Summer is a great time to eat vegetables, berries and fruits, rest on the sea, and strengthen your immune system.But as the doctors say, for a lifetime of vitamins not zapaseshsya.In the fall, many of us may be faced with a cough, cold and fever.Do not really want to immediately resort to antibiotics and we are trying all kinds of folk remedies, of course can not do without pharmaceutical drugs.Today I want to share how to do inhalation cough at home.We have a couple of years ago on the advice of the doctor purchased inhaler "nebulizer".Prior to that, do the inhalation of vapor, brewing herbs in saucepan.Of course modern facilities greatly simplify life.But nebulizer use prescribed by a doctor, but the doctor paints the drug and dosage.

If a sore throat is a very simple and effective means of gargling.Here the main thing to start at the initial stages.But sometimes because of certain circumstances, or laziness, we do not start treatment immediately and sore throat develops into a cough.Inhalation ex

cellent remedy for colds and coughs.When a sore throat medical professionals do not recommend doing inhalation.

I remember before there was inhalers, as it is now.Did inhalation over a saucepan or kettle.Basically it was a pan with broth of herbs and a blanket on top of which should be covered.And it was effectively recovered without medication.

How do inhalation cough at home

Inhalation sometimes is to rescue, to help with colds, coughs, colds.Previously, I remember my mother always treated us just folk remedies.A medicine bought only in extreme cases, and that, on doctor's orders.

But prior to inhalation is best to learn the basic rules of conduct, as well as contraindications.We only need a positive result.Everything should be the only benefit.

Can kids do inhalation?

Children can do inhalation, if it appointed a doctor, should not engage in self-treatment.If you make the inhalation of steam, make sure you all must be under adult supervision.Up to three years, children do not recommend inhalation of steam.School age children can do inhalation on prescription and under the supervision of adults.

If you have a nebulizer, inhalation use only after consulting your doctor, because the doctor monitors the child's state, assigns the proper treatment and medications.Nebulizer is usually used for more serious diseases.

basic rules inhalation:

  • very important before making inhalation to measure the temperature.If the temperature is above 37 degrees, the inhalation is not worth doing.
  • Some herbs or essential oils can cause allergies.Make the first inhalation test for about 2 minutes to determine whether you have allergies.Allergy recommend inhalation with mineral water or baking soda.
  • Would like to mention that inhalation should be done in a couple of hours after a meal.After inhalation for about an hour is better not to eat.
  • very important to follow all the rules.When the water began to boil, wait a few minutes, and then breathe over the steam.Too low does not lean over the steam to avoid upper respiratory tract burns.
  • If breathing over a saucepan or kettle, be sure to bundle up with a towel or a warm blanket.After inhalation, change into dry clothes.
  • After inhalation can not talk about a half hour, and should not go out.

  • Noteworthy is the fact that the duration of inhalation should be 10 minutes.
  • sure to put comfortable clothes, it is important that the clothes are not squeezed your chest.
  • Prepare a solution for inhalation in the home, immediately prior to use.After inhalation of the solution should be discarded, it can not be re-used.
  • when coughing inhaled solution through the mouth, and at a cold - through the nose.Easy to inhale and exhale steam, without haste.

Bronchitis useful inhalations with soda and a decoction of herbs.When a sore throat can do inhalations with essential oils: eucalyptus, fir, pine, etc. At a cold, you can use pine inhalation, inhalation of pine oil and soar feet, if there is no heat..Do not forget the warm and drink plenty of liquids.

Any colds best - is bed rest.Start treatment right away, do not run the disease to the state is not aggravated.

What can be done inhalation

Inhalation with baking soda. Thicket just use baking soda.Or add a little soda in herbal decoction.Soda liquefies phlegm and facilitates its expectoration.Inhalations with soda, we somehow our pediatrician advised when coughing.

inhalation soda to do is very simple.Per liter of boiled water add a spoonful of baking soda.Soda does not need to pour in boiling water cool, and immediately before the procedure, that is, after a couple of minutes after boiling water.

Conifer inhalation. Thicket all we used pine needles, but you can use pine needles of spruce and fir.Very good effect on colds, colds and coughs render pine buds.If no needle, it can be used for inhalation in the home pine essential oils.A couple of drops of essential oil per liter of water is enough.

Inhalation with medicinal herbs. very common herbal inhalation.For ease of use, you can add and efficacy of herbal decoction.Most often brewed sage, oregano, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, eucalyptus, lime, pine buds, lavender, mint, cedar needles.All these herbs have wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting property.Reduces sore throat, cough, sore.

usually blended a few herbs.But it is possible to brew a single grass, without mixing it with other herbs.To do this, take two tablespoons of herbs and pour a liter of water, put on fire and bring to a boil herbs.Immediately prior to inhalation can add a spoonful of soda in herbal decoction.

We always do inhalations with needles, chamomile, eucalyptus, mother and stepmother, and water with baking soda.Generally, improvements are observed in a few procedures.

Inhalation with mineral water. mineral water we use for inhalation nebulayzorom.We buy in a drugstore water "Borjomi", on the advice of a doctor.Time and proportions of our doctor prescribes.

Before use water must be free of gas, open the bottle and leave it open for about three hours.If there is no professional inhaler, then heat the water in the pan to 45-50 degrees, you can now breathe over the steam.

Inhalation of boiled potatoes. I remember as a child my mother often made such inhalation, a very simple and affordable.Potatoes we boiled in their skins.Potatoes need a good wash, boil, drain the water necessarily.Give the potatoes a couple of minutes to cool down and breathe over the steam wrapped with a blanket or towel.

inhalations with essential oils. I use for colds and coughs essential tea tree oil.Drips it in the aroma lamp, you can drop a droplet on a handkerchief or palm and inhale the aroma.I want to say that you need to take only quality essential oils.You can use oil of fir, pine and eucalyptus.I "Primavera" oil.With any cold copes without drugs.Tea tree essential oil to cope well with not only cold, but also many other diseases.It is true in conjunction with rinse and warm teas of raspberry, black currant, viburnum, herbal teas.

Inhalation should be done carefully so as not to burn yourself with steam, so as not to pour the broth and not get burned with boiling water.Precautions are very important.

How often do inhalation?

Inhalation - a medical procedure that must be combined with a warm drink, gargle.You can soar feet, if there is no heat.That is, you need to be treated in the complex.

Inhalation recommend doing 7-10 days in a row, that is, until recovery.We do inhalation once per day until condition as steam inhalation dried mucosa.Very simple and affordable way to breathe over the decoction of herbs, boiled potatoes or do inhalations with soda.

Contraindications to inhalation

  • often cough or cold accompanied by fever.At a temperature of inhalations contraindicated, as well as hover legs.
  • If nosebleeds or tendency to nosebleeds.
  • At high pressure, or if you have a tendency to high blood pressure.In cardiovascular diseases.
  • pulmonary tuberculosis, with purulent processes.
  • When angina is also contraindicated inhalation.

When unpleasant symptoms, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, shortness of breath and so on. The procedure should be stopped immediately.Inhalation spend

children and adults, at the first sign of the disease.When a sore throat, cough, bronchitis, colds, with a cold.But then again, I want to repeat that all you need to do on prescription.

do inhalation using an inhaler, is ideal.But if there is no special device, then we can breathe a saucepan or kettle.If you breathe over the pot, you will need to bend over it and wrap yourself with a blanket.And if over the kettle, the spout must be closed.It is possible to make a funnel or paper or cardboard, and placed in a wide part of the kettle, and then to breathe over the steam.Inhalation at home easy and affordable method of treatment.