spring came into its own, the grass is green, the sun shines.In general we have spring, snowdrops have appeared, I saw that the people of the forest bear.We, too, are going on the weekend to go to the forest.Take a walk, get some fresh air, unless of course the weather we did not change.All the same, have been waiting for the spring, let pleases us with warmth and good weather.

Today I have for you concerning the theme of vertigo.I will reflect today on this subject, as a clear answer to this question is no, there are only various reasons and assumptions.The rest of the Doctors, surveys, analyzes and diagnosis.By eliminating the cause, you can get rid of the problem.

I want to tell today, from what can be a sudden dizziness and nausea, causes and treatment.But, again, again, the reasons for that are many, and we are only going to talk.I beg you, do not diagnose yourself and do not prescribe medication.I am not of course exceptions, do not always want to go to the hospital.Appoints himself medicatio

n helps nothing, as a result go to the hospital and there the doctor puts a completely different diagnosis.Therefore, the assumption of course can be, but specifically only a doctor can tell for each situation.

Sudden dizziness.Causes.Treatment.

What is vertigo.Dizziness - this illusory motion of the space around him.

sense of balance is formed by using the receptors that determine the correct position of the body in space.They are located in the labyrinth of the inner ear, and their signals are processed by the brain cortex and cerebellum.In cases of pathology or violation of the receptor, for one reason or another, all of a sudden things start to spin or swim before his eyes.All this can of course be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, tinnitus, palpitations.

suddenly could make your head spin if you drastically changed position of the body.For example, sharply rose from the bed.Or, for a long time we were in the same position, for example, read, knit, embroider, and then rose sharply.

Dizziness is often accompanied by laying the ears, or darkening of the eyes, because the heart does not have time to apply our brains enough blood.A balance receptors do not have time to react to rapid changes in the body.

reason causing sudden dizziness may be fatigue, poor diet, lack of sleep.I notice itself, if I do not get enough sleep, the day I can make your head spin.Dizziness may be accompanied by weakness and nausea.Treatment in this case is simple, you need to rest more, to organize your day, the day mode to review your diet.

Vertigo under reduced hemoglobin in the blood.

To begin with hemoglobin, and because it may cause dizziness.Low hemoglobin in the blood, can produce symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue, pale skin.In this case, you need to take a blood test and increase hemoglobin levels.Recently on the blog I wrote how to improve the hemoglobin information, read my article "How to increase hemoglobin in the blood quickly."In this article I will share my experience of how I managed without drugs raise hemoglobin.Perhaps all this is useful to you.

If hemoglobin fell to a critical level, and does not require immediate hospitalization, it can improve people's means and food.Increases hemoglobin meat, liver, pomegranate, carrot, beet, carrot, pomegranate, beet juice.I do not want to repeat here today, read my article.

Vertigo with pressure.

Suddenly, the head can begin to spin at reduced pressure.I have such things happen sometimes, the pressure drops to 79/56.It is very headache, sudden dizziness and nausea starts.All this is of course very scary, just "throws in the heat and in the cold."I go quietly into the kitchen to cook their own sweet coffee, because at the same time the pressure drops and blood sugar levels.And when no one is home, it is doubly terrible, afraid even to lie down, think, and suddenly you can not get up.

We bought a tonometer.In cases of vertigo in I measure just imagine the pressure.Although the head may begin to spin not only under reduced pressure but also at elevated.Therefore, if you have problems with pressure, my advice to you, buy a blood pressure monitor, so you will always be able to control their blood pressure to avoid trouble in the future.To learn how to folk remedies can reduce the pressure and what treatment to use, read my article "How to lower high blood pressure."

Dizziness due to malnutrition.

head can be turned by incorrect, unbalanced and not regular supply.The negative effects on the body can have different diets, particularly diets for quick weight loss.Or frequent confining the power himself, to get rid of the extra kilos.This causes fatigue, weakness, dizziness.

cause of dizziness and nausea, can be diseases of the digestive organs.It gastritis, cholecystitis, liver problems, bile stasis, violation of the outflow of bile.

Sudden dizziness can be due to alcohol poisoning or poor-quality food.In this case, all the symptoms are obvious: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, weakness.

Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases you may appoint a doctor, the results of tests, ultrasound, gastroscopy.If poisoning should also consult your doctor.

Dizzy drugs.

Dizziness can be a case of poisoning drugs.

Some medications have side effects, among which can be and dizziness.Such drugs include some sedatives, antibiotics, antiseptics.

before use of certain medications, you should carefully read the instructions prior to use of a particular drug.Before applying the medication, consult your doctor.

Vertigo on women's diseases.

Dizziness often occurs during menstruation.Also with plentiful monthly.I have also been plentiful monthly after birth.All this is accompanied by vertigo, I went to consult a gynecologist, taking hormones.

during pregnancy can be dizziness and nausea.The reason may be hormonal changes the body, reduced hemoglobin in the blood.

Vertigo in spinal diseases.

headaches, dizziness can be When osteochondrosis cervical spine.The patient feels pain in the body, the neck, the shoulders, as the cerebral blood flow is disrupted.At my mum an osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, which is often accompanied by headache.The doctor has appointed her a massage.But, all individually and need to consult a physician.

Vertigo for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Vertigo can be due to atherosclerosis.After Cholesterol forms plaques that can eventually block the blood vessels.Even while maintaining a small clearance, the brain does not receive sufficient oxygen.Which leads to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, memory impairment, attention deficit.

Dizziness may be in brain injury, it may suddenly feel dizzy, all this can be accompanied by nausea.

When stroke occurs stroke, fainting, nausea, headache.In this case, the person needs medical attention.

suggest you also see the video clip of "Vertigo."