Today I want to talk about the cold.As soon as the cold season, some people begin viral and colds.They say that all this is due to a weakened immune system and a lack of vitamins in the body.That is, the body can not withstand the viruses.But there is already cold, as a fait accompli, we are looking for ways to treat simple.There are many folk remedies to help relieve the symptoms of colds.

addition, you can use the teas and herbs.What herbs can be drunk for colds?With a cold, we often ask ourselves.I remember as a child my mother always brewed for coughs and colds various herbs.This lime, thyme, chamomile, etc. Herbs.

For cold treatment must be approached comprehensively.When a sore throat can be used gargling.If there is no high temperature can soar feet with mustard.But remember that at high temperatures to soar legs can not.At a cold to dig in his nose.

And of course do not forget about the abundant drinking.What a cold is very important, especially if it is accompanied by high fever.

What herbs can be drunk for colds

How to treat a cold I am well aware.As seen this more than once.To share that helps with colds our family.But one thing is important, the sooner you start to take action, the faster the recovery will come.That is, if you have no plans to lie in bed and stay at home.

few years ago I conducted a simple experiment.At the first sign of a cold, I drank all day tea with lemon and honey.The day I then drank 6 cups of tea.Of course, bed rest.The following morning I felt much better.But turn to the herbs.

How to prepare a decoction and infusion of herbs?

Infusion cook very simply.Typically, the proportion of such 1 teaspoon herb per cup of boiling water.Grass pour into a glass and fill with boiling water.Cover and insist.Typically insist 10 to 30 minutes.Then everything is standard, filter and take in the form of heat.

broth is prepared as follows.In half a liter of water add one spoon full of grass, or a mixture of herbs.We put on the fire and boil for about 5-7 minutes after boiling.Then set aside the grass infused.There is also a time ranging from 10 to 25 minutes.Do not forget to drain the broth and take into or use for gargling.

Linden for colds

We always lime harvests themselves.The pharmacy did not buy.Lipa has a diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory properties.Linden tea can be drunk at an elevated temperature.You can prepare the infusion or decoction of lime-tree.

infusion and decoction differ in the fact that we insist the infusion and decoction boil on the fire.You can even use the infusion, though the broth.I cook yourself infusion.Tablespoons herb pour a glass of boiling water and insist.Then I drink the infusion with honey in the form of heat.

Chamomile colds

With a cold you can brew chamomile.Chamomile unique plant, which has a mass of useful properties, including anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and so forth.

When the son was three years old, he caught a cold.It is clear that not just want to resort to drugs.So I brewed chamomile.Prepared is the broth.In half a liter of water add a spoonful of herbs to boil, the present and the strain.

In the broth add a little sugar to taste.But you can not do.During the day I gave to drink chamomile tea child.What I noticed in the child the temperature began to fall asleep, and in the evening.

clear that self-treatment is not necessary to deal with, especially when it comes to children.It is necessary to consult a physician.And we love to diagnose and then treat.

Thyme for colds

Thyme is used in cough, bronchitis, colds.Thyme, we are always at cold brews mother is her favorite herb.

Tea Thyme is not only enjoyable tasty, but also a wonderful aroma.On the grass spoon half a liter of water, put on fire, boil, insist, filter and drink during the day a wonderful beverage.

To taste in decoction or infusion of herbs, you can add honey.You can drink without sugar and honey.Herbs for colds do have a good effect.

Kalina, raspberry, black currant colds

It is well known that drinks from the berries has a positive effect on the body in the cold.They contain a lot of vitamin C, have diaphoretic properties, well reduce the temperature.

Probably many harvested berries for the winter.Berries frozen, cook them boiled, is ground with sugar (raw cooking).

I usually cook raw jam from berries and store it in the refrigerator.Though written a lot about the dangers of sugar, though I'm a bit of harvestable raw jam and some berries freeze.

tea raspberry or blackcurrant I cook very simply.Pour a spoonful of jam boiled water.I insist and drink.

Kalina I also pour boiling water, if there is fresh berries, then prepare tea from fresh berries, then sugar in tea does not add, but I drink a bit of sugar with honey.

Inhalation colds

Cold and cough can be used inhalation, you can cook them with essential oils, pine cones, herbs, mineral water, soda.

Unfortunately inhalation should not be used at high pressure, high temperature, nasal bleeding, with angina.

How to prepare inhalation, much to breathe over the steam as get acquainted with the material here.


can also gargle for colds.Ideally suited for this purpose gargle soda, salt with iodine.But gargling used only in case of sore throat.

can gargle with grasses.Boil chamomile, calendula, sage, eucalyptus.In half a liter of water take one spoon of herbs and boil everything on heat for about 5 minutes.We insist and filter.

Broth use for gargling.But if you are hypersensitive herbal rinse is contraindicated.

Herbs though safe folk remedy, but in pregnancy, breast-feeding is best to consult a doctor before use.This also applies to children.

I still helps with colds essential tea tree oil.Only it is important to buy quality essential oils, from which there is an effect, not a headache.

I put in the room aroma lamp, drip a few drops of tea tree oil.Thus, all complex helps to quickly cope with the cold.

Share with me means that you will help to cope with colds or supplement this information.Write in the comments below.Thank you in advance.