Hello dear readers.I love cocoa butter, buy it all the time and terribly pleased with it.On the blog wrote a lot about the benefits of cocoa butter, today I want to talk about the benefits of cocoa butter skin.Cocoa butter I buy at the pharmacy.It is sold in the public domain and is not a scarce commodity.The tiles once bought cocoa butter on one show.In general it is not difficult to find.

If you need more information about cocoa butter, by the way, I apply it not only externally, but also inside, coughs and colds, add in milk instead of the usual butter, read everything you can in the article on "Oil Blog-kakao medicinal properties ".This oil I advised my friend the nurse, not for outdoor use and for internal.And then I began to search for information on the use of cocoa butter for face and hair.Hair cocoa butter is used in the form of masks, all the more detail can be found in the article "Oil and Cocoa for the hair."Well, now let's talk about the benefits of cocoa butter skin.

Use cocoa butter to the skin.

cocoa butter is used for rejuvenation, for easing, mainly in the care of dry skin, if you apply it directly to the person.Apply this oil for dry skin of the knees and elbows to soften the skin.

  • cocoa butter has regenerative properties.It moisturizes, nourishes the skin.
  • cocoa butter is also used for the face to smooth out fine wrinkles.
  • If you have dry skin cocoa butter face can be used as a night cream for the skin.
  • In windy weather, and frosty-cocoa butter grease lips and facial skin before going outdoors to protect the face from wind and frost.Conventional cream is not very suitable for this purpose, since they contain water that cools the skin and can cause frostbite.But cocoa butter covers the skin of the lips, face, thin plenochkoj, thus protecting the skin.
  • cocoa butter can also lubricate the skin, cocoa butter nourishes, softens and protects the skin.
  • cocoa butter protects the skin against harmful effects of sunlight.The skin does not dry, her tan skin looks beautiful.
  • cocoa butter can be applied to the skin of the elbows and knees.

This is my arsenal oils are certainly not all, but only a part, and wax, from all this I did a natural lip balm, for themselves and for children.I'd like to use more natural products for skin care, all of chemistry is now always enough.

cocoa butter can be smeared skin from head to toe, oil has a very good effect on the skin.The smell of cocoa butter is very nice, it smells like chocolate oil, a light aroma of chocolate left on the skin after applying the oil.

cocoa butter hard, but easily melts on contact with the skin.You can melt the cocoa butter, and you can hold a piece of a few seconds in the arms and hands from the heat of the oil begins to melt.

If you have dry skin of hands, cracked fingers, hangnails, the cocoa butter must be applied on the hands can be a pat of butter to melt and mix with a little olive oil and apply on the skin.You can apply the oil on your hands overnight, thereby using cocoa butter instead of cream for hands.

When the cracks on the lips, with chapped lips, before going out, especially in winter, apply on the skin cocoa butter, it covers lips thin plenochkoj, oil is very pleasant, but the most important natural and nothing bad will happen, even if you accidentally lick lips.You can apply cocoa butter to a sponge for children in order to protect the skin of the lips from the weather.

Apply also be cocoa butter in the heel and forefoot, the skin of feet.Especially good effect has oil when cracks on the heels, dry skin feet and heels.You can make a soda bath for the feet, clean the skin of heels with a pumice stone, wipe dry, brush the skin cocoa butter and dress socks.

cocoa butter I use for eyelid skin and face, as a night cream.Alternating it with shea butter, recently bought a shea butter, perhaps many of you know him as a little shea butter until apply, try.More about oil and its use, see the article "Shea (Shea)".Here is the shea butter, it is not as hard as cocoa butter, it is more softer, it is to me something like clarified butter, such melenkie yellowish grains.Fragrance his light hazel actually smell it a nut from which it receives.

Actually, cocoa butter can be replaced by hand cream, body lotion, lip balm, foot cream.

cocoa butter is used for the body of stretch marks.cocoa butter is used to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.For this purpose most often used in massage oils prepared tile.

How to store cocoa butter? Keep it should be in the fridge, I keep it in the refrigerator door.Shelf life in oil 3 to 5 years, allowed white patches on oil as chocolate.When purchasing oils, including cocoa butter and always pay attention to the expiration date.

Can cocoa butter harm the skin?

cocoa butter does not bring harm to the skin, unless of course you are not allergic to chocolate or itself this oil.Of course, if there idiosyncrasy of the oil, it is not applicable.Typically, oil is tolerated without side effects.And of course it is not very suitable for oily skin.

Because cocoa butter with the addition of other oils prepared tile body massage.She found a video where very detailed to tell and show how to prepare the tiles for massage oils from the body.