Hello dear friends.We have so cloudy outside and the rain.And when the weather so want to wrap myself up in a warm blanket to pour yourself a cup of tea and look out the window, the weather unwittingly inspired by sadness.Sometimes the tea I take a piece of dark chocolate, that life did not seem so sad.In fact, I love sweets, candies, chocolates and other goodies.

That's when it's the weather always feel not very good, I do not like this weather.I when the weather pressure drops, that you start to think, what to do to increase the pressure.Some people say they do not need to buy a tonometer, because then you will constantly measure the pressure yourself.I have a blood pressure cuff, but I often do not measure the pressure itself, but only if necessary.And my personal opinion that the blood pressure cuff should be in every family, even if many of it and do not agree.Enough, I somehow ran to the neighbors when my head was spinning, and the apartment was left open and the baby stayed in a small apartme

nt, so it is better on the wall to the neighbors do not get, and to measure the pressure and take action.

If the pressure drops frequently and you feel headaches, without the help of a doctor can not do, you need to pass tests to check whether the normal blood sugar, hemoglobin, make the cardiogram of heart, here is all the doctor decides himself what should be tested.

What to do to increase the pressure.

Causes of low blood pressure may be stress, overwork, lack of sleep, anemia, diabetes, vitamin deficiency.The pressure may be reduced compared to other diseases such as gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, cystitis, hepatitis, gastritis, pancreatitis and other diseases.

When the pressure decreases a person may experience chest pain, palpitations, headache, dizziness.Drowsiness, sweating, confusion, memory loss and attention all these signs that indicate hypotension.

sometimes reduced pressure I have, of course you need to immediately do something to increase the pressure, usually I start a panic, but this certainly does not need.

To increase the pressure, I drink hot black tea, necessarily sweet, with sugar or honey, as a reduced pressure and blood sugar, and I eat a piece of dark chocolate.I'm always in the fridge there is a tile of dark chocolate, just in case, although I have reduced the pressure is not often.

can drink sweet black coffee.Coffee raises blood pressure.But, keen on coffee is not worth it, you can drink a day not more 3 cups of coffee.All the same, we should not forget that coffee leaches calcium from our body.

I also helps to increase the pressure of a slice of bread with salt, you can make a sandwich, which consists of bread, butter and slices of salty hard cheese.Such a process I advised my colleague.That is, the salt helps to increase the pressure.Since the sodium, which is a part of or sea salt, binds water in the body and increases the volume of blood pressure increases thereby.

People with low blood pressure is recommended to get enough sleep, sleep at least 8-12 hours per day.I myself have noticed, if late in the evening went to sleep and in the morning I have to wake up early, be sure the day will feel fatigue, weakness and headache, it's because the pressure is reduced.

Also, people who reduced pressure can not long stand in line in a stuffy room or at a stop, they can make your head spin.

If hypotension need every morning to take a contrasting shower or pour cold water.

under reduced pressure to eat more often, it is important that the food was balanced.The diet must be present proteins, products containing vitamins B and C. The products, which will help increase the pressure: cheese, egg yolk, meat, liver, red caviar, fish, carrots, horseradish, garlic, black currant.

The pharmacy you can buy tincture of ginseng or eleutrokokka.Drink 20 drops three times a day for food.I myself, to be honest, recently bought a tincture eleutrokokka, but still did not drink.My friend is drinking this infusion, he said that there is a surge of strength, vigor, energy, the pressure increases.

When pressure drops, one wonders what to do to increase the pressure rapidly.The most rapid and effective means is a cup of hot coffee and a piece of dark chocolate.

most important thing of course, a balanced diet, regular drinking regime, healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep, fresh air, but what is most important not to be nervous.These simple tips will help to increase the pressure.

What tools do you use when you have reduced the pressure?Share in the comments below.I will be very grateful to you.It is bad when low or high blood pressure.And if you have high blood pressure, in an article I wrote some recommendations how to reduce the pressure, you can read the article here.Let the pressure will always be better than normal.Be healthy.