Hello dear friends.Gallstone disease is put in the case of the formation of gallstones.Recently, this diagnosis has become very common.This is not surprising, very few people in our time watching their health and nutrition.A lot of my friends live without a gallbladder.Even my grandmother removed the gallbladder because of gallstones.

Today I want to talk about gallstones, about the symptoms, causes, nutrition, prevention, and whether it is possible to apply the treatment of gallstone disease folk remedies.

In fact, it is very scary, but without gall people live, you say.I have a friend who has removed the gall, recently talked with her.Her life is not "sweet", the case of frequent constipation, gastritis, bile "exit in the stomach", exacerbated pancreatitis.All the time it is necessary to monitor their diet, if it breaks the diet, it starts to hurt the stomach and intestines.I do not want to scare anyone, but after talking to her and to me the most was somehow not on itself.

The thing is, my frie

nd says that she does not watch your diet, even when she had a stone in the gallbladder, although her doctors warned of a strict diet.Plus, she was overweight and the doctor urged to lose weight.All this is ignored, saying that there is no time, work, home, family and themselves, as they say, time does not remain.And when deprived of the gall bladder, it is very sorry about everything.Stone kaltsenirovanny she had so said my friend, and in addition to the spikes.When she underwent surgery, the son of a hospital window threw the stone, said, and so he brought the family much grief.

Well I was a little distracted from the topic, as a preface, just overcome with emotion after communicating with the familiar.So.

Gallstone disease.Symptoms.

One of the symptoms of gallstones is a bitter taste in the mouth.Rooting may be right, in the liver.

pain often occur in the evening and at night, the pain is such that gives back, reaching the right scapula.

Can bloating, heartburn and flatulence appear.

In some people, symptoms of gallstone disease is manifested by pain in the heart, it usually is temporary and goes away.

more certain symptoms indicating the formation of gallstones is biliary colic, which is associated with occlusion of the duct.It can lasts from a few minutes to several hours.Sometimes vomiting can occur.

This condition can cause fatty foods or you overworked or fidgety.Seizures occur, usually in the evening and at night.Pain gives under the shoulder blade, shoulder and neck.If the stone

small, then the biliary colic, for bile duct and it can be slipped into the intestine, the operation otherwise required.

Gallstone disease.Causes.

The most common reason for the formation of gallstone disease are stagnant processes in the gall bladder.In simple words, the stones may form when bile stasis.If reduced activity of the gall bladder, he is deprived of the possibility to get rid of the natural content.Bile thickens and becomes viscous.At the same time, it is best, but under the supervision of a doctor, to apply treatment of folk remedies, that is to drink cholagogue grass.Thus it is possible to prevent the formation of gallstones.

stones can form in the excessive use of high-calorie foods, animal fats, carbohydrates.This diet makes it necessary to regularly process large amounts of fat, turning it into cholesterol.

hormonal changes in the body associated with impaired thyroid function and hormonal contraceptive drugs can lead to the fact that bile will be thick, and as a result, it can form stones.

Obesity is one of the reasons for the formation of stones in the gall.Also

meal should be regular, because at each meal is allocated a portion of the bile.And if you're a long time not to eat, the bile does not stand out, thus occur in the gall of stagnation.

What are gallstones?

stones are:

  • cholesterol
  • bilirubin
  • lime

The names already speak for themselves, and from which substances are made stones: cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium salts.

Cholesterol stones are yellow-green in color, they are more fragile and large.Bilirubin is separated into dark brown and black.But lime is usually white.

it possible to treat gallstones folk remedies?

Everything should be under medical supervision, and it is necessary.All the folk remedies are used only after consultation with your doctor.For this I want to pay special attention.Do not self-medicate, so as not to aggravate the situation.

My another friend, found stones in the gall, it is during an episode of biliary colic drinking water "Borjomi" in the form of heat for half a cup a day.it is not a diet.When I saw how she eats mayonnaise, fried meatballs and other goodies, I told her I need a diet.To which she replied that we will live again.Each decides everything for himself.

dissolve gallstones with olive oil.Drink it on a teaspoon three times a day before meals for at least thirty minutes per.And so gradually adjusted dose to cup a day.You need to drink two weeks oil.

When stagnation of bile and is used as a choleretic corn silk.The broth reduces the viscosity bile, as well as increases its secretion.Corn silk is taken in a ratio of 1 teaspoon per cup of water.Boil on low heat for about 7 minutes, insist for about twenty minutes.Filter and take a third of the glass before a meal three times a day.

as a choleretic and anti-inflammatory agent used barberry.Barberry has antispasmodic action.It relieves inflammation of the gall and bile ducts.When you receive drugs from the barberry improves the flow of bile and favorable processes for the recovery process of the gallbladder.

as a choleretic and anti-inflammatory agent used an infusion of the leaves of barberry.25 grams of leaves pour a glass of boiling water and leave for an hour in a thermos.Strain the infusion and take a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

Agrimony ordinary shown in cholelithiasis, inflammation of the gallbladder.For the treatment of grass collected during the flowering period.A spoonful of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water, wrap up, insist about an hour.Filter and take a spoon 5-6 times a day.

When stagnation of bile used flowers Helichrysum and Hypericum.Take a spoonful of each herb fill it with half a liter of boiling water, leave for 12 hours.Drink in the form of heat for half a cup in 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

Treatment of gallstone disease juices.

lingonberry juice helps dissolve gallstones.Three tablespoons of lingonberry juice to half a glass of warm water.Drinking water with the juice three times a day before meals.

barberry juice fresh fruit has a choleretic effect.One tablespoon of juice barberry on half a glass of warm water.Drink this water several times a day before meals.

juice from fresh strawberry fruit take four tablespoons three times daily before meals.

juice from carrots and cabbage fruit has a therapeutic effect and increases the secretion of bile.The juice of carrots or cabbage mixed with honey in the ratio 1: 1, apply a tablespoon before eating four times a day.

Now I want to pay attention to nutrition in cholelithiasis.What foods you can eat and which to exclude from your diet.

Gallstone disease.Food.

When cholecystitis, cholelithiasis special attention should be paid to food.Proper nutrition promotes long-term remission and vice versa eating disorders, namely, abuse of fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, spicy, fried food may cause worsening of the disease.

most powerful cholagogue is self catering.Meals should be frequent and a fraction, about 5 times a day.Not in any way do not overeat.Eat at one and the same time, it contributes to a better flow of bile.But if "overeat", that is to eat a lot of food at one time, then the gallbladder will start to decline rapidly.All this causes unpleasant pain and other disorders.

Useful boiled lean fish, cottage cheese, milk.When portability eggs in the diet can include eggs, but no more than 3 per week.Eat useful vegetable soups, cereals include buckwheat diet, rice, oatmeal.

cooking have a couple, you can also eat all boiled, baked in the oven, but in any case not fried.

In diseases of the gallbladder poorly tolerated fats, particularly animal.They should all be excluded from the diet.You can not eat fat, shortenings, margarine, fatty meats, fish, canned fish, as well as the lungs, liver, kidneys, as they are rich in cholesterol.

Preference is better to give vegetable oils.Best are olive oil, can be included in the diet, and corn oil.

Pay particular attention to berries, vegetables, fruits, juices and fresh.This all contributes to a better separation of bile, bile decreased ability to form stones, constipation eliminated.

Recommended beets, carrots, squash, pumpkin, cauliflower, strawberries, apples, prunes, apricots, watermelon.During the season you need to eat a lot of apples and apricots, this fruit helps release bile, which prevents stagnation.

Do not eat radishes, radish, onion, garlic, sorrel.These products may cause a worsening of the disease.

must be remembered that in the treatment of gallstone disease plays an important role treatment of folk remedies and nutrition.Not what medicines you can not replace food.So pay attention to your diet and if necessary, revise your diet.

And if you still have some other questions I recommend to watch the video.