Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the causes of headache.Now more and more people are faced with a headache.And no wonder, our fast pace of life, lack of sleep, fatigue, violation and non-compliance with the regime of the day, eating unhealthy foods, a sedentary lifestyle, have a negative impact on our health and general condition of the body as a whole.If time does not take action, then all it imposes its imprint on our health.A lot of people around me suffer headaches, which is why it wanted to raise this issue in more detail and talk about it.

Headache can not be attributed to a specific disease, but it may be a signal the body that something is wrong and the urgent need to pay attention to their health.

There are so many reasons that lead to headaches.Diseases of the spinal column, the disruption of the internal organs, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, etc..

All of this can be attributed to causes headaches.With frequent headaches biggest mistake is the self.This way you can

not only help themselves, but also hurt.Appoint a medication without consulting your doctor should not be.First you need to find out the cause of frequent headaches, eliminate the cause, you can get rid of this disease.

Let's look at what can cause headaches.

Most often suggest that the headaches associated with an increase or decrease in blood pressure.There is an opinion, under elevated pressure sore neck, but at reduced - in temples.

To avoid doubt, it is necessary to measure the pressure tonometer.We also recently acquired a tonometer.If headaches occur due to elevated or low blood pressure, the blood pressure monitor is not a luxury but rather a necessity.Thus, you can always control your blood pressure, and immediately take action.

Causes headache

reasons, in fact, can be very, very important to understand what was going on, and do the treatment in a timely manner.

  • Fatigue, tension, depression, lack of sleep, very early rises, frequent stressful situations affect the work of the body and can cause headaches.
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure
  • dystonia.After spasms of blood vessels and pressure drops very negative impact on our general condition, and therefore, there are headaches.
  • decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, as a cause of headaches.
  • in infectious diseases such as acute respiratory infections, flu, sore throat and so on. These headaches usually do not last long.After recovery, all is normalized.
  • Constant headaches can cause low back pain of the cervical spine.In this case the brain is not receiving enough oxygen.
  • Headaches may occur in diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Headache may be the cause of a common disease.
  • For serious brain diseases and tumors.
  • Headaches can occur after childbirth.
  • In elderly people the cause of headaches can be a weakness of the vessels, a sharp change of position, the change in pressure.
  • Hormonal changes can lead to headaches.

Headache is often accompanied by depression, palpitations, sleep disorders, dizziness, fear, anxiety.If not treated, the condition often gets worse, and without the help of a specialist you can not do.

What to do and how to treat headaches?

In acute pain take pharmaceuticals.The main goal - the cessation of attacks.But painkillers will only be temporary.

If the headache is associated with elevated or reduced pressure, it is sufficient to take the appropriate drugs to eliminate discomfort.

When mental fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, sleep disorders, it is important to comply with the regime of the day, rest, walk, welcome soothing herbs and drugs are appropriate.

With cervical osteochondrosis restores body massage and gymnastics.I do several times a year at the massage chiropractor.Also, I do gymnastics, which I was advised by the doctor.All in excellent complex restores the body.

When you know the cause, then eliminate the headache is very easy.Without knowing the reasons why it is very difficult to give advice.Everyone has a different body and a different situation.If the headache is not a character is rare, it is possible to dispense painkillers.If headaches are systemic in nature, it can not do without the help of a specialist.

Now becoming increasingly popular alternalivnye treatments that complement and even replace farmakologieskoe treatment.

Among them are the direction of manual medicine - osteopathy.This is the principle of unity of the body and its ability to heal itself.For example, traditional medicine specialist, neurologist, osteopath, chiropractor Alex Mamatov on its copyright http://mamatov.com blog, shares of natural healing systems of the body.Alex Mamatov deeply convinced that our body - a real miracle, perfect self-healing system.

Also worth mentioning about the measures of prevention of headaches, which will help us to restore the body and achieve positive results in the treatment of headache.

prevention measures

Adherence day.It is also important to get enough rest.Try to walk more and to be outdoors.

pay attention to nutrition, to reconsider their diet.Include vegetables in the diet, fruit, vitamins.Drink enough water.

possible, engage in sports, unless there are serious contraindications.

Avoid stressful situations and negative emotions.

refuse alcoholic beverages and cigarettes will also be appropriate.

Remember, our health - a priceless gift, and our success in life.The most valuable - is our health, take care of it.