Today we will discuss about the pressure, but not an increased, and about reduced.I myself sometimes the pressure is reduced, it is necessary to drink coffee, to increase the pressure.This is a very fast tool that helps.But there are many other effective means to help increase the low pressure.In fact, it's all very scary, like high and low blood pressure.It is better to let it always be normal.

Let's look to you the causes and symptoms of reduced pressure.Nothing happens without a reason, and if the pressure drops too much, the body signals to us that something is not right.In this article we look at how to increase the low pressure in the home.

Causes reduced pressure.

  • I handed over a blood test for sugar, when I had low pressure in the last year.Blood sugar was 3 mmol / L.The doctor told me that this mark is reduced blood sugar levels.So that a reduced level of blood sugar as one of the causes of the reduced pressure.
  • Reduced hemoglobin level in the blood, also is the cause of low pressure.
  • pressure may drop with fatigue.And if lack of sleep.That even itself noticed when I went to bed late, and in the morning I have to get up early, be sure to include the date feel weak and tired, and as a consequence of the low-pressure indicators on the blood pressure monitor.
  • pressure may decrease gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.So be sure to check your internal organs, do ultrasound, gastroscopy, hand over all the necessary tests.
  • might also lower the pressure on the changing weather conditions.I have always the pressure is reduced when the street rain or fog.
  • under reduced pressure do not forget to check your thyroid.
  • pressure may drop during menstruation or after.
  • Malnutrition, lack in the diet of vitamins, trace elements, may also be the cause of reducing the pressure.
  • pressure may be reduced in people who often sit on diets.

As you can see, the reasons are many.Under reduced pressure, the most important to get enough sleep.Lack of sleep and fatigue is one of the causes of low blood pressure.If hypotension

usually observed sensitivity to weathering.Poorly tolerated the heat, cloudy weather and any other changes.

is also very important, if you gipotonik morning breakfast.I know many of my friends who do not eat breakfast in the morning and assembled quickly, run to work.

And then, even in the truck, on the way to work, feeling unwell.Therefore, B at low pressure is important.My grandmother kept saying to me when I went to school not to go without breakfast from home.And she was right in many respects.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

  • The symptoms that you can point to a low pressure include dizziness and headaches.
  • sweating feet and hands.
  • If hypotension observed deterioration of memory and absent-mindedness.
  • Increased sensitivity to bright light or loud speech.
  • Fatigue and decreased performance as one of the symptoms of reduced pressure.
  • If hypotension feel tired just waking up.

gipotonik can not stand for long, for example, in line or at a stop, can not long stay in a stuffy room, so how can dizzy.

How to increase low blood pressure at home

If you frequent pressure drops, buy a blood pressure monitor, so you will always be able to control their blood pressure and prevent its reduction to a critical point.

course, though I and have tonometer, but too often I imagine the pressure is not measured.I measured only when there are headaches or dizziness.On the dizziness, I have recently written on the blog, you can read in the article "Sudden dizziness, causes, treatment."Although hypotension or hypertension, doctors recommend even to control their blood pressure, morning and evening, be sure to measure it.

What foods increase

pressure to increase the low pressure reconsider your diet.The products include diet, that increase the pressure.

  • under reduced pressure in the diet include meat, liver and fatty fish.
  • Raise pressure pickled vegetables.This cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, olives.
  • also increases the pressure salted fish and seafood, salty hard cheese.
  • very useful to eat under reduced pressure, caviar, salted red fish.I love a sandwich with butter and red caviar.Sometimes currently buy caviar.
  • Increases Pressure black tea, black coffee, black bitter chocolate, cocoa, always with sugar.
  • candy and all kinds of sweets.
  • increase pressure nuts.
  • Include in your diet lemon, blackcurrant, pomegranate and pomegranate juice.
  • Sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, too, should be in your diet.
  • Sandwich with salty hard cheese helps to raise low blood pressure.This method of increasing pressure last spring I advised my friend.
  • Raise pressure and alcohol, but I do not drink.
  • helps to increase blood pressure and some spices and condiments, such as black and red pepper, ginger, cloves, raw onion, horseradish, mustard, garlic.

To pressure was stable, Eat small meals throughout the day 4-5 times a day.It is advisable to pay attention to the foods that contain vitamin A, C, R.

I usually under reduced pressure to drink sweet black coffee with a piece of dark chocolate, so that pressure can be raised quickly enough.I try to always keep in the refrigerator for a couple of bars of bitter dark chocolate.I buy dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 56%, 70%.

also know that in coffee or tea, you can add a spoonful of brandy, as alcohol contributes to increased pressure at home.But I do not drink alcohol, so this tool does not apply to increase the pressure.

Increase pressure helps sweet black tea.Necessarily sweet as falling under reduced pressure and blood sugar levels.Black tea, I can also have a drink with a piece of dark chocolate with dried fruits and natural honey.

course, I try not to get involved in black coffee, only when necessary.Since coffee calcium leaches out of the body.Nor it relates to useful products.But sometimes you can drink a cup of coffee.

morning at breakfast try to eat a sandwich with butter and a slice of salty hard cheese or a piece of salty cheese.I drink sweet tea.When there is a red caviar, you eat for breakfast sandwich with red caviar, you can also eat a sandwich with red salted fish.

How to increase the low pressure in other ways

Helps increase the pressure radiograms pink tincture.Drink infusion should be three times a day before meals.The treatment is one month.

Promotes pressure and tincture Chinese magnolia vine, Eleutherococcus, peony, ginseng.The infusion can be purchased at the pharmacy.By dosage is better to discuss with your doctor.

Sometimes I also help massage under reduced pressure.It is necessary to grind the point between the eyes, rub the little fingers, ears, in a hollow under the chin and under the nose.

very useful under reduced pressure to focus on: proper nutrition, sport, subject to the regime of the day, rest, sleep the full, adequate use of water (1.5 -2 liters per day.).

under reduced pressure, as they say, all good.Well if the case of a single event, but if the pressure drops continuously, be sure to go to the doctor for consultation.You may need to get tested and to pass the necessary tests.Do not neglect it.After removing the cause and the pressure returns to normal.