About our heels we are reminded by the summer, when we need to wear flip flops, sandals, and rough skin on heels are not really very nice looks.I wanted to talk to you about how to get rid of calloused heels.Recently, talking with friends, she works in a beauty salon, their summer is always a lot of people doing a pedicure, heels cause in order.Sure to visit the salon and makes the procedure is not cheap, the heel in order can lead himself at home with the help of folk remedies.Why not?

On the blog I wrote about how to get rid of cracks on the heels.After all, summer is coming soon, and all of these questions are very relevant for us.Read everything you can in my article "The cracks on the heels, the treatment".I hope that the tips in the article will help you quickly and effectively get rid of cracks on the heels.

Our feet and heels in need of care in the same way as the hands, facial skin, body skin and hair, but we often forget about it.Remembering only the summer, when it is necessary to change

the shoes in lighter shoes.But to get rid of calloused heels can, if they pay a little time.

Why rough skin on heels

On the heels of the skin are so gentle, such as on the face or hands.Why on the heels of cracks?I want a little time to give this issue.And of course you need to find the cause.

Everything can be put in order, so do not worry, just need to give yourself a little time and your heels will be smooth and beautiful.

  • First of all, rough skin on the heels can talk about a lack of vitamins and minerals in your body.Because of this, the skin on the heels becomes dry, which leads to cracks in the future.
  • rough skin can be with overweight load "goes" on the legs, feet and heels.
  • Endocrine diseases can lead to rough skin on heels.
  • ¬ęStanding work", it is primarily a barber, salesman, cook and stuff.
  • Constant wearing shoes with high heels or uncomfortable shoes, poor quality shoes.
  • Fungal diseases that already require the intervention of a dermatologist.
  • skin becomes rough, with fans walking barefoot.
  • If the skin on the heels, dry and cracked, you should pay attention to the work of the kidneys.

The reasons are many.Therefore, we must find out the cause and fix it.Next, pay attention to your diet, as well as care for the heels.

Getting rid of calloused heels

What should pay attention to, because it is on food.Dry and rough skin indicates deficiency in the body of vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B6, B12.First of all, you need to include in your diet foods that contain these vitamins.

After the winter our body lacks vitamins.For more information about vitamins for skin can be found in my article "What vitamins are good for the skin."The article describes in what products contain the necessary vitamins for the beauty of our skin.You can also drink vitamin complexes, but it is only in consultation with your doctor.

If you are sure that the rough skin on the heels is cosmetic in nature, then it is time to pay attention to your heels.Targeted and systematic procedure after a certain period will enjoy a soft and smooth skin heels.

Molten skin on the heels.Treatment of folk remedies

Every day for the heels should be caring.It is desirable every night, take foot baths.Clean and lubricate the skin heels legs and heels nutritious cream with vitamins or oils to lubricate the heels.

Soda baths.

you need warm water and soda.Per liter of water one tablespoon of baking soda.Legs in the bath hold about 15 minutes, until the water cools down.Such baths and softens rough horny layer of the skin on the heels.

Once the skin on the heels of steam can proceed to remove the rough skin.Perfect common pumice, which is perfectly cleanses the heel.

You can also use a brush for the feet or sawing.Use special creams for feet.I once bought myself a scrub with apricot seeds, very much.Heels carefully cleaned for 3-4 minutes, then rinse them with water, you can prepare a decoction of herbs and herbal decoction rinse feet.Brew can be chamomile, sage, calendula.

After cleaning lubricate their heels nutritious fat cream, put on soft socks and relax.All procedures are best done at night just before bedtime.

Baths with a decoction of herbs.

can brew herbs and steam bath in the heel with herbs.Boil chamomile, you can use sage, calendula, St. John's wort, elecampane.In one liter of water you need to take one tablespoon of herbs, boil for 5 minutes, for about 10-15 minutes.

Take a warm foot bath with a decoction of herbs for about 15 minutes.Then use a pumice stone to clean the heel.Rinse with water, wipe dry and brush with a nourishing cream, put on socks.

If there cracks on the heels can be lubricated heels almond, peach, olive or sea buckthorn oil.Oil rubbed gentle movements for a few minutes so that the oil is well absorbed into the skin.

oil before use be heated and rubbed into the skin warm.Recently on the blog I wrote about the almond oil, the use and medicinal properties.Read all you can see "Almond oil, the use of properties."This oil is delicate in texture, easily absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue.

Baths with sea salt.

in warm water foot baths, you can add a little sea salt, a few drops of your favorite essential oil bath and take about 15 minutes, until the water cools down.Then clean the heel, rinse with water, wipe dry and brush with oil or a nourishing cream, then put soft socks.

order to remain flat heels and beautiful they need care, softening, moisturizing.To bring order to the skin heels may take about 2-3 weeks, sometimes a month, sometimes more, it depends how much in disrepair are heels.

Mask heels with yolk.

In order to keep the skin smooth and delicate heels do 1-2 times a week special hydrating mask for heels.Take one egg yolk mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.Apply the mask to clean skin on heels and secure the bandage.Wash off the mask with heels after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.Grease heel cream.

mask with honey and olive oil.

This mask softens and nourishes the skin on the heels.On the heels of pure honey, apply olive oil to be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.Leave on for 15-20 minutes.Rinse with warm water and lubricate the heels nutritious cream.

Get rid of calloused heels can, if they pay attention to every day.Rough skin on heels will no longer bother you if you look for them constantly.To help in this can be proven popular means.

Found a video where all the shows in detail how to care for your heels to get rid of rough skin.I recommend a look.And in the summer the skin of your heels will be smooth and soft.