Hello dear friends.They say it is impossible to heart all take.You can not worry, as this is very harmful to health.But in our fast-paced lives, try not to worry.Of course, I work on myself, but not always, this is my work.I'm not a robot, after all, and my inherent feelings and emotions.It would be desirable that the people in the circle were kind and good, like a fairy tale, but unfortunately alas.Let's not talk about sad things today, still there are some pleasant moments in our lives. Spring came, and soon will be my favorite snowdrops, the days become warmer, the sun will shine brighter.Nature begins to "wake up" and this somehow becomes warmer at heart.And even if nervous, you can always drink soothing herbal teas, it is more useful and better than any pills.Herbal Teas I love and I make myself periodically.Today I will tell what I imagine I make soothing teas.

I love mint tea, he has a good calming effect.Preparing it is very simple, a teaspoon of peppermint pour a glass of boiled water, to in

sist, filter.The taste in this tea add honey or sugar.Peppermint tea relieves headaches, muscle pain, cramps in the stomach and intestine, has a calming effect.But mint tea lowers blood pressure, people suffering from hypotension should drink it with caution.

Mom I brew tea from lemon balm.Melissa grows mom in the garden, she had her cuts, dries and makes tea.One teaspoon per cup of boiling water, to insist, filter and add to taste honey or sugar.Tea made from Melissa calms, relieves cramps, has an analgesic effect.For more information about melissa read my article "Melissa application", in the article you will find information on the use of lemon balm, useful properties and contraindications.

I love tea from the herb thyme.Very often, I cook yourself a soothing tea made from thyme.I like tea and taste and unique aroma.One teaspoon of chopped herbs, I pour a glass of boiled water, strain, I drink a tea in the form of heat, to taste, I add honey or sugar.Thyme has a calming effect, to drink tea from thyme is useful for stress, depression, migraines, insomnia.And I drink this tea for the prevention of influenza and colds during seasonal epidemics.

By soothing herbs valerian applies.Valerian root, one teaspoon pour a glass of boiled water, strain and drink.

By calming herbs motherwort applies.Tea Leonurus used for stress, headaches, heart diseases, insomnia.For more information about insomnia, about how to treat insomnia herbs read my article "How to treat insomnia."Brew tea is quite simple, you need a teaspoon of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, and drain.

can make tea from the collection of herbs.Mix equal amounts of chamomile, lemon balm and thyme.One teaspoon of herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water insist, strain.Drink this tea can be soothing adding a spoonful of honey.

Cook can be another collection mixing mint, hop cones, motherwort, valerian root.A teaspoon of herb mixture to pour a glass of boiling water, strain and drink.

There are times when I just imagine I make green tea with a slice of lemon, add a spoonful of honey or honey eat a bit of sugar and just slowly drink hot tea.Most of all I like the honey from herbs, we buy honey from a beekeeper friend.Sometimes it's so little to sit in silence, to be alone, help me to calm down.

in herbal tea can add pieces of dried fruit apple, strawberry, raspberry, my friend likes to add dried fruit, I honestly have not tried, so I do not know what taste will have tea.

If you have something to supplement my article in the comments below, you can write everything.I have always appreciated treat your feedback.Be healthy, loved, happy.Suppose that in your life there is less things that you grieve and let it be more joy and happiness.

Like the video clip ¬ęCollegiate herbalist" Elena Fedorovna, I recommend you see it, all very interesting.Information certainly is not about soothing herbal teas, information on medicinal herbs.I looked unable to break away.