Hello dear friends.We have such wonderful weather, the sun is shining bright, warm, hope that spring has come and winter is already not return.While talking with a friend yesterday, she said that it is "false spring" and still be frost and cold.But we have so the air smells of spring that just want to jump for joy.So already missed all of the heat and sun.Now I looked out from the balcony, as mothers with children walking around the house, a happy all spring.All smiles on their faces, so cool.

Today I wanted to write you a prescription glasses 7.I have long heard about it, heard positive feedback.And recently, Dad called and asked to find a folk remedy, to clean up the blood vessels, and for him.The last time he had frequent headaches.I immediately thought about this recipe.I'm his course on himself not experienced, but he got me interested, too.Generally found on the Internet the exact recipe for dad, dictated, will cook and clean their vessels and blood.

this recipe is extremely simple, it consis

ts of juice, honey and wine of Cahors, where each ingredient you need to take 200 grams.

  1. wine of Cahors.
  2. carrot juice.
  3. Radish juice.
  4. lemon juice.
  5. beet juice.
  6. garlic juice (about 15 medium cloves)
  7. Natural honey.

all ingredients 7, each 200 grams.That's why, probably called prescription glasses 7.You need to prepare the juice of carrot, red beet, radish, lemon, garlic and mix.Also, all we mix with wine and honey.Keep this mixture should be refrigerated.Take a spoonful for 20-30 minutes before meals, three times a day.

This mixture rejuvenates the body, improves the general condition of the body, purify the blood and blood vessels.After receiving the mixture of juice improves blood, increases the hemoglobin in the blood, are headaches, normalizes blood pressure.Such a mixture of juice displays the body of harmful substances, salts, toxins, toxins.This mixture of juice is enough for approximately 1.5 months.

also still perfectly cleanses the blood cranberry juice, take it for a hundred grams three times a day before meals.Accept need for three weeks.

pure blood and carrot juice, it is necessary to take 100 ml.three times a day for ingestion.The juice of carrots must always be fresh.

cleans blood vessels and birch sap.It is a wonderful tool.Soon begin collecting birch sap.Do not miss the moment.During the season it is recommended to drink 5 liters of juice to clean your blood and blood vessels.For more details about the benefits of birch sap can be found in my article "The birch sap is useful".

But before applying one or another folk remedy, consult with your doctor.Me and dad said, to consult with a doctor.Self-medication is not necessary to do, each person is different organism that suits one may not suit another, all designed to use only after consulting your doctor.