Hello dear friends!Today we will talk about how to manifest deficiency disease and how to treat beriberi.I think that this topic will be of interest to everyone.But first of all I want to congratulate you on the approach of spring.After a long winter already so like heat and sun.I want fresh vegetables and yagod.U us in the market now sell fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and other vegetables and fruits, but I think that you need to eat vegetables in season.

Today talked with his friend.Her children practically do not get sick, I asked if they drink vitamin tablets if she tempers children.She told me that the children in the diet include kiwi, it is very rich in vitamins and prepares for the children every day fruit salad.And her children to gymnastics and groom pionerbol.

Vitamin deficiency often manifests itself in the spring after a long winter our body more than ever in need of vitamins, macro and micro elements.But by the spring of the content of nutrients, as is known, in fruits and ve

getables is reduced.

recommend you cook a vitamin mixture to maintain immunity.Recipe vitamin mixture, information about the benefits of vitamin mixture can be found in my article "Vitamin mix for immunity".I always cook this mixture for themselves and their children.

How does vitamin deficiency.

  • Avitaminosis manifested by fatigue, lethargy.
  • drowsiness in the morning is very difficult to wake up.
  • contrast, can appear insomnia.
  • may be headache, dizziness.
  • reduces efficiency.
  • Nails become brittle, the hair falls out.
  • There is loss of appetite.
  • perleches may appear in the corners of the mouth.
  • vitamin deficiency manifested by inflammation or bleeding gums.
  • Feels weakness.
  • manifested a violation of the nervous system.
  • Begin frequent colds and viral diseases.
  • skin becomes dry, and shows the micro cracks.
  • poorly healing wounds.
  • There are disorders of the digestive tract.
  • pallor.

Avitaminosis very negative impact on the immune system of our body.What to do, how to treat beriberi?When the manifestation of beriberi should see a doctor for help.Today I want to advise you on how to treat beriberi folk ways.I'm not going to recommend vitamin complexes, because it may appoint a doctor, judging from your symptoms.Yes, and I myself belong to the vitamin complexes with caution, since I after they had negative consequences, I had a rash.

How to cure beriberi.

As you know, for the normal functioning of our body, we need vitamins.

  • For skin and body as a whole, we need vitamin A, B12, F, E.
  • for healthy hair A, B2, B6, N.
  • Nail A, C, D.
  • to teeth D, E.
  • eyes B, A.

vitamin A. Get this vitamin can be of such foods: carrots, parsley, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, liver, pumpkin, tomato.Vitamin A makes the skin smooth and beautiful hair, vitamin strengthens the optic nerves.

Vitamin B1 .You can get out of peas, beans, liver, wheat germ, eggs.Vitamin B1, protects our body from nervous disorders, protects nerve cells, relieves fatigue.

Vitamin B2. contains this vitamin in vegetables, cottage cheese, beef, oil.Vitamin B2, accelerates the healing of wounds, cuts, prevents cancer, regulates sugar in the body.

Vitamin B6. Contained in plums, liver, cabbage, bananas, raisins, soy.This vitamin activates the brain activity, strengthens the nervous system.

Vitamin B12.Contained this vitamin in egg yolk, liver, and kidneys.This vitamin strengthens the nervous system.It is used in the treatment of anemia.

Vitamin C. rich in this vitamin citrus fruits, black currants, rose hips, cauliflower, green peas, leek, radish, beans.Vitamin C plays an important role in metabolic processes in the body, protects against viruses, bacteria, promotes speedy recovery from colds, rejuvenates the skin.With a lack of this vitamin in the body there is a general weakness, fatigue, complications can occur with colds.

Vitamin D. Found in vegetable oils, liver, egg yolk, in fish.This vitamin making skin healthier, provides calcium absorption in the small intestine, and promotes the growth of cells in their metabolic processes.

Vitamin E. Contained in the seeds, vegetable oil, hazelnuts, milk, wheat germ.Vitamin E improves performance, its use with poor circulation, high importance of this vitamin for the female and male body, that's why this vitamin is called "vitamin of reproduction", protects the body from cancer.

Vitamin F. Contained in dried fruits, fish oil, olive oil.This vitamin prevents premature aging of the skin, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin, improves the condition of the hair.If this vitamin in the body is not enough hair to lose luster, becoming dull.

Vitamin H. Contained in egg yolk, of nuts, milk, egg yolks, liver, chocolate, mushrooms, fruit, oatmeal.This vitamin is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, and normalizes the nervous system.

Vitamin K. Contained in onions, lentils, seaweed, cabbage, spinach.This vitamin cleanses the blood, improves circulation, prevents bone fragility.

When vitamin deficiency is useful to drink a decoction or infusion of rose hips, as rosehips are very rich in vitamin C, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus.

helpful to drink cranberry juice, extract from the fruit of Viburnum, black currant.

Drink freshly squeezed juices which are a valuable source of vitamin C, A, D, K, E. Drink carrot, beet, orange, apple juice.

very useful for the organism nuts.Pine, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts.It contains trace elements and vitamins.

Include in your diet onion, garlic, wild garlic, green onions, fresh dill and parsley.

useful to include in your diet fish, caviar, seafood.They are rich in zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E.

very useful natural honey.My grandmother every day on an empty stomach to eat one teaspoon of natural flower honey, "it is with honey she begins the day."

How does vitamin deficiency and how to treat beriberi you know.And how do you deal with beriberi in the spring, what vitamins to take.I would be very grateful, if you share in the comments below.

also suggest you watch the video about vitamin deficiency and some advice on nutrition.