Hello dear readers.Autumn came, and then the rain during the cold weather and cold ... but do not want to overshadow the happy days, so I want to share with you a simple recipe teas, which help us to quickly cope with a cold.I think that the topic is quite relevant, especially with the onset of autumn.Therefore, I shall be glad if you share your recipes with us effective.I will not invent anything, but simply to share proven recipes.Those recipes are checked personally by our family.

All medicinal teas are as a complementary treatment to the core.And I do not in any case not only talking about the treatment of tea.I am always for that treatment was used after consultation with a doctor.And even national treatment, care, consult your physician.

With a cold, there are three rules.Ventilate, moisturize and drink.Ventilate the room in which the patient, to make wet cleaning in the room.It is also recommended to drink plenty of warm, which will help to cope with the symptoms of colds and reduce the heat


Tea cold from the bright red berries of viburnum

Autumn fairy's time and one of the bright berries of autumn is viburnum.Probably many have heard and know about it.Red bunches of Viburnum poured in the autumn in the light of the bright sun.But the most tasty viburnum after the first frost.

Very tasty, pleasant, warm and warming tea from these, wonderful in their properties, berries.

We grind viburnum berries with sugar and cook are fragrant and tasty tea.Fresh viburnum berries can also make tea.Eat it better with natural honey vprikusku.

for tea need a tablespoon of berries, which should fill a glass of boiling water and infuse for about 20 minutes.If you have a whole berries, not frayed, they must be crushed, and only then pour boiling water.

Drink tea for colds better in the form of heat.

Bones better spit.But it would be better if the tea before drinking, you strain it through a strainer.

tea Viburnum helps to reduce the temperature, has anti-inflammatory properties.Viburnum with honey also a good remedy for coughs and bronchitis, as a complementary treatment to the core.

have viburnum have contraindications.Viburnum Berries should not be used under reduced pressure, acute gastric ulcer, gastritis, allergies, or are hypersensitive to berries.

compote of dried fruit at cold

not only delicious, but it turns fragrant stewed fruit (uzvar).This fragrance of summer in a glass.The compote includes dried berries and fruit.This, as a rule, apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries, apricot and so forth.

I love this juice, but not just for colds.But the point is to give the compote as long as possible to infuse, then it will be much tastier and more aromatic.Drink it can be a full day.

fragrant and tasty raspberry tea

Raspberry tea fragrant and delicious, and it is difficult to argue.Maybe someone does not like raspberries, then look for other teas, the ones that suit your taste.

For example, I really like the raspberry tea.Yes, and it is extremely easy to prepare.I usually harvested raw jam raspberries, freeze some berries, but not the land raspberries.Although recently seen on the market are sold dried raspberries.

To prepare a tasty drink, a tablespoon of raspberries need to knead (if you have them frozen), pour a glass of boiling water and infuse.If you raspberry jam, then take a spoon and pour boiling water.

Better a tea filter.And then drink in the form of heat.If frozen raspberries, then take honey and eat a bit of sugar with tea.

Raspberry tea is very nice and very helpful, especially if you have a fever, which is not uncommon with a cold.

I still enjoy tea from black currant.I make it in the same manner as raspberry tea.It is very tasty tea, beautiful color and a pleasant acidity.Teas from berries - is "a piece of the summer."

Ginger tea with lemon and honey

very popular and has a warming effect of ginger tea.It has bactericidal action and tones.

Only here at a high temperature and high pressure, this tea is contraindicated, as well as exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases.

on a glass of boiled water I usually take about 1 cm. (Grate or finely chopped) ginger root, add a slice of lemon and insist.This tea can be drunk a bit of sugar with honey.

For more information about the root of the ginger tea and a variety of recipes can be found here.

Even regular tea with lemon and honey also has an effect.With a cold recommend drinking plenty of fluids, so you can drink 4-6 cups of tea per day.

Linden tea cold

Lipa perfect medication that helps to cope with the first symptoms of a cold, linden has diaphoretic properties.I love lime tea.Lipu collect ourselves when we go to visit my mother.She grows a big tree under the windows.

already dried flowers of linden tea use.A handful of linden pour half a liter of boiled water, and filter.Linden tea with honey, it is desirable to use, can be with sugar, if you are allergic to honey.

Components such as honey and lemon teas for colds, only enhance the effect of the tea.Also do not forget to gargle for sore throat, inhaled by coughing, nasal instillation, and so on. Treatment.

For colds is very important to timely treatment to the common cold is not developed into something more.Therefore, my advice to you, at the first signs and symptoms of a cold, immediately start to take action.

Now of course an abundance of different tea bags that are sold in pharmacies.This saves time, because as promised by manufacturers such teas a few days helping to put on their feet.The choice of course is yours, no one to advise these teas will not.Although most also had to apply them when needed urgently, for a few days to recover.

here as children, I can say with confidence that the children are happy to drink a variety of teas and berries uzvar.Children also love to milk with honey.

very important to strengthen the immune system in my opinion.Drink vitamins, tempered, exercise, eat fresh vegetables and fruits.Then simply sidestep the disease, and if there is a cold, it is very fast cure without complications.

I wish you all good luck and bright autumn positive, good mood, pleasant emotions.And most importantly, rest soundly.