Today I want to tell you how to reduce high blood pressure at home.And I'll tell my mom reduces pressure folk ways, when it rises from her.I really pressure is low and I have to raise it by any known means, in a word when the pressure falls urgent need to revive yourself.
Yes, to be honest is bad and when the pressure is increased, and when the pressure is reduced.Better to let it always be normal.Norma pressure is considered 120/80.The pressure of a healthy person, but everyone has his "own" the pressure at which the person feels comfortable, it all depends on many factors :.. Body weight, age well, etc. All of it is impossible, as they say, to measure under a bushel.I for example at a pressure of 100/70 feel normal, and one feels so good under pressure 140/80.But high blood pressure is the first sign of hypertension.There are several stages of pressurization.

In the first step, the pressure increased to 170/90, people complain of headaches, tinnitus, fatigue, sleep disturbance.

In the second step the pressure rises still higher and 200/100 are typical for this step hypertensive crises.

In the third step, the pressure rises to 230/110 and higher, there is already a change in the blood vessels and organs, man becomes the "bad", until he lost consciousness.

In fact, all this is very scary.Last year, the in-law with such pressure was taken away in an ambulance and the hospital a week she did not get up from the bed, just could not.This is not the first time this kind of pressure from her.

in-law working pressure was 170/100, the biggest pressure was 300/140 her now though it still was persuaded to take their health.When this pressure is not about any self-medication and can be no question.But this pressure for one day did not come, so watch your health.And we talk about the initial stage of the disease.

So if you have high blood pressure, well, or reduced to control their blood pressure, I recommend you buy a blood pressure monitor and measure the pressure yourself if necessary.Now you can find them in any drugstore.

now probably everyone, or almost everyone has a blood pressure monitor at home.Even if a person is healthy, it is better to let it be a tonometer.Then, if necessary, for example, headaches, dizziness, weakness, you will always be able to measure the pressure and to identify high or low pressure.

If you have increased pressure, you should always monitor it, and in which case it is always possible to reduce high blood pressure at home.This will help you avoid the jump very high pressure and avoid falling to the hospital.My mother in law, after the case, when her ambulance was taken to hospital, got himself a tonometer.

Why increases blood pressure, causes?

  • pressure may rise during hormonal failure in the body.
  • case of violation of the endocrine system.
  • In diabetes.
  • When abuse of alcohol and cigarettes.
  • With obesity.
  • pressure may rise during stress, when the emotional overload.
  • When head injuries.
  • Because of the use of certain medications.(Before taking medicines, see instructions)
  • in cardiovascular diseases.

As you can see the reasons pretty much.Well, now let's talk.

How to lower high blood pressure at home.

Here mom, for example, is always to reduce high blood pressure by using beet juice.And in general, how they and dad have high blood pressure in the diet is always boiled beets, beet salad, vinaigrette.

At high pressure, the juice of red beet take half a cup three times a day before meals.The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.I recently wrote a blog about the treatment of beet juice, read the information, etc. What other diseases of beet juice has a good effect can be in the article "Treatment of beet juice."Also in this article you will learn how to cook the juice from the beets and drinking juice from beet.

most effective in reducing high blood pressure juice from beets with lemon and honey.Take a glass of beet juice and lemon juice, and we need two cups of honey.All this put together, mix and take two tablespoons of an hour after eating three times a day.The mixture was stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

If you have high pressure on a background of emotional overload, stress disorders.Mix the herb valerian, Leonurus.Take a spoonful of the mixture of these herbs pour a glass of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container for 20 minutes, drain.Take this infusion before eating half a cup several times a day.

garlic juice is also good reduces high blood pressure, dilates blood vessels.It should take 20 drops of milk twice a day before meals.

Reduces pressure Juice of viburnum.Its taking 50 ml.3 times a day.Dad, I always drink tea viburnum rubbed with sugar.Very good reduces high blood pressure, you can easily reduce it at home.In the cup of boiling water add a few spoonfuls of Dad rubbed Viburnum with sugar, and a tea drink 2-3 cups a day.

also reduce the pressure of the juice from the fruit of the hawthorn.To reduce the high pressure of the juice from the hawthorn take before meals three times a day for 2 tablespoons.spoon.Mom and dad live in his house and close to the forest, they are harvested and harvested for future use hawthorn.About what is useful even hawthorn you can read in my article here.

Cranberries perfectly reduce high blood pressure, they need to grind with sugar and take a tablespoon three times a day for food.

How to lower high blood pressure at home is known to you, but you must remember that it is necessary to control the pressure using a sphygmomanometer.Also, more than a walk in the fresh air, rest, sleep.Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits, eat less sweet, fatty, starchy foods.

Very useful for hypertension baked potato, eat it is necessary with the skins, it contains large amounts of potassium.Eat beef, fish, and eat more foods containing vitamin C.

Hopefully tips on how to reduce high blood pressure at home, will be useful for you and you can use them in case of need.

Some people believe that if a sore neck, the pressure is reduced, and if the pain in his head, this increased pressure.This is partly true, but every body is different, and can affect other diseases in the area of ​​pain.Therefore it is better to trust the tonometer.