Hello dear readers.Today I'll show you how to cook a chocolate scrub for face and body at home.For a long time I want to buy a good scrub for the body, but they are now such a choice, it is simply lost.What better and more efficiently.Recently scrubs tell lies do not use, but the chocolate scrub my attention.I am confident that the home scrub much better than store bought.

I love chocolate.A smell of chocolate has uplifting.She found a few recipes of chocolate scrub and wanted to share them with you.After all, black bitter chocolate is not only good for health but also good for the body.Chocolate is widely used in cosmetics.On the basis of chocolate making masks, scrubs, chocolate body wraps.

Facial and body allows us to keep our youth and beauty.Many women use chocolate creams for the face and body, home-cooked.It is not only pleasant, but an efficient and effective way to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells.

let you in more detail will investigate what is useful chocolate scrub

the skin.Personally, I, the smell of chocolate, like chocolate very much like himself.They say that chocolate scrub, scrub considered winter as chocolate scrubs possess tonic properties.And it was winter, our skin is most in need of nutrition, vitamins, care.In winter, there is a general fatigue, reduced performance.But categorical restrictions on the use of chocolate scrub there, so use it when you need to.

Useful than a chocolate scrub for the face and body?

  • Chocolate scrub helps to align the surface of the skin.Burns body fat, and also reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Caffeine, which is part of the chocolate improves blood circulation, improves lymph drainage, as well as helping to eliminate swelling.
  • Chocolate scrub activates the burning of fat in the subcutaneous fat layer, it helps to remove toxins through the pores, causing the skin becomes smooth, soft, supple.
  • The structure of chocolate include cocoa butter, vitamin the F, fatty acids, reducing the cell structure of the polyphenols that help fight free radicals, thereby preventing skin aging.

About cocoa butter I wrote on the blog, I'll apply it for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.For more information about the properties and the use of cocoa butter can be found in my article "The use of cocoa butter".In this article you will find information on the use of cocoa butter in various diseases and in cosmetology.

Chocolate treatments are perfect for those people who suffer from lack of energy, depression, because stress, lead to premature aging of the skin cells.A good chocolate therapy tone the skin, improve mood.Pay attention to your skin and prepare homemade chocolate body scrub.

How to cook a chocolate body scrub at home?

To prepare the chocolate scrub suits dark chocolate or cocoa butter.However, cocoa powder can be used alone without any additives.

Chocolate creams for the face and body are used to equalize the skin, removing dead layer of skin cells, improve skin tone, improve blood circulation of the skin cells.Applied also chocolate creams for weight loss.

But, before applying scrubs chocolate take a warm bath.In the water you can add sea salt with the aroma of mint, lavender, citrus, this bath helps to relax, relieve stress, to prepare the skin for the application of a scrub.

chocolate scrub for face and body.

for body cleaning and facial scrub suit, which prepared the tea leaves.We need to take 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 teaspoons of cream and two bars of bitter dark chocolate, which is first necessary to melt in a water bath.All whisk, mix until the consistency of thick cream.

Apply scrub to clean body massage.Massira in 10 minutes.Wash scrub with hot water (temperature about 37 degrees).After this procedure, your facial skin will be soft, smooth and fragrant.This scrub can be stored in the refrigerator for about three days.

Chocolate Scrub slimming.

Certainly not no secret to lose weight it should always be in the complex.This is a sport, diet, skin care.As a skin care to tighten the skin, improve blood circulation and remove toxins, I suggest you cook a chocolate body scrub.

We need honey, sea salt, chocolate, grape seed oil.A bar of chocolate you must first freeze.Chocolate rub on a small grater, take two tablespoons of sea salt and two tablespoons of honey, all mix and add the silent grape seed oil.Scrub put in the refrigerator.

Before you apply the scrub on the skin need to take a hot bath and put on steamed body scrub, scrub, leave on the skin until it is absorbed.Rinse the scrub with warm water.Wipe the skin dry, you can lubricate the problem areas on the body of your favorite anti-cellulite cream.

Prepare chocolate scrub at home is not difficult, it does not take much time and effort, the main thing that was available all the ingredients for making chocolate scrub.Store scrub best chocolate in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for several weeks.

recipe chocolate scrub with cocoa body.

Mix three tablespoons of cocoa powder and 100 grams of brown sugar, add a little olive oil, so that a uniform consistency was scrub.

This scrub is applied to clean the body in a circular motion paying attention to the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, legs, arms.Leave for 5-7 minutes on the body, wash off the scrub with warm water.

Chocolate body scrub with orange peel.

We need 4 tablespoons of grated dark chocolate, 2 tablespoons of orange peel and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to form a mass of slightly dryish.Instead of olive oil you can use almond oil, grape seed oil, sea buckthorn oil.The benefits of almond oil and the application I recently wrote on the blog.You can read in the article "Almond oil application properties".Recently opened is the oil for themselves and are very pleased with it, apply to the face and hair.

Scrub is applied in a circular massaging movements on the body for 10 minutes, wash off with hot water.After the scrub the skin becomes velvety.

In general, chocolate scrub is very useful for our skin, sometimes worth pamper your skin.Especially as scrubs, chocolate improve blood circulation, nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin, nourishes the skin with ingredients to enhance skin elasticity.It affects overall health, improves mood, relieves stress, energizes, gives a burst of energy.

Chocolate scrubs is contraindicated in people who are allergic to chocolate, cocoa butter or cocoa itself.Before applying the scrub, apply a little scrub on the skin and wait until absorbed scrub to check the reaction of the skin to scrub components.

Let chocolate treatments will give you a surge of strength and energy, positive charge.Prepare the chocolate scrub at home, especially because scrubs are prepared very easily.And if you still have questions I suggest you watch the video, which is shown in more detail how to cook a chocolate scrub for the body of cellulite.