Fragrances surround us everywhere, some repel, while others want to breathe in and breathe.Spring is time for change, I want to change the wardrobe, as well as to buy a new fragrance.In the spring really want to surround the fresh and floral aromas.In winter, of course more spicy.In any case, we are all different and we choose those flavors that we like.In order to use perfume or toilet water right, you need to know some of the subtleties.What a wonderful world of perfume?All fragrances in perfumes are divided into types: fresh flavors, sweet, tart east, cold, warm.

Choosing flavors are now really huge, and perfumers offer us different products.This perfume, eau de toilette, deodorants.On the creation of unique fragrances in the laboratory, in the production, work best professionals.Perfume products includes: water, alcohol, aromatic composition.

Essence is an oily liquid is not suitable for use, so it is diluted with alcohol or water to achieve the desired concentration.Thus the perfume can be div

ided into several types.

  • Very light fragrance or cologne
  • Toilet water from 10 to 20%
  • Perfumery water from 15 to 25%
  • And perfume with a concentration of up to 30%

Of course, the most expensive spirits, their price dependson many factors.They are manufactured from 7 to 50 ml is usually an expensive bottle and are expensive.The scent of perfume resistant and will be felt throughout the day.

Perfumery water for resistance holds 4 hours, but even so the smell is quite persistent.Bottle of perfume with water are 30, 50, 100 ml.

The most common product is a toilet water, the product is not as durable, but it holds about 2-3 hours, the bottles 50, 100, 200 ml.

and cologne.It is used by men, often for daily cosmetic application.

now popular dry spirits, which are enclosed in pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks.They consist of aromatic substances, and the basis of a talc, wax and paraffin.Use solid perfume can be different.It can be applied on dry spirits pulsation points on the body and it is correct.You can put solid perfume to clothes and clothes soaked with a pleasant aroma.Solid Perfume can prepare yourself, but you can buy, now it is not so rare and exotic, like, ten years ago.Most importantly, these spirits is easy to carry in a handbag.

seven basic flavors:

  • Forest
  • Flower
  • Citrus
  • Fern
  • amber
  • Shipronovy
  • Leather

When choosing a fragrance, remember that once the flavors have not been disclosed,first, when you open the bottle you smell alcohol base, and in time you will feel the heart notes.On his robe and on the skin aroma can unfold in different ways.

Test fragrance on the hand, it is desirable to smell the aroma of an hour, because the flavor is revealed.We all know that the flavors have to be disclosed to the three notes.Top note, heart note and the final note or base.

How to use toilet water or perfume correctly

I recently bought a mixture of alcohol and essential oils, my favorite Primavera.They only natural essential oil diluted with alcohol.Rose oil 10% and 90% alcohol.So, apply rose oil as a perfume.droplets of oil put on the finger and point surge.But the same flavor bored, so in the arsenal I still scented water.

go up to a choice of flavors carefully collect all the information on it, and then tested in the store.Moreover, not immediately buy as disclosed fragrance for a certain period of time.Testing determines the flavor suits me or not.

Some subtleties of using perfume or eau de toilette:

1. Aromas better not to mix.Since the blend of flavors gives not the smell that you would expect.For example, deodorant sweat is better to take odorless.

2. can choose the flavors of the season year.In the spring and summer to choose a light and fresh flavors, and in autumn and winter more warm, spicy.Spring flavors are revealed sharply, as the air is fresh.By the way, persistence and consistency are not always smell good.So that the use of different "sound" perfume harmoniously.

3. Fragrance applied to clean the body.On the skin, perfumes are disclosed in their skin absorbs the flavor and they will reveal fine lines on the body.

4. If the toilet water or perfume applied to the clothes, you should know that harmonious flavors are revealed in the natural tissues.But on the wool, the smell can be preserved for a long time.But according to the fragrances are disclosed only on your skin.

5. To fragrances opened, it is important to put them on the surge point.For the ears, the wrist, the deepening of the collar bones in the neck (jugular fossa), the temples, the carotid artery, behind the knees.a drop of fragrance should be applied on fingers and apply on the pulsation space.Fragrant notes very slowly opened and envelop you a pleasant train.

6. Do not apply a lot of perfume on your clothes or body.People may dislike, not everyone can be delighted with your favorite fragrance.If you no longer feel the perfume that does not mean that it ceased to feel around.

not in any way apply to the underarm area of ​​the flavors.Also, you should not use perfume before going to the gym, and if you will exercise.

Now for the storage of spirits.Keep the toilet water or perfume in boxes, it protects the perfume from sunlight.Keep better in a cool place.The official shelf life of spirits from 3 to 5 years.

not apply perfume or scented water on the jewelry, fragrance, try to not hitting the chains and earrings.If perfume is not very water resistant, it can be applied every 4 hours.

choosing a fragrance for yourself be guided by gut feeling.You must like the flavor.It so happens that the flavors get bored, so you can occasionally buy new flavors.