weather we really spoiled the whole day is rain, and in the evening all the snow is gone.I look out the window, I think, well, neither of which is currently spring.Today, the teacher of the kindergarten rang, we did not go to kindergarten for almost a month, actually wondered whether his son will come on March 8 or not, once said that now the children are very few walks, many get sick.The weather turned bad, wet, cool, very good weather for the spread of germs and viruses. Today I decided to write what are the folk antipyretics on the temperature.After all, when a child's high fever, I'm so worried, just start going over in his mind, it is better to give a child than water, to lower the temperature.Yes, and I myself sometimes fell sick and lying on the couch particularly once one child out of school need to pick up another kindergarten, prepare to eat, in general cases missing.That has, so to speak, urgently himself "revive."I'll tell you what I use folk antipyretics on the temperature.Doctors say tha

t the temperature to 38.5 churn is not necessary, but I can not just look like a child lies with fever and breathing heavily, especially if it's an evening or night, probably a lot with me and disagree.But I cook once antipyretic tea, and drink a lot at shows.All the same, after drinking a tea child becomes easier.But, be sure to consult your doctor to determine the cause of the high temperature.

Folk antipyretics.

Cranberry. me as antipyretic like cranberry tea, it is tasty, pleasant and efficient.I'm preparing it very simply, a couple of spoons rubbed with sugar cranberry pour boiled water, filter and drink in the form of heat in small sips.Cranberry refers to natural antibiotics.Cranberries contain salicylates, which have antipyretic effect.Drink cranberry possess anti-inflammatory properties.Tea made from cranberry can drink not only at high temperature, as a febrifuge, and the flu, sore throat, colds.

Flowers of lime. Another one of my favorite teas is lime tea.Cook it simply, a handful of limes I pour half a liter of boiled water, filter, add to taste honey or sugar.I drink tea in the form of heat.Linden tea lowers the temperature as it has diaphoretic properties.It is useful to drink linden tea for colds and viral diseases.Lime tea has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant properties.This tea is drunk with pleasure the children, it is aromatic and pleasant taste.

Uzvar. is known at room need to ventilate, moisturize and drink of the patient.Often I cook uzvar of dried fruits.It is tasty and Vitamins.For more information on vitamin drinks can be found in my article "Vitamin teas".

vinegar and water .At temperatures triturated I child vinegar diluted with water (1: 2, one part of the two parts of vinegar and water).But many doctors no longer recommend a way to "fight with the temperature."

Raspberry. My husband at drinking tea with raspberries.One raspberry spoon in a glass of water, all mixed thoroughly, to insist and drink in the form of heat.Malina has antipyretic, diaphoretic effect.It is useful to drink a cold raspberry.

Currant. can drink tea made from black currant.Black currant is very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. It has a diaphoretic, diuretic effect, increases immunity.One spoonful of currant rubbed with sugar, I poured a glass of boiled water, filter and drink in the form of heat.

Kalina. Cain wonderful folk remedy for temperature.I usually harvested in the fall viburnum.I grind it with sugar and spread on the jar, store in the refrigerator.At a temperature of preparing tea is very quick and easy.Spoon frayed viburnum berries pour a glass of boiled water, filter and drink in the form of heat.Viburnum is rich in vitamin C, has antipyretic properties.

Chamomile. Somehow my son had a fever, I made camomile tea, cup on the floor gave him to drink every half hour.Just a couple of hours the temperature of the child began to decline.A teaspoon of chamomile, I pour 200 ml.boiled water, filter.Drink in the form of heat in small sips.

But if the people at home antipyretics on the temperature does not operate, the temperature only increased, not decreased, then immediately call an ambulance.Before you use folk remedies, consult with your doctor, do not necessarily go to the hospital, you can call your doctor and consult.

Tell us what you use antipyretics on the temperature, I will be very glad if you share effective means.Be healthy.