Hello dear readers.Summer has arrived, which means hot days ahead.I love the heat, summer, so much fresh berries and herbs gives us the summer.Someone is resting on the sea in the summer, and some in the country.A few years ago I was faced with an allergy to the sun.And before there was nothing.Of course, friends began to say that now the sun is very active, and many people have this problem exists.A couple of years ago came to rest, we immediately went to the beach.I went to the beach and felt itchy in the abdomen, I think, what is it.But when I took off my robe, it was struck, there was a huge red stain on his stomach.As it explained to me the doctor, so that proved to be allergic to the sun.Later, I began to notice redness and itching on the skin of which were direct sunlight.

allergy to the sun immediately apparent symptoms.They usually occur in twenty minutes after sun exposure.There may be a couple of hours after sun exposure, and may occur within a few days.Allergy to the sun - this is no ord

inary sunburn, is a specific response of the body.We need to take action, because the allergy does not pass by itself.

I'm usually good at helping "Aerius".I appointed the drug doctor.This drug is taken to eliminate the itching, redness and allergies.You can read the instructions to the drug on the Internet.There are other drugs that can be used to treat, such as Claritin, tsetrin, zodak, suprastin and so on. Products which can be used for a long time, plus they do not cause drowsiness.

But it can be very serious, therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor and consult with him personally.Typically, these issues are handled by an allergist or dermatologist.

Of course, if you know that it is an allergy to the sun, it is easier.At least you know what to take to alleviate the symptoms.But when it occurs for the first time, you think, what is it?And it is very unpleasant when itchy lesions, allergies, and scratching can not, because you can make the situation worse.

Symptoms of allergy to the sun.Photo

It is generally believed that physically strong people are allergic to the sun should not be.Allergies can occur in children, teens, infants, the child immunocompromised, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases.

  • First there is an itch on the skin, without visible symptoms, and later the skin begins to redden and itch intensified.
  • allergy, urticaria is most often seen on the skin may appear as small red spots, eczema, or even bubbles.
  • accompany all this itching, redness, irritation.
  • also formed swelling, and lesions may merge into red and swollen areas.
  • Symptoms of allergies to the sun may not only on the skin areas where there was direct sunlight, but also appears in the form of eczema, in locations distant from the sun hits.
  • Sometimes blisters may form, scales and blisters.Even edema may be formed.

I have been itching, reddening of the skin and red rash, something similar to hives.Certainly not a pleasant symptoms.Just think, what to do and how to treat?

Recently we had a rest on the nature and the hand were direct rays of the sun, at home I felt itchy skin and saw the red areas on the hands.Itching was not strong antihistamine drunk I went to bed.On the morning allergy symptoms I was not there.I have an allergy to the sun appears in the form of itching and red skin, as in the photo.

It is important to immediately pay attention and take action.In order not to aggravate the situation.Typically, redness and itching to treat mild allergies.

allergy to the sun.Reasons

allergy can manifest itself not only at sea but also on vacation in the woods, as it was for me.Also, it does not stay in the sun a long time, since the solar allergy can manifest itself after a long presence in the sun.It may be small, like dots, red spots.There may be large lesions on the skin, or white spots.

Usually most prone to allergies to the sun is not firmly established after his illness and children grudnichki.All the reasons may be related to internal and external factors.

The group of risk of allergy include people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.And people with reduced immunity and metabolic disturbances.

also include the lack of vitamins in the body, and chronic disease.Therefore, you should pay attention to their health and the body's work as a whole.

include allergic to pollen, cosmetics that you use External reasons.Taking certain medications may enhance allergic to the sun.So carefully read the instructions for the drugs you are taking.

Usually manual states that do not stay in the sun in the use of these drugs.Danger comprise antibiotics, antidepressants, aspirin, diuretics and others. Medications.

photosensitizers - substances that can provoke a negative reaction in the body.Do not use citrus essential oils, especially before going out in the sun.

Such oils include tangerine oil, as well as the oil of lemon, grapefruit, orange.Plus essential oils of patchouli and bergamot.They increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun.Look at the composition of their cosmetics are not included if it the oil.

Plus, do not eat citrus fruits before going in the sun.Usually in the summer you can feast on fresh watermelon, peaches, berries.

highest risk of skin burns and allergies to the sun in:

  • blondes as well as in people with fair skin
  • pregnant women
  • people to make a tattoo on the skin
  • children and babies

How to help yourself with sunburn, what to do and what kind of folk remedies can be used, you can read the article "What to do with sunburn"?It is better to prevent sunburn than to treat them.

allergy to the sun.Folk treatment

highly recommend to use a cream with a high sun protection with sun allergies.I for myself I take cream with SPF 50. With such a degree of protection and take the cream for children.I buy the cream in a pharmacy.I take before going to the beach.It is best to apply these funds about 15 minutes before going in the sun.

sure to lubricate the body sunscreens, and then go for a swim.Do not forget about it.After exiting the water with a towel blot body.

Before going to the beach to use perfumes or cosmetics are not desirable.Also, do not use scrub and scrub, which deprives the skin protective properties.

just sunbathe in the shade.When the sun is more active, try to be in the shade.Sunbathing under a parasol in the shade, I like, and I do.The best time to tan before 10 am and after 17 pm.The solar activity hours in the sun is not to be.Sun most active from 10 to 16-17 hours.

sure to wear a hat, plus clothing made of natural fabrics.Try that it was odezha with long sleeves, can be pants or a long skirt.

allergy to the sun when mild passes through 5 days, with more severe may be delayed up to two weeks.Therefore, when the first symptoms is important to consult a doctor.Since all this is serious.

itching and can use folk remedies.It relieves itching camomile, calendula, series.Wipe the infusion of skin lesions on the body.You can use baking soda.Usually, a teaspoon of baking soda diluted in a glass of boiled water and gently wipe the skin.

also helps me a cabbage leaf to be applied to the affected skin.Plus can be used and fresh cucumber.Juice from fresh cucumber need to wipe the affected skin.

To remove toxins from the body drink plenty of clean water.Carbonated beverages and alcohol is better not to use.

Our body is in need of vitamins, allergy to the sun pay attention to vitamin A, C, E, and B vitamins are very useful and fresh berries and fruits.In summer, all this in abundance.

At temperatures can take antipyretics and analgesics with severe pain.

also recommend to watch the video material in which the doctor tells the allergy to the sun.Important Tips You Need To Know.