot of money.But there is a very simple and accessible recipes that can be prepared at home.

Body care is also important, as well as hair and facial care.Soft, gentle, smooth skin of the body is perfection.For body care we use a variety of scrubs, oils, gels, etc. Agents.Particular attention is paid to want to scrub.Today I want to talk about recipes salt scrub.Body salt scrub at home is preparing an extremely simple and fast, the result is noticeable from the first application.

Scrubs denied a positive effect on the skin, helping to exfoliate dead skin cells while moisturizing cream is much faster absorbed into the skin.Thus, the skin appears more smooth and delicate.Salt scrubs are also used for cellulite.Since the salt scrub is perfectly tones skin, improves blood circulation in the cells, it helps to remove toxins and excess fluid.

Apply salt scrubs once a week.If the skin is dry, scrub it can be used no more than once every two weeks.Most importantly, do not dry up the skin.Be sure to apply the scrub to wet skin.Preferably after a bath or shower.

Along with the salt body scrub, scrub salts can be used for hair.Applying salt scrub hair improves blood circulation of the scalp cells, removes residues of cosmetics and excessive dust and grease.Recipes scrubs very much, my favorite salt scrub hair with essential oils.

body salt scrub at home

Generally, in the preparation of a scrub of salt is no big deal.The composition is simple scrub.This salt (give preference to the sea), vegetable oil, essential oils and additional components.

salt scrubs

In my opinion salt scrub is better to cook with sea salt, if it is large, it can be crushed.Sea salt is undeniably useful usual.Buy sea salt can be in the store, supermarket or pharmacy.Can cosmetic stores and shops.It is best to take a pure sea salt, without additives.Sea salt is very affordable.

And if you can not buy sea salt, you can try to cook scrub salt.Moreover, you can buy fine salt, it does not need to bother to grind it.But I do "for" sea salt.

Vegetable oil for scrub

oil scrub, you can use any vegetable.You can use almond oil, peach or apricot kernel, olive oil, jojoba oil.The most soft and delicate, does not cause allergy, skin, almond oil is considered, as well as oil of peach or apricot kernels.

essential oil scrubs

I prefer natural and high-quality essential oils and today for me is the oil company Primavera.At the pharmacy you can buy synthetic oil, which will not have the desired effect.

If scrub of salt is prepared with the aim of getting rid of cellulite, there will be appropriate group of citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine).Choose the one you like best.

Additional components for scrub

additional components can be used to scrub.Such as the peel of citrus (orange, lemon, lime).

can use oatmeal, ground almonds, semolina or corn grits, ground coffee.Peeling of the coffee is very toned body, smoothes the skin, improving its look and feel.Moreover, scrubs from coffee can also be used for the face and body.

Dried herbs and flowers.It is very pleasant to me scrub prepared with lemon zest and dried flowers of lavender.

Recipes salt body scrubs

Recipes salt scrubs lot.In fact, you need to select the recipe that is closer to you all.For me, more important ease of cooking salt body scrub at home.

Olive-salt body scrub

To prepare scrub will need 200 grams of salt, 150 grams of olive oil 2-3 drops of essential oil.Mix all ingredients in a container and use a body scrub.

Take in the arm portion of the scrub and apply it lightly to the body.Take scrub in small portions and distributed over the body.And it should be done lightly, so as not to damage the skin.

After that, take a shower with your favorite gel.Wipe the skin with a towel and moisten the cream for the body.Very important!As part of the oil and scrub when using it, the skin becomes oily.Not podskolznites in the bathroom.I say this because it was an unpleasant experience.

salt scrub with lemon peel

Very pleasant refreshing, fragrant scrub.To cook it you need to grind on a grater (preferably small), zest of one lemon.Mix the zest with a glass of fine salt.

Adding 150 grams of vegetable oil.Mix the scrub and put on the body with light massage movements.

Honey-salt scrub for cellulite

course not promise great miracles in getting rid of extra kilograms.This is not to entertain the hope.So how to achieve the result, ie in reducing excess weight need to combine sport, proper nutrition, massage, and of course scrubs.

Honey need to take liquid, if honey is sugar, it should be melted in a water bath.Hundred grams of honey mixed with one hundred grams of salt.Mix everything put on the body.This scrub is perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

The scrub can add essential oil of citrus.I love to add my favorite scrubs with lavender oil.

salt scrub with flowers and herbs

The salt scrub on request, you can add dried herbs and flowers.I like to use dried lavender flowers.Before you add the herbs in them a scrub can be ground.Recipe scrub simple as a basis we take salt, butter and herbs or flowers.

applied to the body massage movements, wash off the scrub in the shower.Be sure to put on your skin cream for a body.

Following all the advice and recommendations of the salt body scrub at home is very easy to cook, is also very pleasant to use.Love yourself and be loved.