Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about walnut oil.Walnut is not exotic to us.Now the autumn season and walnuts.In the markets we have a lot of them.If someone has their own walnuts, so this is great, we unfortunately do not have, and have to buy them.From the wonderful and useful walnut, on which you can write odes, how useful it is, is obtained by cold pressing walnut oil.Which is used in cosmetics, in cooking, in traditional medicine.

oil is amber color, pleasant nutty smell and taste.It is thanks to its rich composition of walnut oil can be used in cosmetology.It is used for the care of the body, hands, face, hair.

On the beneficial properties of a walnut, you can read the article on the "Walnut blog useful properties".Walnut oil is obtained from the kernels of walnuts, which contain about 60% fatty oil, about 15% protein, and the rest of the vitamins and carbohydrates.

oil composition of walnut.Properties.

  • oil contains vitamin A, E, C, PP, K, B vitamins, as well as iodine, zinc, cop
    per, calcium, iron.Oleic, oleic, linolenic, palmitic acid.
  • Inherent walnut oil, softening, nourishing, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • In addition, this oil soothes irritation and accelerates the healing of the damaged epidermis.
  • Walnut oil strengthens the blood vessels in the skin and helps prevent the appearance of spider veins capillary.
  • oil nourishes and moisturizes, tones and tightens the skin.
  • Supports the natural tan color.
  • Walnut oil is used to fight wrinkles.Due to its properties walnut oil helps restore skin tone.

oil can be used for any skin type.Also used walnut oil for irritated, sensitive, inflamed skin.

oil reduces inflammation and triggers the regeneration of skin cells, heals minor cuts and wounds.

Walnut oil.Application in cosmetology.

course, except for cosmetology walnut oil is used in cooking.The oil is suitable for sauces, salads, fresh vegetables.But today I want to do not focus on the use of oil in cooking and talk about how to use it for cosmetic purposes.

rich in vitamin composition of walnut oil allows its use for cosmetic purposes.Use it to improve the condition of the skin, to tone the body, restore hair shine.

Although this oil is not quite common in cosmetics, such as olive oil, however, with the addition of walnut oil make a mask, it is used for massage, apply it to strengthen nails.

Care Lip. Walnut oil is a great product for the lips, removes desquamation, accelerates the healing of wounds.It can be added to lip balms made with their own hands.Recipe healing lip balm, which protect the lips from wind, frost and cold to be in the article "Healing Balm".

Besides walnut oil for the care of the lips and fits cocoa butter, almond oil, and if there are cracks on the lips or sores, it is indispensable calendula oil, St. John's wort, buckthorn.

Care of hands and nails. To make the nail plate flatness, hardness, gloss two tablespoons walnut oil mixed with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and rub in cuticle and nail, after 20 minutes, wash off with water and smeared his hands with a nourishing cream.You can grease the hands of walnut oil.

can add walnut oil in a portion of the cream for the hands and arms lubricated.

Hair Care. Walnut oil is used for hair restoration.The oil makes the hair shiny, silky and smooth and protects the hair from damage.Oil can be enriched shampoo or used for making masks oil.

oil can be mixed with egg yolk, honey and other ingredients and make a mask for hair.Masks can be done for any type of hair, all curled from the mask components.

Skin Care. Walnut oil is ideal for use for dry, aging skin.The oil softens, nourishes and regenerates.Walnut oil may be mixed with other fatty oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil, wheatgerm oil and others.Mixed 1: 2, ie one part of the fatty oil and the two parts of walnut oil.

Walnut oil in a mixture with other oils can be applied at night to dry skin instead of cream, oil residues clean cloth.

At various skin problems such as irritation, skin irritation, damage to the integrity of the skin, walnut oil is necessary to lubricate the skin several times a day.

oil with otitis. recently heard this information that walnut oil helps with otitis.It should be one of the walnut oil squeeze, so it will be one hundred percent natural.Add 1 drop of oil is tea tree oil and drip into the ears of 2 drops.

Where to buy walnut oil? In the supermarket, a pharmacy, and most importantly 100% natural product, only in this case it will benefit the health and beauty.