Hello dear readers.How to clean the vessels of the brain, now I'll tell you about it.Dad asked me last winter to find recipes on the internet for him to clear the vessels of the brain, plus he is also interested in friends, how can folk recipes vessels clean.So we have accumulated recipes that today I am with you and share. It is not for anybody is not a secret of the fact that "poor condition" of our vessels is the cause of heart disease and other illnesses.What can be said so "zashlakovyvat" our vessels?And they can zashlakovyvat cholesterol, which damages the inner shell of our vessels, and over time these formations may block the lumen of blood vessels.And as a result of the disease - atherosclerosis.Moreover, the cleansing of vessels should be done regularly, and in a diet to include more plant foods and less fat, especially animal.

disease Atherosclerosis can affect the blood vessels as the brain and heart, the blood circulation gets worse, organs and tissues do not receive oxygen in sufficient

quantities, as well as other nutrients.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, which will help clean our blood vessels from cholesterol is absolutely painless.Now I want to share my dad collected recipes, some of them tested.

How to clean vessels of the brain.

first means, is cleaning the vessels via the needles.Fresh needles need to grind, 5 tablespoons of pine needles pour a liter of boiling water, leave overnight in a thermos.Drink a tablespoon twice a day, the course of 2-3 months.

vessels also help cleanse the usual walnuts.They need to be taken within two months.Dad ate one walnut a day, drink it must be half a glass of water.You can also prepare a mixture of walnuts and dried apricots.In equal proportions take food twice scrolls through a meat grinder, the mixture was stored in a refrigerator.Taken three times a day for a spoon to eat.The course of treatment for about a month, went head pain after taking this mixture, the pressure returned to normal.

also a season of birch sap to clean the vessels of the brain, you need to drink 5 liters of juice.It is in season.It is pure juice.Birch sap is a very good blood cleansing remedy, clears the body of toxins, toxins, most importantly normalizes metabolic processes in our body.Upon receipt of birch sap and pain are headaches, and dizziness.Drink a glass of it several times a day.

There are tasty cleaner vessels.Take 2 lemons and 2 oranges medium size, remove them from the bones if any, lemons and oranges to scroll through a meat grinder, add 4 tbsp.spoons of honey, all carefully stir the mixture in the refrigerator.Take a teaspoon of this mixture before meals three times a day.The course of one month.

vessels of the brain and can be cleaned with the help of garlic.Take a clove of garlic, clean and squeezing through the spadefoot garlic cloves, garlic, pour a glass of unrefined vegetable oil.The next day, you need to take a lemon, squeeze the juice of one lemon.Drink the oil as follows: take one teaspoon of garlic oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice, mix and drink before a meal in 20 minutes.The course of treatment for 2 months.

for cleaning vessels also use beet juice, it should be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with honey.Take a spoonful of that means three times a day after 2 hours after a meal.

Helps clean the vessels of the brain and a herbal tea.Mix equal amounts of birch leaves, mint, burdock root, rose hips.One teaspoon of the mixture of these herbs pour 200 ml.boiled water, in a sealed container about half an hour, filter and take the infusion of half a cup three times a day before meals.The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

These are the recipes, how to clean the vessels of the brain.But before you take a variety of means for cleaning vessels, you should consult with your doctor.Also consider the individual intolerance of traditional medicine, allergy.

Well, I wish you all the best in life.More positive emotions and let you does not leave a good mood.