Hello dear readers.Today I want to tell you what the reasons may be fatigue and sleepiness.Have you noticed when anything that bored, tired, want to sleep and do nothing?It is often said that it's autumn depression.But depression is said to be not only in the autumn, but winter and spring.I remember there was a time that I was very tired at work, at lunch, I definitely sleepy.Condition I had "squeezed lemon".Now I analyze and realize that my early rises, lack of sleep did their work.

Plus, a woman in the house a lot of worries.They say that women's work has not been canceled.Condition of course is not the best, when the constant fatigue and sleepy.I live on coffee, but that's not an option.But everything has a reason and a logical explanation.I wanted to know why I have such a state, and I began to analyze the situation.

constant fatigue and drowsiness.Causes.

That seemingly after the summer, after a rest, the bright sun and warm days we have to be more than ever in the autumn cheerful and energ

etic.And all the more so in summer and autumn as much fruit and vegetables that nothing like this, and should not be.But, some people do not suffer from this, and others so weak that everything goes wrong.

I kind of hard, because I'm helping your child with their homework, we do it in English.In the summer we have a rest, but the fall is of course hard time for us.With the younger son we teach letters, syllables, numbers.Daughter so much to ask that this year abandoned the circles, as does his homework and daughter time on mugs remains.And so as a child in the second grade, I have to help her and deal with her later.

Oxygen. The first thing I would like to draw attention is the amount of oxygen in the ambient air.Probably everyone noticed that after a long stay indoors headache thinking deteriorates.This is often accompanied by yawning, suggesting that the body needs more oxygen portion.

very important to ventilate the room where you are, and are also more likely to be outdoors.My job meant the time of indoors all day.But that's not all, there are other causes of fatigue.

bad weather. Oddly, but sleepy more often in the rain, slush, wet and gloomy weather.During rain reduced pressure in the environment.In rainy weather, lowers blood pressure and slows down the heartbeat.As a consequence, during the rainy and wet weather somnolence and fatigue.And the monotonous sound of the rain, and the absence of the sun play a role.

For many people, the rainy weather is not the cause of sleepiness.I also like to watch the rain from the window with a cup of hot tea in hand, when it closed.And since I gipotonik, it is in this weather, most feel tired and sleepy.

Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. That's what that, and it does not pay attention.And it is necessary.This is one of the reasons for the constant fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy.We need to take vitamins.I consulted many times with your doctor about vitamins, but a clear answer, what vitamins better not received.But many doctors advise drink courses each vitamin separately.That is drunk vitamin C, vitamin E. But then, this year I decided to drink vitamin complex.

I know that a lot vitamin helps a mixture of nuts and dried fruits strengthen the immune system, vitamin mixture recipe can be found in the article "Vitamin mixture for strengthening immunity".

iodine is very important for our body and its deficiency can make up for seafood, algae (seaweed) and sea fish, such as herring, mackerel, flounder, cod.

But still, if you feel sleepy and tired, you'd better consult your doctor and an experienced doctor will tell you which medications and vitamins necessary to apply for you.

Malnutrition. As if it did not sound sad, but poor diet, diet disorder as well as semi-finished food raid, pies, hot dogs to no good result.That is to say, she just ate, when there is no time and are late for work.Or go to work and want to eat, and no.Often or overeating or malnutrition.What leads to the load on the digestive tract, to poor health.It is worth pondering their diet and, if necessary, revise it.Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health.

Taking certain medications. If you are taking certain medicines see the contraindications and side effects.It often happens that the side effects of the drug may be drowsiness.

health problems. Diabetes mellitus, disturbance of the heart, intestine, thyroid, these diseases can indicate drowsiness, lethargy, fatigue.Often in the spring or autumn exacerbated chronic diseases, such as gastrointestinal disorders, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and other diseases.We can feel yourself tired and due to reduced hemoglobin in the blood.How to increase hemoglobin can be found in the article on the blog "How to increase hemoglobin".Violation of the internal organs can lead to constant fatigue.You need to consult a doctor.

Magnetic storms. Although many believe it all inventions astrologers.But now often on TV, you can hear the warning flares on the sun, which can cause magnetic storms.A healthy body is not afraid of magnetic storms, but more sensitive people have a load magnetic storms.This is primarily headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, decreased or increased pressure.In most cases people are sensitive to disease of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

residence. often suffer from constant fatigue people living in industrial cities, with plants, with a lot of traffic.A person may feel more passive.You can move out of the area in less contaminated.

In egetososudistaya dystonia (VVD). This disease can be a cause of fatigue.It is best to consult a doctor and seeking treatment for the disease.As recommended by doctors need to move more, steeled, lead an active lifestyle, doing breathing exercises.Also, your doctor may recommend a number of drugs.

Bad habits. Smoking, alcohol can lead to excessive sleepiness and fatigue.Smoking is harmful to the body, it affects the lungs, thereby deteriorating blood circulation in the body.And alcohol, as everyone knows, have a negative effect on the liver and internal organs.Drinking alcohol is very depletes our body.If this is the cause of fatigue, it is worth to give up alcohol and cigarettes.

Lack of sleep. When you get up early and later you go when you do not have a rest day, you can also experience dizziness, fatigue and drowsiness.Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours.Complete rest and avoid stressful situations that do not always work, it helps avoid fatigue.

As you can see, the causes of fatigue and sleepiness quite a lot.After analyzing the situation and taking Meria, you feel better.