Hello dear readers.Today I have a conversation regarding health.Lately a lot of talk about beauty secrets.It's time to talk about the health secrets.The topic I have today concerns heartburn.I think many familiar with not only the word but also the symptoms.What is heartburn I know very well.In 16 years, banal, seemingly heartburn, led to duodenal ulcer.A couple of years ago I was too brash, and treatment at home, did not help.I had to see a specialist.As it turned out, it was inflammation of the gall and bile stasis.And our friend, who was treating heartburn for several months, were problems related to the heart.

I have something to say on this topic, as I faced with heartburn.Plus my friend nurse sometimes consults me on this subject, and not only this.If you are interested in my review and my opinion, and also means that I have applied for heartburn, stay with me.

So, I believe that is very important diet for heartburn.But this is just the beginning on the road to heartburn treatment.The causes

of heartburn are very different.Heartburn is also accompanied by a not very pleasant symptoms, which also need to know.

Just want to say maybe someone shocking that folk remedies Treatment of heartburn only mask the symptoms for a while.But the disease is not going away.It is necessary to be examined by a specialist.Required.We wave our hands frequently, so now, chewed nuts and salt and let it be.

once and for all find out the causes of heartburn.Of course, to do ultrasound of the internal organs, it is necessary to make a gastroscopy (a sip of the probe, as is sometimes popularly called).If necessary, get tested.Our health is priceless, believe me.


Doctors usually heartburn called gastroesophageal reflux, which means the reverse movement from the stomach into the esophagus.Esophagus in such cases bakes or burns.Since gastric juice into the esophagus.All this is not a pleasant one.Here, in the first place to check the operation of the digestive system and to investigate the cause of heartburn.

  • most common cause of heartburn is the weakening of the sphincter that separates the esophagus and stomach.In this case, the part is thrown gastric juice into the esophagus.
  • cause of heartburn is often overeating.Often, when no falls eat meal several times a day.Here then overeat.Although doctors recommend eating 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  • Now we come to power.Of course, you need to eat properly and not abused fried, fatty, smoked and salty.A heartburn and completely forget about these products.From diet, no one has died, so my friend is convinced a nurse.
  • Drinking strong coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking also can cause heartburn.
  • If heartburn is not necessary to go to bed after a meal, this is important.

  • The most common cause of heartburn is the digestive tract diseases: gastritis, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, bile stasis, inflammatory bowel disease, hyperacidity and other chronic diseases..
  • Very often, many people like to eat before going to bed, a consequence of which there is heartburn.Eat food should be 3 hours before bedtime, all had time to digest.
  • Do not play sports or lift weights after a meal at least a few hours.
  • Would like to mention harmful snacks (which we all know), and the food in suhomyatku, which in turn can lead to gastritis, and so forth. Gastric diseases.
  • also heartburn can occur when wearing tight belts, usually doctors also do this accent.
  • Heartburn can occur during pregnancy.You need advice and recommendation of a doctor.
  • And, heartburn can be when used on an empty stomach is too cold, hot, spicy food and strong coffee.

I want to emphasize, if you have heartburn happens all the time, then go to the doctor.Solve this question with an expert and find out why you are experiencing heartburn.While we wonder, are treated at home, the disease can develop rapidly, and you may not know about it.

Symptoms of heartburn

Usually, heartburn occurs after a meal.Most often, after half an hour after eating.Symptoms are very different.

  • This burning and pain in the upper stomach and in the esophagus.
  • If heartburn is often a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • Belching and acid taste or bitter taste in the mouth.Especially if the problems associated with the gall and liver can be not only sweet, but bitter in the mouth.
  • Sometimes, there is a feeling in the throat of warm liquid or the presence of a lump in the throat.Usually, heartburn, it is best not to go to bed, and in an upright position.
  • In severe cases, it may be nausea and vomiting.
  • salivation may occur with heartburn.

Heartburn can mask other diseases.That's how I had heartburn, but it was cholecystitis, and in the familiar heart problems.It is therefore important to determine why you are experiencing heartburn.

Treatment of heartburn

home I'll tell you that you can use to relieve the symptoms of heartburn.But heartburn, these funds are not treated, but only relieve symptoms for a time.But the emphasis I want to put on a diet.

diet as a way of treatment. Today, I am deeply convinced, diet is the best that I can recommend.Porridge, soup, steam meatballs, burgers or fish, boiled or baked vegetables and fruits.

Exclude need to fatty, fried, spicy, salty, smoked, sour (fruits, vegetables, drinks).Unsubscribe from cigarettes, coffee and carbonated beverages.It is very, very important.Today, if you are on a diet or five days on a diet, then it may mean that tomorrow you can eat fried cutlets.The diet should be kept, but you can afford a little bit of the Prohibited List in remission (if you really want).

important to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions to avoid overeating.

Sea or common salt. I helped a good bit of salt.I took a sea salt and absorbable her mouth.After 5 minutes, it became easier.But again, I want to note the fact.What all these means only mask the symptoms and do not cure the underlying disease.Well, clearly, if you eat two servings of fried potatoes, and then try to remove the symptoms of heartburn.

Peas. My husband helped peas with heartburn.Normal peas, no peas.It is necessary to fill with water and leave to swell and chew thoroughly.Take stuff peas 5.Peas need to swallow.Generally, peas perfect pour some water for the night and leave in the morning before a meal to chew.My husband this treatment helped.

herbs for the treatment of heartburn. And yet, you can be treated with herbs at home.Before each meal to drink 200 ml.chamomile or calendula.I am preparing an infusion is very, very simple.Boiling kettle.In a glass pours a teaspoon of herbs and pour boiling water.Drink better grass in the form of heat pre-strain through a strainer or cheesecloth.

Would like to mention about the herb mint.Many people with heartburn are advised to drink an infusion of mint.But I have a mint infusion of even more intensified heartburn.Therefore, I will not say anything about the mint, perhaps someone helps.

Potato juice for heartburn. Potato juice copes with heartburn.This method of treatment of heartburn I recommend gastroenterologist doctor during pregnancy.A very wise woman.It is not important during pregnancy harm the baby.A potato juice is very safe treatment.We need the juice of raw potatoes.Of course pre-cleaned and washed.

Take the juice as you wish.You can use the juicer, but you can grater, then squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.Take the juice before meals three times a day for half a glass.Juice should be prepared immediately before use, it is very important.

Almonds are a proven way to treat heartburn. very interesting and fun, but the almonds when heartburn good help.Frankly, this has found a way to treat heartburn on the Internet, when a couple of years ago there was heartburn.Of course, the hospital does not want to go, that's looking for proven popular recipes.

Almonds do not take fried and moist.Pour the boiling water for 3-4 minutes, then remove the brown skins.If you have heartburn you need to eat again for 5-6 almond nuts.Just be sure to thoroughly chew nuts in your mouth.

few words I wanted to say about soda.I heard that drinking soda for heartburn.Baking soda is now used in many diseases.I myself it did not apply baking soda for heartburn.I do not know how to drink, diluted with water or drink?Therefore, on the soda, too, I will not say anything.

Of course, these methods of treatment to help as soon as possible to get rid of heartburn.But if the situation is aggravated as I had a couple of years ago, there was nothing helped.Only a doctor and examination.Once correctly diagnosed and prescribed treatment, then all at once it adjusted.So I did not just put emphasis on doctors.And it is important to get tested and get tested.

can treat heartburn pharmacy drugs such as Rennie, Aluminium phosphate gel, and other almagel.Now good advice pharmacy pharmacists, but they may not know your exact diagnosis.Yes, and without consulting a doctor, I would not have recommended the use of these drugs.

And finally, I want to note if you do not treat heartburn or not to address the issue seriously, it can be very negative consequences.Therefore it is better to remove the causes than to eliminate various kinds of diseases, which can cause heartburn.

consequences of heartburn

Now I want to talk about the effects of heartburn.We have a friend who loves a lot and tasty meal.Sometimes he complains of heartburn.But the doctor refused to go.He thinks that this is just heartburn, and it will pass.

But if heartburn occurs frequently, it could escalate into a more serious disease, if not pay attention to it or to self-medicate.And to put a diagnosis.

consequences of heartburn may be gastritis, stomach ulcers, hoarseness, cough, hiccup, oesophageal ulcers.And to treat ulcers of the esophagus is much more complicated than gastric ulcer.Plus bleeding, inflammation of the esophagus, cancer of the esophagus, even pneumonia.

This I am saying, not to intimidate you, but to warn.How important it is to identify and eliminate the causes of heartburn in the early stages than to treat more serious diseases.After all, the consequences are not pleasant.

Monitor your health, watch your diet, follow the daily routine.Health is priceless.Be healthy.