Hello, dear readers.Today I want to tell you what foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood.I myself faced with this problem during pregnancy.I lay in the hospital for saving and the plan passed the blood, then it turned out that I had lowered hemoglobin in the blood.Obvious signs of low hemoglobin, as I then thought, it was not, even though I was dizzy, but I refer to the fact that I have low blood pressure. to me lay a girl, she was generally very low hemoglobin, she was very thin and so pale.The doctor immediately appointed her preparation "Totem", but it was under the supervision of a physician.You will of course I do not advise to use the drug without a prescription and even more so during pregnancy.I had low hemoglobin, I also thought that the doctor prescribe me drugs today that increase the hemoglobin in the blood, but no.The doctor told me by what products can increase the hemoglobin in the blood.And a week later to re-take a blood test, my hemoglobin was normal.It turns out, and with the he

lp of products can increase the hemoglobin, without using medication.But of course if you have a position of critical and vital medicines just you and the doctor appointed them, of course, use them, and eat foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood.

What is hemoglobin?In our blood we have red blood cells, and so, they are called the red blood cells contain a protein and hemoglobin.The main function of hemoglobin with oxygen to supply all the cells and tissues of the body.If the hemoglobin in blood is decreased, then the bad cells are supplied with oxygen and oxygen starvation begins.

Let us consider with you now, what the symptoms are under reduced hemoglobin in the blood.

  • weakness
  • Pale
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Fainting
  • Cold hands, cold feet
  • Cracks on the lips
  • loss
  • hair brittle nails

Now let's look at why reduced hemoglobin in the blood?

  • Hemoglobin decreases when blood loss
  • With abundant monthly
  • Hemorrhoids
  • If you have poor absorption of iron in
  • intestine When
  • Hemoglobin wrong diet can be low in people constantly "dietersĀ»
  • With the shortage in the body of an importantB12
  • With a lack of folic acid in the body

So, what foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood?

The first thing the doctor told me to eat meat, but the meat must be blood, so to speak.Therefore, the meat fits into a shish kebab or steak.Meat fit as veal, beef, and not very fatty pork.I just fried chops and ate them.A holiday with the family we went on nature eat kebabs.The fact that the meat in the form of chops or stew is not suitable, because when cooking and putting hemoglobin in the meat destroyed.

Eat fried liver, it is an excellent source of hemoglobin.Besides the hemoglobin contained in the egg yolk, in seafood, buckwheat, parsley.Buckwheat with chop lovely meal.

Further, very well helps increase the hemoglobin in the blood and pomegranate juice from it.In addition, the carrot is useful, it can be eaten fresh, cooked from her salad, the carrots can be boiled.Prepare a salad of raw carrots with sour cream, add a little walnut salad.Red beets in any form is boiled, baked, stewed, great tool.

Now, as juices.Drink carrot, beet, pomegranate juice.But as pure juice is very concentrated, the juice can be diluted with other juices.Here, for example, carrot juice can be mixed with orange, pretty tasty and healthy juice is obtained.Beet juice can be diluted with carrot.

Eat fresh berries: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries.Every day, eat 2-3 apples.Well, of course it is desirable to eat the berries in season, if not fresh, then frozen fit.The berries can be cooked stewed fruit, a great alternative to tea or coffee.

Walnuts, are up-hemoglobin products in blood, particularly in a mixture with natural honey.Walnuts should be cleaned from the shell grind them with a blender or meat grinder, mix them with a little honey.Eat a mixture of honey and nuts for a hundred grams a day.

Infusion of rose hips excellent tool that will help increase the hemoglobin in the blood.For example, in the evening pour into a thermos handful of rose hips, fill them half a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight.In the morning, the infusion is filtered.At 200 grams of rosehip infusion add one teaspoon of honey and drink before a meal to 200 grams, drink several times a day.

also very important to eat plenty of foods containing vitamin C, vitamin C, promotes better absorption of iron in the body.

Limit coffee and strong tea, the purged slow down the process of absorption of iron in the body.Also, do not drink milk, semolina, soy products and brown rice, purged these processes slow down absorption of iron in the body.

asked.What foods increase the hemoglobin in the blood, and now you know the answer.Of course, there are times when one product is insufficient.Remember to contact your doctor, blood tests, because only a doctor can prescribe you medications that increase the hemoglobin in the blood.