Hello dear readers.There was a fall, the first frost, rain, wind.With the weather change we are faced with colds and flu.To avoid seasonal diseases is necessary in advance to think about strengthening the immune system.But what to do if a cold caught off guard?You do not have to run to the pharmacy.Although I used it myself and did.It's easier, and faster to cope with the cold.But instead of going to the pharmacy, you can start treatment of folk remedies that facilitate the symptoms of the flu and colds.

What can you advise?For me, it is certainly not the onion and garlic.Although I tried and treated by these means.Today I want to share what folk remedies to help my family cope with the symptoms of the common cold faster.Although, I would like to focus on strengthening the immune system and the use of vitamins, then you do not have to treat colds, because it you will get round.)))

I would also like to note that it is we who are responsible for their own health.Therefore, only on us depends on our

health and the state as a whole.It consists of many indicators.Proper nutrition, sports, tempering, the use of vitamins, daily routine, and so on. D.

Folk remedies for colds and flu

Just want to note, it is not necessary to prevent the common cold turned into a cough, bronchitis, pneumonia.Therefore, at the first sign you need to start to take action.

If possible, the required bed rest.The body needs to recover.

Honey. Note the honey and bee products, if you do not have allergies.It is possible to prepare various mixtures to strengthen and maintain the immune system.My grandmother, for example, every morning, ate one teaspoon of floral honey on an empty stomach.

We are preparing a vitamin mixture of nuts, dried fruits and honey.Tasty and healthy.Typically, the mixture is ready in autumn and spring.

Herbal teas. The flu and colds, especially if you had a high body temperature, is recommended to drink plenty of liquids.Highly recommend herbal teas.Because herbs can take linden, chamomile, mint, thyme and others.

Herbs can be mixed or single herb brew, such as chamomile or thyme.The proportions are as follows: on half a liter of water a few tablespoons grass (not mountain).Fill and insist.And then we filter and drink a bit of sugar with honey.If you do not like honey, add a little sugar.

Our grandfather brewed tea in a teapot.Broth is a proven folk remedy for colds and flu.Herbs mixed, fill with water, boiled, and drunk insisted.The composition of this tea were sprigs of raspberries, leaves and twigs of black currants, rose hips a little, thyme, mint, linden.

Tea from berries. From berries really like cranberry, raspberry, cranberry, black currants.They contain large amounts of vitamin C.

berries Harvesting deal in the summer.Grind the berries with sugar frosting.You can dry the berries.But we do not dry the berries, since we do not have the conditions to do so.

Children love berry teas and drink them with pleasure.Moreover, there is a choice and variety.Spoon berries I pour a glass of water and drink insist.Very tasty and healthy.

compote of dried fruits. I love compote of dried fruits (or uzvar).It is prepared from dried apples, pears, apricots, berries.I drink it so warm and in a cool way.With a cold drink is better to use in the form of heat.

milk with honey. when you cough, sore throat is useful to drink milk with honey and butter.I buy cocoa butter (from a pharmacy), but you can use an ordinary cream.On a piece of butter cup milk.Milk and butter to warm up.Drink warm with honey, a bit of sugar.

Gargling. When a sore throat, since we're talking about this, I highly recommend rinsing with salt, soda, iodine.You can rinse the herbs with the addition of soda.Because herbs can be used chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus.I like eucalyptus.

Herbs I brew this: half a liter of boiling water on a few spoonfuls of herbs, insist, filter.Gargle with warm infusion in the form of heat.

Ginger tea. Ginger tea is very tasty and useful.It can be brewed with lemon, orange, spices, herbs, thus making ginger tea more delicious.

Children ginger tea as a treatment will not work, but for adults great warming drink.I'm preparing his case.15 grams of ginger root should be cleaned, cut, pour 250 ml.boiling water, add a slice of lemon or orange, to insist.Drink a bit of sugar with honey.

essential oils. I really like to use tea tree essential oil, true "doctor of 33 diseases."At the first sign of a cold drip oil in the aroma lamp.At a cold drop of tea tree oil rubbed between the fingers, and lubricate the nostrils and under the nose.Tested repeatedly.

I was asked that at the pharmacy for 50 rubles, you can buy any essential oil, and I order and pay for the expensive bottle.I for myself have chosen essential oil "Primavera".I like these oils, they are very high quality.I use tea tree oil in its pure form, the skin is not burning.The difference in quality of oil.And I get the result from the application of essential oils and it is pleasant to me.In the past year, I have been studying this topic.There are high-quality oil, but there are synthetic.

Rosehip. Brew in a thermos rose hips better.A handful of rose hips pour a liter of boiling water and insist night (can be 4-6 hours).Drink drink with honey or sugar.

Tea with cranberries. Spoon cranberry knead, pour a glass of hot water, to insist.To drink with sugar or honey.Drink cranberry perfectly tones, quenches thirst, relieves fatigue.

can do inhalation of herbs.Soar legs with mustard, but on condition that you do not have a temperature.You can sleep in the dry mustard socks and wear them at night.

all folk remedies for colds are good, but if it comes to children, do not experiment, see your doctor for help.We often like to make diagnoses and prescribe treatment, even if it makes the expert.

Cold and flu include in the diet of foods containing vitamin C. Orange, lemon, kiwi, etc. Products.Drink plenty of fluids a day.Ventilate the room where you are.Wet cleaning of the room is also important.

It is very interesting, share what helps you to quickly deal with the symptoms of colds and flu.