Hello dear friends.Spring is, we can say on the doorstep.Weather we have beautiful, the snow has melted, the sun is shining, but not warm.The yard is still cold.We often walk with his daughter after'll take her out of school, and the court has not yet summer.When I got home I want to warm up with a cup of tea and delicious.My husband is very fond of tea with ginger, he and invigorating and warming. I love tea from blackcurrant, cranberry, like herbal teas.

Now in the spring our body more than ever in need of vitamins, then come to the aid of vitamin teas.Recipes vitamin teas are very simple, but quite effective.Vitamin teas can be drunk as for the prevention and during viral diseases, as well as to strengthen the immune system.I also recommend that you prepare a tasty and not less useful vitamin mixture of dried fruits for immunity.The recipe can be found in my article "Vitamin mix for immunity┬╗

Last spring my children "came down" to the cold, I saw in this period to 5 cups of tea with lemon a day,

as a result I am not ill.But before, I was sick with the children, a husband does not hurt, because I was at work and after work always drank tea with ginger and honey.

Vitamin teas.Healthy recipes.

I love tea from black currant.In the summer I freeze it, cook currant jam, grind it with sugar.Usually tea, I pour a few spoonfuls of sugar rubbed with black currant, I insist, I drink in the form of heat, it turns out tasty and healthy vitamin tea.After all, black currant is rich in vitamin C, A, K, E, iron, potassium.This tea strengthens the body, increases immunity, is useful at a temperature of viral and colds.

I love tea from rose hips.Cooking it is also quite easy on one liter of water a handful of rose hips, boil 25 minutes on low heat, insist tea rosehip 6 hours in a sealed container.Then everything is simple, filter and add to taste honey or sugar.The taste of tea is very pleasant with slight acidity.Tea turns out delicious.Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, E, A, B2, iron, copper, manganese, silicon, phosphorus.Tea from the hips really a vitamin drink.This tea is particularly useful for mental and physical fatigue, increases our resistance to infections and viruses.Very useful tea from the hips in case of anemia.

Tea Raspberry I cook is not often, though my daughter recently I only drink this tea.I tend to cook in the summer of raspberry jam, I grind it with sugar.In a cup of boiling water, I add just a couple of spoonfuls of raspberry, insist and drink.

My whole family loves uzvar (stewed fruit).Uzvar also very tasty, healthy and vitamin drink.I cook it from dried pears, apples, dried strawberries, plums, apricots.Most importantly uzvar insist at least 6 hours, then it acquires a unique taste and aroma.Uzvar is multivitamin beverage that enhances work vessels, gastrointestinal tract and improves immunity.Very useful uzvar at high temperature.My friend still uzvar adds calendula flowers, she likes a drink.

The tea can be added optionally spices such as vanilla, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon.For the preparation of tea you can also use dried fruit and sprigs of raspberries, dried fruit and leaves of wild strawberry, blackberry, black currant leaves, jasmine flowers, linden.The benefits and healing properties of linden I wrote on the blog, you can read in my article "Linden, medicinal properties".

The tea can be added to the dry crust of lemon or orange, you can make tea with a slice of lemon and honey.Lemon is rich in vitamin C.

My husband is very fond of ginger tea with honey.It is necessary to finely chop the ginger and rings in a glass of boiling water add just a couple of slices, you can add more, but then the tea will be saturated, brew tea, strain, add honey to taste and drink in the form of heat.This tea is great tones, improves blood circulation, including cerebral, increases appetite, improves digestion.Ginger tea drink useful for prevention and during viral and colds.

I love cranberry tea.I cook it is also very easy, a couple of spoons rubbed with sugar Cranberry I pour boiling water, leave.I drink tea in the form of heat.We certainly do not cranberries can often be found for sale on the market, but last autumn we bought some cranberry part triturated with sugar, frozen part.Cranberries contain a whole range of vitamins.Vitamin A, C, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and manganese, phosphorus, iron, zinc, fluorine.Tea made from cranberry wonderful vitamin drink, it is useful for colds, high temperature, in scurvy, a vitamin and fortifying agent.

My son loves lemon-honey tea, so he calls him.A slice of lemon, I pour 200 ml.boiled water, add honey to taste and stir.Here is a tasty and healthy turns lemon-honey tea.

When the temperature is very often brew Kalina.I mulled Kalina with sugar pour boiled water, filter and drink in the form of heat to 200 ml 3-4 times a day.Kalina as the cranberry is rich in vitamins.But with care tea viburnum need to drink at a reduced pressure, such as the tea lowers blood pressure.

These are simple but effective and delicious recipes I offer you today to maintain their health, to strengthen immunity.

And what you drink vitamin tea to strengthen the immune system?Send recipes in the comments below.Not only I will be grateful to you, but readers.Be healthy.