Hello dear readers.We already have the cold weather, although it has promised warming and "Indian Summer".Wake up to believe and hope, and the wind is strong and very cold.Today I would like to touch on chapped lips.I think that the problem faced by many.How to solve the problem of chapped lips, but most importantly how to warn you about this today and we'll talk.

What if weather-beaten lips, than to smear and treat?Very often there are questions in my head when chapped lips.In addition, all may be associated with painful sensations, as well as cracks in the lips.

If this problem occurs for any reason, such as wind, sun or cold, you can accept me and do not worry, but if weather-beaten lips constantly, there is already need to pay attention to their health.But still, let's find out the causes.

Why is weather-beaten lips?

One of the first reasons is in the frosty and windy, licking her lips.In the summer, by the way, too, lips are chapped, plus the air is dry, and hot because of the sun and wind

.Often lick lips small children and so they they can also winded.

Chapped lips can give us a signal of a lack of vitamin A, E and C in the body.If the problem lies in this, it is necessary to pay attention to the foods that contain these vitamins, as well as the use of cosmetics for lips with vitamins.

Also, the reason for all may be of poor quality cosmetics, which also need to pay attention, I am preparing myself lately balzamchik lip from natural products, grease lips themselves and their children before going out.

Sometimes, all a result of infectious or viral infections, blisters formed on his lips, sores, burning, inflammation.The reason is

and eating spicy or acidic foods, while still not uncommon in the corners of his mouth there are binding.Why in the corners of the mouth are formed perleches and how to treat them folk remedies can be found in the article "Zayed in the corners of the mouth, causes, treatment."

And sometimes the cause of chapped lips is a toothpaste with a large fluorine content, although the pasta and strengthen teeth, but on the lips may have a negative impact.

also need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, often with internal organs problems manifest themselves causing thirst, for example, diabetes mellitus, and licking his lips, you can only make the situation worse.

chapped lips as a quick cure, what to do.Treatment.

eliminating the causes that caused the chapping of the lips, and you can eliminate the problem itself.If the reason was the wind or frost, then this problem can be solved easily lubricating lip balm before going home, and periodically during the day.

buckthorn oil with chapped lips. The fastest and best way is to lubricate lips sea buckthorn oil.This oil can write odes as it is useful, what properties and contains many vitamins.Sea-buckthorn oil has helped me more than once and not only from chapped lips, but also to cope with Zayed in the corners of the mouth.

After this oil very well removes dryness, peeling, cracks and heals wounds, reduces inflammation.This oil is used for burns of the skin due to its regenerative properties.This is the first tool that I use.

Calendula with chapped lips. For dry and chapped skin of the lips can be applied calendula ointment or calendula oil.Here calendula I also really like the times and heals wounds and cracks on the skin.The unique properties of calendula in that it reduces inflammation and heals wounds.

can lubricate the lips with olive oil, butter, peach, almond, smeared lips even butter.But I prefer the sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil, and even wild rose, so these oils really allow you to quickly heal and restore irritated and inflamed skin of the lips.

Honey with chapped lips. also read that honey is used for chapped lips.If you have certainly not allergic to bee products and honey in particular, you can try to lubricate the lips with honey.Honey softens the skin and heals sores on the lips.Only use natural honey.

Aloe with cracks on the lips. Aloe juice helps with chapped lips, softening them and facilitating the healing of wounds.Typically, the juice is applied to the lips, and can be made from fresh leaf juice is applied to the lips.Aloe plant is unique and has amazing healing and emollient properties.You can mix aloe juice and honey in equal proportions and apply on the lips.

Shea Butter Lip. Shea butter is also well softens lips and heals wounds, protects against obvetrivaya if it is applied to a thin layer of sponge.It has this oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing properties.Shea discovered recently and is very happy with this oil.

cocoa butter with chapped lips. very I like cocoa butter, it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the lips, it is best to use oil instead of cocoa butter.I always cocoa butter in the refrigerator there.I buy it at the drugstore, put on night time to time on the lips and face.Highly recommend this oil, it nourishes and moisturizes.You can learn more about the cocoa butter can be in the article on the blog "cocoa butter medicinal properties".

rosehip oil with chapped lips. rosehip oil, as well as sea-buckthorn oil can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is slightly cheaper sea buckthorn oil.However, this oil also heals cracks, wounds, soothes, relieves inflammation.Even regenerates the skin for burns.The oil is applied with a thin layer on the lips.

also read that liquid vitamins A and E is applied to chapped lips, but I did not try to treat the lips, so it can not say anything.

Regarding lip scrub, do not rush to apply until chapped lips, let them heal wounds and cracks, and then you can gently and poskabit sponge.Because many immediately advise poskrabit lips, I would not advise not to damage the already inflamed skin of the lips.

Unless lips in a state of neglect, then, without consulting a doctor you can not do.The doctor will prescribe medications to treat chapped lips.You may need to be tested for the presence of fungal infection.

To prevent chapping lips, so you do not ask yourself what to do, it is better to use balzamchikom lip moisturizing and nourishing them, especially before you leave home.

In cold weather, try to minimize the prospect to use decorative cosmetics, lipstick is better to replace balzamchikom.All the same lipstick dry lips.

I hope the tips will help you to deal with chapped lips.Also, I suggest you watch the video material on how to care for winter lips.