Hello dear readers.Today let's talk about what to treat insect bites.It's summer and so often want to be in nature, to relax, roast barbecue.Insects, too, this year more than ever, especially mosquitoes.Let's talk about than to treat stings of wasps, mosquitoes, bees ... not only butterflies and ladybirds can be found in the forest, in a meadow or a park, and unfortunately also ticks and mosquitoes.

Last year, in one of the beautiful summer days, we decided to go on nature in forest, barbecue, play with the children in the ball, in general, to spend a weekend of fun.In a clearing, where we rested, we saw a few ticks.Of course we immediately on arrival home inspected children, redeemed, and everything was in order, but a few days later the daughter began to complain of pain in the ear.When my husband looked in your ear, it was a tick crawled into the child's ear.We certainly do not take the risk and immediately went to the hospital.All done.But that's kind and attentive to themselves and children are

treated, and insects are on the alert.

most dangerous among insects mites are considered as they are messengers of encephalitis.If you are bitten by a tick, then try not to shed the skin of any alcohol or oil.To extract the tick to be careful, it is necessary not to pull, and rotate, it is important not to pull it strongly, that the proboscis did not stay in the body.If you are not sure that you can get it yourself, it is best just after the discovery of the tick on the skin go to the hospital.

If you or your child bitten by a mosquito, the main thing is not to scratch the bite, and it is possible to damage the nails and the skin formed on the site of the bite wound, which can get infected and cause even more inflammation.Remove redness, inflammation helps raw potatoes, soda, tincture Marigold on alcohol.When edema to the site of the bite can make an ice cube.But, you should always remember, if after a mosquito bite you or your child has a fever or mosquito bites cause an allergic reaction seek medical advice immediately.Once we went with friends to the forest, the daughter was a year old, and walking in the clearing her bitten by a mosquito, bite place immediately flushed and blushed a rather large portion of the handle, of course I was very scared, immediately I began to call our children's nurse.But it said that went allergic to the bite.I was about to take the daughter to the hospital, but after just half an hour redness descended.

wasp or bee sting is no less dangerous, especially for children.I remember I did not just bite the bee as a child, as his grandfather apiary was, and I'm usually in the summer of love with her grandparents in the country for a vacation, beauty, nature, fresh air, delicious and sweet honey, the more so as they also streamIt was not far.So when I was bitten by a bee, grandmother smeared with vinegar bite, always pomogalo.Konechno first thing you need to remove the stinger from the skin.It is possible to place the bite to make ice.But it so happens that there is a reaction to the bite, swelling, fever, severe itching, then a reaction to the bite, in this case, you must contact your doctor immediately.

Last year, once again in the summer, I pass through the television watching than to treat insect bites, so much so the doctor told us that parents are very careful not to leave on the nature of the bottle with a drink open as it can go fly a bee or waspand the child will run up and get drunk, and God forbid, a wasp or bee bites the throat, there is a swelling of the throat, and so, the doctor said that can suffocate or even to bring to the hospital.It is of course very scary.My mother in law a couple of years ago, ate watermelon and her tongue was bitten bee, barely had time to bring to the hospital and began swelling and pressure rose.So, be careful, appreciate and take care of your health carefully to his attitude.

now in more detail about what to treat insect bites.

When a mosquito bite is very good raw potatoes, apply to the site of the bite finely grated potato, it reduces inflammation, itching and redness.

soda relieves irritation and inflammation.Half a teaspoon of baking soda per 100 grams of boiled water, all stir well, take a piece of cotton wool, wet in this solution and apply to the bite site.

When a bee sting or wasp sting attach to the place of the parsley, rub the leaves of parsley so that they let the juice and apply the slurry to the bite site.And to remove the common allergy brew parsley root and have a drink for several days.Chopped parsley root is ground, it is possible to use dry roots, the roots fill the cup of boiling water, all you need is in a thermos 6 hours strain and take 1/4 cup three times daily before meals for 15-20 minutes.

bites of mosquitoes, bees or wasps, a good helping of mint juice.We need to be fresh mint, it is necessary to knead and this mush attach to the bite site.Peppermint has antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

also place insect bites smeared calendula tincture on alcohol, tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy, you can certainly prepare ourselves and if you have marigold flowers.Lubricate the bite on 5-6 times a day.

first aid okat Now you will be able to himself and child, because you know, than to treat insect bites, but the most important thing is to avoid festering and not scratching the bite.

And remember the simple rules that will help at least to avoid insect bites.

  • Try to avoid places where insects, especially bees, wasps ...
  • Do not drink the drinks from the bottle is not clear.
  • not leave on the nature open drinks bottles, juice boxes.
  • Before going into the woods, put on a skin protection from insects, but be sure to read the instructions before applying them.
  • If you are going to go into the woods or on the nature, wear a closed and tight clothes.
  • Inspect children and himself after being returned from the woods.
  • also try in the woods or in the park do not eat sweets, or at least not to leave in the clear, they really attract insects, even the crumbs.
  • Fish is also very good attracts wasps, remember.
  • When approaching a wasp or bee does not need to wave his hands and did not make any sudden movements.

Here's a dragonfly photographed in nature, my husband.This is interesting, even a little funny.