Hello dear readers.We have a warm, spring is not far off the hot summer.And so it happens that out of ignorance, or desire great tan, you can get a sunburn.All this is painful and unpleasant.So what to do with sunburn?Of course, with sunburn should immediately take action.When I was a few years ago, basking in the sun to get burned, I helped fine "panthenol".Panthenol we bought at the pharmacy, the pharmacist has assured us that the best cure for sunburn is not found.Thank God nothing happened, of course was redness and pain.But the evening has become much easier.The most interesting thing is that there are folk remedies to help with sunburn.

As well relax and sunbathe in the sun.This holiday is useful to everyone.If you are going on a journey not forget to take medication, sunglasses and a hat.In the summer it is very important to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, spacious and comfortable.Like all try to take into account, but it so happens that you get sun burn the skin.What to do in this case

?Certainly not blame yourself, and take action.

What to do with sunburn

There sunburn light and heavy forms.Well if you're not much burned, but if it is accompanied by itching, redness of the skin, fever.Sometimes, the temperature rises to 40 degrees.When sunburn skin becomes red and hot to the touch.

And if this is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, then in this case do without care physician.In severe do not hesitate what to do, and immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital themselves, especially when it comes to children.

burned skin can not be washed by means of containing the alcohol and alkali, so as not to dry up the skin.The skin moisten and cool.Excellent moisturize the skin wet sheet, which are dry measure change.

sunburn need to drink more to replenish lost fluids in the body.At temperatures to take antipyretic.Usually, when we eat the sea, we take a first aid kit with necessary medications.

Panthenol spray, I think it's a lifesaver in case of burns.Panthenol - a white, creamy foam, which is distributed to the field of skin burns.This means soothes the skin, eliminating pain, dryness, burning, reduces fever, redness and inflammation.Spray spraying need at least several times a day on the affected skin.

He distributed and remains on the skin of air, light, white foam."Crush" the foam is not necessary, even if all that remains.So going on a vacation do not forget to take a panthenol.

Folk remedies for sunburn

Smetana.Kefir. In addition, there are folk remedies that can be at your fingertips.The most common tool - a cream.Sour cream softens the skin, relieves itching and skin irritation.Sour cream on the skin forms a protective layer, which prevents evaporation of moisture.Once at sea, I "burned" and the only thing that was at hand, because it is sour.Then I used it, and for the skin.

Instead of sour cream, you can use low-fat yogurt.That applied to the burn site.Then swab dipped in water gently wipe with the affected places.

Potatoes. addition of sour cream, well-packs of raw potatoes.Raw potatoes are cleaned, ground into a mash and apply to the site of sunburn.

Aloe. Aloe helps relieve inflammation, healing, soothe the skin.Aloe juice can lubricate the skin burnt by the sun site.Gruel aloe can be applied to the burn sites.To do this, cut a leaf of aloe vera, wash it with boiled water, wipe with a paper towel, cut lengthwise.Gruel should be scraped off with a spoon, chop and put in place a burn.

recently learned that the sun burns very efficiently aloe oil.It moisturizes, heals, soothes, nourishes the skin and is intended for the treatment of sunburn.

Soda. This and a cool bath, where you want to pack the floor of baking soda added, also effective for sunburn.Dive into the bathroom can be at about 30 minutes This treatment soothes the skin, eliminates burning and pain.For more information about the use of soda, you can see the article "Soda, benefit and harm".

egg white. against sunburn apply egg white.You only need the egg white.Separates it from the yolk, gently stir and distribute on the skin.We are waiting when will dry up, and then wash off with cool waters.

decoction of herbs. sunburn can make herbs such as calendula, chamomile, peppermint, succession.On two tablespoons grass half a liter of boiling water, to insist 25 minutes, drain.The infusion should be at room temperature.Impregnated with a piece of gauze in the infusion and are putting in place of sunburn.

Cabbage. Cabbage leaves well reduce inflammation, fever and pain.They can be applied to the place or primotat skin burn.Before use, the leaves should be well washed.

as preventing sunburn, not on the street up to 11 hours of the day and go out after 16 hours.Thus, at the peak of the heat, you will save your skin from the rays of the scorching sun.Going out on the street do not forget the hat and closed clothing made of natural fabrics.In the summer take out into the street with a bottle of water.

Use sunscreen with an SPF of best 50. Buy these cream at any pharmacy, we usually take with SPF 50 and SPF 20-30.Please use with an SPF of 50, and already a little tanned when it is already possible and use 30-20.

Please share with us below in the comments, what to do with sunburn.Perhaps you have your own effective, proven folk remedies for burns and effective recipes.With joy and gratitude we receive your feedback and comments.