Hello dear friends.Today would like to talk about what folk remedies for cough will help to cope with it.My daughter was unwell and we're home, we are treated.Homework learn a neighbor's party Masha, as my daughter is only in the first class, we have to learn all the tasks to me. Here we are dealing with a mother and her Machine for the week so I nasovetovala popular recipes for cough, I just could not not share them with you.Of course, we do not sit at home and not to self-medicate, we go to the doctor, the doctor listens to us and prescribes bitter medicine, but why not try folk remedies, because they are not less effective than pharmaceutical tablets and syrups.By the way, to the syrup and tablets Machine mom refers negatively.But I did not call to abandon medicine in favor of the people's money, this is a purely personal matter and the choice of each individual, but I always try everything if pomoet folk remedy to get rid of a cough, then why not use it if the result is really positive.

What are the folk remedies for cough.

Milk alkaline water machine takes mom "Borjomi".It is necessary to boil a cup of milk, add milk half cup of water mineral water, drink milk in the form of heat, to taste you can add honey or honey to eat a bit of sugar.

Radish with honey.Radish with honey is quite well-known remedy for coughs, this means I still have my mother as a child treated.It is necessary to wash the black radish, make an incision in it, add cut natural honey through time to put radish juice.This juice with honey should be taken on a spoon 4-5 times a day.The benefits of black radish read my article "Black Radish, benefit and harm".

honey and butter, you need to take one hundred grams of honey and one hundred grams of fresh butter, mix the honey and butter.Take three times a day, one teaspoon.

Coughing mix of grass mother and stepmother, licorice, lime, raspberry, dry, cook tea.A spoonful of herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes, strain, add honey to taste, you can add lemon.Drink this tea in the form of heat cup three times a day.

when coughing can be done dry heating of flax seed.You have to buy at the pharmacy flax seed, heat it in a pan.Take a cotton bag to pour it warm flax seed.Applying a bag of flax seed on breast, cover with a towel.Len holds heat for a long time and well heated.This tool is repeatedly checked up Masha's mother.

Connect equal proportions of aloe juice, honey, lemon, mix everything well and take a teaspoon five times a day.This tool is an excellent expectorant.

Lingonberry juice combine with honey in equal proportions.Take a teaspoon 4-5 times a day.This feature improves the sputum.

I rubs his daughter back, breast and legs tincture of golden mustache on alcohol.

Coughing mother often as a child I make tea with thyme.Thyme mother collected herself, driers, and in the winter and delicious brewed aromatic tea.One teaspoon of chopped herbs to pour one cup of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes, strain.Drink tea three, four times a day to taste by adding sugar or honey.It can also take the flu, colds, rhinitis.

can soar legs, put on the chest and back mustard, but only if there is no heat.

very good help when you cough infusion of pine buds, here is a wonderful folk remedy.kidney spoon in a glass of boiling water, wrap the infusion, even hour to insist then strain and add honey.This infusion even children can give a tablespoon four times a day.Adults can drink on the cup three times a day.

Coughing I brew Viola tricolor, drunk as tea with honey.Violet, we have cured her son cough.Very good folk remedy.

when coughing my husband drinking ginger tea with honey and lemon.Children of course this will not drink tea, but tea grown to such include the well, the main thing that means effective.This tea can be drunk with the flu and colds.About how I treat colds folk remedies I wrote on the blog "How to treat colds folk remedies".

My mother last winter cure cough decoction of anise, anise doctor advised her to cough, and now mom advises all this means.Spoon of anise pour a glass of water, boil for 10 minutes, infuse, strain and drink in the form of heat by adding honey to taste.Drink this drink half a cup four times a day.

Here are some folk remedies for cough, I learned from a friend.Also I wrote to you recipes that use.when coughing itself.If you treat cough in other ways, share them in the comments below.Personally, I'm very grateful to you, because you always want to use an effective and proven recipes.

I sometimes watch the transfer of "School of Dr. Komarovsky."A lot of interesting and informative programs can learn from.Here is his transfer to cough and cough medicine.