Hello dear readers.Today let's talk about how to cure a cold folk remedies.I'll tell you how I personally cope with a cold.Of course, sometimes you have to go to the doctors, but more and more convinced that folk remedies more effective where counterfeit medicines, which now filled the shelves of our pharmacies.There are certainly cases where antibiotics and without can not do, but this is rare, and then only on prescription.Colds are best treated when it is just the beginning of yourself "exercise." This here, I personally made this conclusion for yourself, then quickly goes cold and there are no complications, we are eternally busy, or the cause is just pure laziness.When I do not want something brewing, to direct, to rinse.And then the situation is exacerbated by, the person feels worse and worse, while certainly not do without a doctor's prescription.A cure colds folk remedies can and quickly.Today I will share with you the recipes that I apply myself in the cold.

When cold I try to drink plent

y of warm drinks.And it uzvar dried fruit, tea with lemon, juice, tea, blackcurrant.

Honestly this spring, I was struggling with the usual cold tea with lemon, I saw his five cups a day, five days around and I felt better.This method of dealing with a cold I advised a friend of mine.It is usually when it begins a cold drink tea with lemon, but the lemon in a cup of tea adds three slices, tea turns tart, but pleasant.Our body is very necessary for colds vitamin C, lemon, just a great source of vitamin C. Here, it would seem a great tool, but some effective.

Also at night I will drink warm milk with a spoon of honey and sometimes add milk cocoa butter.Cocoa butter can be purchased at the pharmacy, I was usually in his drugstore and buy.Sometimes, of course it is not available at the pharmacy, so have to order, but when he was brought in once I take 4 boxes of cocoa-butter.It is very well lubricates the throat and coats, and even perfectly heals wounds.But, of cocoa butter I'll be sure to prepare a separate article.

We also harvests raspberries summer and in winter drink tea out of it, especially for colds.But I'm just raspberries grind with sugar.I'll take a kilo of raspberries and two kilograms of sugar, well everything rubs and banks.Banks put in the refrigerator.Raspberry good folk remedy for colds, and accessible to everyone.In the cup of boiling water, I add just a couple of teaspoons of raspberry and drink tea in the form of heat.

Malin course I love, but I do not know anyone, but I like the snowball bigger and the more effective it is, in my opinion.I had a temperature in the winter, I made myself tea viburnum, drunk, already literally in twenty minutes felt that it became easier.Last year, I had prepared a lot of Viburnum.I do it as well as raspberries grind with sugar and put in the fridge, right from the pits.Only later when the tea is ready, it should be from the seed strain.Me and my baby tea viburnum at give and I see that the temperature gradually falls itself.And the children more like cranberry, raspberry, they prefer more fresh.I boiled a cup of hot water add one and a half tablespoons of sugar rubbed viburnum, insist 15 minutes, filter, and you can drink tea, not hot, but warm.But I want to warn you, viburnum well lowers blood pressure, so be aware of that.

how to cure colds folk remedies

Very good help treat a cold tea made from linden flowers.Linden this year we brought a little from her mother, her drier.Preparing lime tea I, on a mug of boiling water add one tablespoon of lime, I leave to infuse.Then lime tea I filter and add a couple of teaspoons of honey.Tea made from linden is an excellent diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic.

If there is no temperature can soar feet.But, I do not soar, and the children soar feet.I'm in the water where the floating leg add a little dry mustard, and then wipe the feet and toes dress.

Generally a cold is best to lie in bed, at least three days.All the same, the body needs to recover strength.Yes, and not cold, it is desirable to carry on his feet, still cold can give a complication of other organs.

I also good at helping to cope with a cold tea with ginger root.Ginger root I buy on the market.I cut off his brush and literally two or three slices of it, fill it with a glass of boiling water and infuse for about 15 minutes then in the ginger tea, I add a couple of teaspoons of honey.Tea is advisable to drink hot, but not scorching.

Yet the weakness and recuperation can drink tea made from wild strawberries.My dad sprigs summer harvests of strawberries.And in the winter when he feels weak or the first signs of the disease such tea drinks: in the cup of boiling water add 3-4 sprigs of wild strawberries, insisting 15-20 minutes and drink.And so five times a day.The disease recedes.The tea can be brewed and of course from the leaves.And you can even use strawberry jam.Strawberries is very useful for our body.

And if a sore throat, it can be inhaled brew chamomile and breathe over the steam.You can gargle with a decoction of eucalyptus.I take a tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus I buy at the pharmacy, fill it with half a liter of water and put on fire boil just a couple of minutes after boiling.Set aside for twenty minutes, then strain and rinse the throat.Only a decoction of eucalyptus should always be warm.

I think that now you will not catch a cold surprise.You now know how to cure a cold folk remedies.But, remember, if you have a fever subsides a few days, you start feeling worse, be sure to consult a doctor.