Hello dear readers.With all of us happened, we forgot something to do or someone to call.Today we will discuss our memory, namely, how to improve the memory of people's means.Even the scientists have proved that the consumption of large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables are very good for our memory and consuming large amounts of oily and junk food have a negative effect on our memory.After all, you can improve your memory by conventional folk remedies and food.

If you forget important dates, birthdays, friends and relatives, and you forget where you are important things, then this is a serious reason to think about how to improve memory.

How to improve the memory of folk remedies.

Honey is a natural bee very useful product to improve memory.Morning and evening on an empty stomach, eat one full teaspoon of honey.Honey is very rich in vitamins and minerals that are very essential for our body.

also recommend that you prepare a mixture for improving memory.Take two hundred grams of raisins, dri

ed apricots, walnuts, prunes.You can still buy and cashew nuts, almonds, pine and also chop with dried fruits.All dried fruits should be well washed, cut in a meat grinder, along with nuts or grind to a blender, pour them two hundred grams of honey and mix.Eat dried fruit mixture of one tablespoon two or three times a day for one tablespoon.

Pumpkin seeds.Total handful of pumpkin seeds per day will help to improve our memory and activate the processes of thinking.Only the seeds should be raw.

Black, dark chocolate, is indispensable for improving memory.It is especially useful before examinations or tests.

Eat fish such as tuna, halibut, mackerel, it is rich in Omega 3 fats and Omega 3 fatty acids are very useful for improving memory.

Include in your diet buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice, lentils and beans, these cereals are useful to improve our memory.

Maintain an active lifestyle, give up cigarettes and alcohol.For alcoholic beverages and cigarettes have a negative effect on our memory.

Improves memory infusion of mint and sage.Mix in equal proportions of sage and mint, take a tablespoon of herb mixture and pour a glass of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes and strain.Drink the infusion in the morning and evening for half a glass before a meal.

to improve memory is useful to drink juice of carrot, beet, orange, grapefruit.You can prepare a mixture of juice, for example, by mixing orange and carrot juice 1: 1.

very useful for memory blueberries, eat a glass of blueberries a day.Blueberries are useful for the brain, improves memory, attention and vision.

But most importantly every day train your memory Solve crossword puzzles, play chess, learn a foreign language, learn a song.

Now you know how to improve the memory of people's means.