Hello, dear blog read traditional medicine.We continue to talk about health.Today I would like to touch on a topic such as heartburn and acid reflux treatment of folk remedies.I do not know firsthand what heartburn more than once confronted with this problem.Heartburn can occur especially after a meal, especially a heavy, greasy or spicy.Heartburn can be characterized by a sense of acid in the mouth and stomach pains. There casting of gastric juices into the esophagus and irritates the esophagus, like that explained to me the doctor gastroenerolog, which I recently had a chance to be at the reception.Thus, heartburn, if not treated can cause gastritis, inflammation of the esophagus.

When heartburn the first thing to do - is to reconsider your diet.Exclude from the diet of strong coffee and tea, citrus fruits, all fatty, fried and spicy.It is necessary to follow a diet to eat everything boiled, cook food steamed, eat porridge and soups.And most importantly, when you eat, you need to look at food, focu

s only on food.We usually use the meal as a free minute to think about anything.

But how to deal with heartburn?Today I offer you a popular treatment of heartburn.

GERD, treatment of folk remedies.

When heartburn helps me almonds.I just pour boiling water 6 nuts to remove the skins of almonds and I eat it very carefully perezhёvyvaya, usually within five minutes heartburn passes.

also helps me with heartburn ordinary peas.I eat it somewhere 5-6 stuff and also chew thoroughly.If you do not have green peas, peas, take a normal, only pre-fill it with water and allow it to be fed with water, so to speak, "swell".Pour peas better in the evening, that he stood for the night, and then chew peas, before meals for 20 minutes, the heartburn goes very quickly.It is necessary to chew and swallow peas, it should be done before each meal.

Very good relieves heartburn potato juice, this method of dealing with heartburn suggested to me by my doctor gastroenterologist.Potato you need to clean and wash.Then I do this: I rub it on a fine grater and squeeze the juice from the potato through cheesecloth.Drink juice of half a glass before a meal, about thirty minutes per.Good and effective means.

also with heartburn I drink mineral alkaline water, but I'm trying to buy it in glass bottles, and only in a drugstore.In the supermarkets are selling this water even in the other bottles, and from my own experience I try not to buy mineral water in the grocery stores.

can even prepare their own such a collection of herbs, mint and lime mixing in equal proportions.Then everything is simple, spoon herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water and leave for thirty minutes.Then infusion filter and take half a cup twice a day.

I still helps flax.I bought it at a pharmacy.Pour one teaspoon in a glass bottle cork bottle spins, I'm just so convenient shake flax.Although I tried to do it in half-liter jar and close it fails caproic lid, the water seeps through the roof and spills out.Pour flax hundred grams of hot boiled water and stir.The resulting "slime" I filter and drink before a meal three times a day, and that's to prepare the "goo" is necessary every time a new one.

For pains in the stomach, you can brew chamomile or calendula.These herbs I always use.Brew this: in a glass of boiling water teaspoon herbs, insist about 20 minutes, then strain the infusion and drink a glass twice a day.You can alternate between a day to drink chamomile, calendula another day.These herbs are natural antibiotics and perfectly relieve inflammation of the stomach.

Until recently, one friend advised me heartburn after eating to suck the salt in half an hour.He says that it is necessary to dissolve in the mouth piece of salt, he takes the coarse salt and one large solinku holds in the mouth until completely dissolved, and the saliva is swallowed.He is a good help.But I do not dare to swallow salt.Although good advice if you have at hand is nothing.I think salt to get anyone can without any problems.Even if there is no coarse salt, it does not matter, you can always replace one pebble on a pinch of salt.All the same, the effect does not occur after the stone, and after dissolving the salt.

I was so interested in this recipe, I'm not even too lazy to search the Internet about salt.It turns out when we dissolve the salt in your mouth and swallow with the saliva, stomach valve is closed, and the acid, which brings us discomfort can not get into the esophagus.And therefore, we feel better already after 5-10 minutes after ingestion of salt.

When heartburn occurs, it is very unpleasant, but the treatment of folk remedies has a good result.But remember that if you heartburn for a long time and there were pains in the stomach.This is a serious reason to go to the doctor.You will be assigned a survey to establish the diagnosis.Do not be afraid to make a gastroscopy, but if it should be done, then do it.I had to swallow this spring probe, as I was afraid, I did not sleep for three days.All we have in mind, the main thing to set yourself.In the end, I said to myself that I can do and I will succeed.I will do it.This procedure is certainly not pleasant, but it takes just 5 minutes, you can endure all.But you already know what's what.