Hello dear readers.Pain in the joints, a popular treatment today will touch on this topic.My grandmother suffers from pain in the joints, and always uses the popular treatment.And today I will share her recipes that she uses at pains in the joints.Remember that every body is different and unique that makes it can not help one person to another.But in any case, the pain in the joints sit back and endure the pain can not be.Use the recipes of traditional medicine and choose the most appropriate and effective recipe.And perhaps the pain is already a pain in the joints will not catch you by surprise, you will know how to apply national treatment.

Joint pain can occur in inflammatory joint diseases, arthritis, and arthritis can be caused by inflammation of the limbs, they also can be stiff when walking.Inflamed joints may be due to salt deposits in the joint cavity, the metabolism.Joint pain can occur due to degenerative disc disease.

Pain in the joints, a popular treatment.

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ns in the joints, a popular treatment to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

My grandmother bought in the pharmacy and rubbing Menovazin ant alcohol.At night, it rubs rubbing aching joints, alternating, for example, one day rubs joints Menovazin, another day ant alcohol.

And when the lilac blossoms, lilac flowers grandmother tears and prepare them rubbing.Prepares rubbing so half-liter jar should be tightly compacted lilac flowers and pour them with vodka.Infuse in a dark and cool place for three weeks, rubbing strain and rub her aching joints.

If you have pain in the joints are associated with the deposition of salts, offer excellent and effective tool.We need fresh cucumber and grate it as a compress applied to aching joints.

also home grandmother prepares a rubbing.The pharmacy buy analgin tablets, we need 10 tablets, iodine and a bottle of eau de cologne.Tablets Analgin pulverized.Then powdered mixes tablets, iodine and cologne.Insist in a dark place for three days, then on the night rubbing aching joints.

can cook and still rubbing using chestnut.In the garden of my grandmother grow beautiful chestnut, autumn, when there are chestnuts, grandmother collects them, clears brown skin, refines and fills the chopped chestnuts half-liter jar, to the top of the bank pours vodka, infuse for about two weeks, the infusion should be shaken every day,then filter the infusion and use for rubbing the joints.

take two tablespoons yarrow, fill it with half a liter of boiling water, to insist, closing the lid for 20-30 minutes infusion In attacks of pain in the joints.Infusion of yarrow, strain and take one tablespoon 4-5 times a day.The course of the infusion for at least 10 days.

Very well helps relieve joint pain tincture of golden whiskers.Crush 50 sustavchikov plants, fold in half-liter jar and pour vodka, insist exactly two weeks in a dark and cool place.Rub the aching joints in the morning and evening, tincture of golden whiskers.

For pains in the joints, take half a pack a bay leaf, fill them half a liter of water, simmer on low heat for five minutes, to insist 15 minutes.Strain and drink the broth warm, half a cup three times a day and so for three in a row.

Remember that joint pain can occur when supercooling organism, the flu, colds, and high body temperature.Try not to supercool, in the room you can walk in socks, especially in winter.Take calcium supplements with vitamin D3.Eat more fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, eat fish and dairy products.Limit your intake of salt in the diet.Limit your intake of strong tea and coffee, because coffee and tea wash away calcium from our body.

If you are concerned about pain in the joints, national treatment will help you relieve pain.But, in any case, before use of traditional medicine, consult your doctor.After all, only a doctor can determine the cause of your pain is in the joints.