Hello dear readers.Do you experience ever with laryngitis, in other words, loss of voice.Often this disease happens to teachers.My daughter at the school last year, too, the teacher was ill laryngitis, came to the meeting, and she barely spoke.My mother suffered from loss of voice, but she was treated only with folk remedies.

Today I want to talk about laryngitis, namely, to tell my mother treated laryngitis folk remedies at home, with her popular treatment advised by the doctor.I am writing that can help adults how to treat children do not know, because they do not come across, so I will not say anything on this issue.Mom managed without antibiotics, namely national treatment cured.

Laryngitis affects the vocal cords, it becomes difficult to say.In acute laryngitis it is generally recommended to talk less, and even better to keep quiet at least a few days.

Acute laryngitis occurs when supercooling, when consuming cold drinks and food, with nasal congestion, if you at the same time on the street b

reathe mouth.

manifested laryngitis loss of voice, hoarseness, sore throat, dry cough.By the way, if you have a sore throat, I can advise folk remedies, namely, that our family is used for sore throat, you can read all the article "Sore throat, treatment of folk remedies".It may be fever, but usually with timely treatment of laryngitis takes 5-7 days.

But I want to note if you are choking, can not swallow, you have a very high temperature, it is inappropriate to self, you need to call a doctor or go to a clinic to see a doctor.

Laryngitis.Symptoms of the disease.

  • Fever.
  • pain when swallowing, sore throat, dry throat.
  • Shortness of breath (which is caused by edema or spasm).
  • hoarse and soundless voice.
  • Dry "barking" cough.

General recommendations laryngitis.

  • Not in any way do not drink alcohol, many people mistakenly think that if you drink alcohol, you cauterize the throat, but it is not, alcohol can cause more swelling.
  • Give up on the treatment of acute, salty, spicy food.Dinner is recommended to all in a warm and shabby.
  • Drink beverages in the form of heat, need to drink a lot, it can be a tea with lemon, uzvar, juice and other beverages.
  • When laryngitis is desirable for several days not to talk.
  • The room should be moist air.The room is also desirable to ventilate.
  • If you smoke, give up on the treatment of cigarettes and coffee.
  • Do not eat cold food or drink cold drinks.

People laryngitis treatment gives positive results in adults, in compliance with all recommendations of laryngitis is faster.

When laryngitis is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, can drink milk with cocoa butter, alkaline mineral water.You can do inhalations with soda and butter.You can make warm compresses.

Laryngitis Treatment folk remedies.

used to treat laryngitis folk remedies that have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic and soothing.

milk with cocoa butter (or with ordinary butter) and honey. I've been on the blog wrote about oil, cocoa, we can buy in any pharmacy, you can buy in town for exhibitions.If still you do not have cocoa butter, the milk you can drink with a conventional oil.Usually I add half a glass of milk a teaspoon of oil.I buy fresh milk and boil.Also, the taste you can add a little honey, but can do without it.Oil well soothes sore throat.

anise seeds laryngitis. My mother is this means cured laryngitis, and told her it means a doctor.At a glass of milk we need a tablespoon of anise seeds, the seeds of milk to boil.Broth to insist 15 minutes, drain, add a spoonful of honey.Drink milk with anise seeds should be in the form of heat a tablespoon every 30 minutes.This tool helps to quickly restore the voice.

figs with milk. On catfish actually a great tool that is used for sore throat, hoarseness, used milk with figs and cough.In the form of heat milk with figs calms and soothes an irritated throat.At a glass of milk you need to add 2-3 dry figs, boil for a few minutes, wrap up and insist.Milk drink in a warm as 5-6 times a day for three spoons, and figs can be eaten.For more information about the benefits of milk with figs can be found in the article "Milk with figs cough".

Inhalation of herbs. can do inhalation of herbs suitable sage, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, thyme, St. John's wort, linden, calendula.Grass brew the rate of teaspoon per half liter of water.Breathe on the ferry wrapped with a towel, do everything carefully so as not to burn the throat.

Honey and carrot juice. when you cough, runny nose, with sore throat, hoarseness at the cheapest folk remedy honey and carrot juice.Carrots need to squeeze the juice, fresh juice mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with natural honey.Take honey and carrot juice 5-6 times a day for teaspoonful.

Cabbage juice laryngitis. Cabbage juice helps to restore the voice.Cabbage need to squeeze the juice and take it on a tablespoon 5-6 times a day in the form of heat.Upon receipt of the cabbage juice is desirable does not bathe for at least half an hour.

infusion of viburnum berries. infusion of viburnum berries unique anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drug that helps at high temperature with a cold, a cold, with sore throat.Average fall I harvested Kalina, grind it with sugar and put in the refrigerator, can be mixed with honey Kalina.You can store the fruit fresh.A handful of fresh berries viburnum need to knead pour boiling water, cover and insist approximately 20-30 minutes.Strain the infusion and add honey to taste.Drink a glass cup several times a day.But, you need to take great care infusion or decoction of viburnum people with low blood pressure.

aloe juice with honey. When laryngitis aloe juice mixed with natural honey in the ratio of 2: 1, take on teaspoonful three times a day.

yolk, butter, honey (sugar). With the loss of voice makes it faster to recover a mixture of egg yolk and butter.Eggs must be fresh, preferably homemade.The yolk whisk until white, add 70-80 grams of butter and a spoonful of honey or sugar.All well-pound, take on teaspoonful three times a day.The mixture was stored in a refrigerator.

When laryngitis, if within a few days of treatment folk remedies do not produce the desired results or worsened symptoms immediately contact a doctor.Because not only do laryngitis may become chronic, but also give a complication.