Today I want to talk about how to soar feet with mustard.On this subject a lot of controversy.But I remember how as a child she was floating foot for coughs, colds.My mother poured water into a basin, poured mustard powder and I floated up.Then he wore warm socks.The procedure is done on the night that after the warm up his feet, not to run, and go to bed, take cover and keep warm.Mom rarely resorted to antibiotics and is prescribed by a doctor.Fortunately pediatrician we had a very good and responsible.And at any time you can call the clinic, consult a nurse or doctor to call home, if necessary.

If there are no contraindications, you can hover legs, of course, it is better to agree with the nurse or pediatrician.It is important that the water in which we will soar legs add dry mustard, mustard powder that is.

Soar legs can be not only a cold, but if the child is exposed to rain and wet my feet.Also, pour dry mustard socks in children, the most common folk method.

Another popular way to treat sore

and sore throat, gargling decoction of herbs that is effective in the initial stage of the disease.How to prepare a decoction can be read in the article "Sage, eucalyptus, chamomile rinse".

How soar feet with mustard for colds, coughs, runny nose

Mustard is a cheap and accessible means, is worth a penny, and sold in any store.

Mustard is used in the preservation, dish washing, wearing masks for hair.Well, what kind of jelly without mustard.Mustard excellent seasoning for meat dishes.Today, let us consider how to soar legs with mustard and what are its benefits.

Hot foot bath can be used in treatment, along with medication, rubbing, profuse drinking and so on. D.

What is the use if soar feet with mustard?

Mustard really is like a drug, as has many medicinal properties.That allows its use not only in cooking but also for the treatment of various diseases.

  • Mustard has antibacterial properties.
  • mustard Destroys fungi and pathogenic microbes.
  • Mustard causes blood flow to the skin and warms the blood circulation increases.
  • Coughing is stimulated by expectoration of sputum.
  • mustard has a warming effect.

When can soar feet with mustard?

Soar legs with mustard at a cold, cold, cough, sore throat, weakness, with nasal congestion.

I hasten to note that the mustard baths, help in treatment.I apply them along with herbal tea, milk, honey, and other means.

To soar legs with mustard, whether adult or child, you need to dial water in a basin.The water should be about 40 degrees.Add the water a couple of tablespoons dry mustard, mix well and put it in a basin feet.

How long soar feet with mustard?Soar legs about 10-15 minutes, when the water cools down, it is possible to top up the hot water.Just feet from the basin it is necessary to remove.

After the procedure, wipe dry feet and always wear socks.After you warm up the legs, it is best to lie down, wrapped a warm blanket.

These baths can be taken several times during the day.Last soar legs better at night, before bedtime.

Warm baths are good that you can add decoctions of herbs in them, or essential oils.Because essential oils are suitable mint, cedar, tea tree, eucalyptus, fir.Oils, steaming, remove nasal congestion, will have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.

can add essential oil in aroma lamp, a cold I like to use tea tree essential oil.If nasal congestion can lubricate near the nose and nasal passages inside the tea tree essential oil.For more information about the treatment of essential oils of tea tree, you can read in the article "tea tree essential oil".In this article I describe your opinion about the treatment of this oil.

If you are allergic to mustard powder, then in warm water, you can add a decoction of mint, sage, chamomile.

Mustard baths contraindications.

  • Often cold and cough can be accompanied by fever, and so, at a temperature of, absolutely can not soar feet.
  • When scratches, wounds and cracks on the skin.
  • contraindicated hot foot bath with mustard are hypersensitive or allergic to it.
  • If your baby is less than a year, mustard baths are contraindicated.
  • contraindicated soar legs women during menstruation.
  • When rash and allergic reactions on the skin.

P Arim feet with mustard child.

If there are no contraindications, but there are signs of a cold, nasal congestion, or the child is exposed to rain, you can soar feet with mustard.Such baths improve blood circulation, another plus with mustard baths, a warming effect.

To enhance the effect of a hot bath, you can prepare a hot herbal tea with honey and lemon.For children

water bath temperature should be 37 degrees.Steam the legs for 10-15 minutes.Then wipe your feet dry and warm socks to wear.The procedure can be done several times a day.

most important that the water was not higher than 40 degrees, and even if it seems to you that the water temperature is low, the water is likely to be warm.

During the procedure, you can play with your child or watch a cartoon.To the child was floating legs, you need to take it with something interesting.

Each body is unique and individual, that suits one may not suit another.See for yourself if it's easier after this procedure, continue to use it.

With a cold, I drink a lot of liquid, daily drink 5 cups of tea with lemon, drink tea with raspberry, cranberry, black currants.Normally, if you do not run the disease and start treatment immediately, then after a couple of days to get easier.